Wednesday, August 15, 2007

American atrocities continue in Iaq - " Kill Them ALL " in the name of Jesus...

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Is this what Americans & their supporters mean by our "superiour values"- " Haji are animals " which is what the US & British & Australian soldiers call Iraqis as part of the dehumanization of an entire people as they did in Vietnam referring to all Vietnamese as " Gooks " & worse so our civilization has decided to " kill them all " & let God separate the good from the bad - This sounds like the notion of the defenders of The British Empire as it slaughtered millions in India , Africa & the Middle East & even in Ireland since God they claimed was an Englishman white & anglo-saxon & Christian & these other races were " the White Man's Burden " & so it continues...

The following clip is from :

"Excerpts: Newsnight follow a group of former US soldiers who have returned from Iraq deeply affected by the experience. As they march ... all across America to protest, shocking interviews emerge on the indiscriminate killing of Iraqi civilians. Veterans reveal they had been trained to see Iraqis as animals, shoot up the landscape and kill anything that moved. Shovels and guns were carried by patrols in order to give the false impression that innocent killed civilians were actually up to no good - supposedly killed whilst digging holes for IED's."

And here's another clip from Iraq War Veterans Speak out against the war :

Anyway here's a clip about the Haditha Massacre by US Troops:

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