Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kraftwerk- Metropolis & Tomorrow Belongs to America

And now for some great music by Kraftwerk using clips from Fritz Lang's Metropolis a masterpiece in film-making & is more impressive in the latest restored version it is a dystopian piece of science fiction & so has a social & political message especially as it was made just a few years before Hitler's rise to power at which time Lang left Germany along with many others in Film or the other arts ...The influence of Metropolis can be seen in numerous films especially in Blade Runner , Brazil, Dark City , Equilibrium or even The Fifth Element with its mile high skyscrapers etc.

Tomorrow Belongs to America ...part 3 - a work in progress

wrapping themselves in the flag
taking Jesus as one of their own
reciting obscure passages of the Bible
divining prophecies from the entrails of
some half -crazed madman living off of locusts & shrooms
& they pray for the end of the world
& relish images of people being tortured for all eternity
& God so loved the world
a twisted sort of love of a sadistic God
while their Jesus preaches intolerance & war
gets a kick out of shooting sparrows just for fun
or just to see them fall

& to their enemies they just repeat the refrain
like good little warped cheerleaders
we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna drop the bomb
give us a 'b' give us an 'o' give us an 'm' give us a 'b'
BOOM you're dead
while their leader sings
" Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war
for what's power for
& what is an army for
just jobs for the poor the fooled
the fanatic & the psychotic -

& we are the champions my friend
no time for stupid losers
& their thousand excuses
America is only for winners
so keep your huddled feeble minded masses
who would destroy the American Way
& pollute our pure blood
so the tv preachers & talk show hosts all agree
you gotta kill a liberal or two
& the King Decider says off with their heads
of anyone who dares resist America's Destiny
our only means to bring peace
just silence them all
and that's all it takes -

but that's America's message to the rest of us
you are with us or against us & so it goes
so bomb them all
war is the great cleanser of the world
and if your leader does not heed us
& dares not enslave you for America's greater good
if your leader dare bring you bread & roses
if your leader dare bring you poetry & art
if your leader dare bring you peace & justice
then your leader & you must pay the price
sending in the the CIA & a thousand mercenaries
to line up all your poets & artist against the wall
& those misbehaving lawyers preaching about your rights
when only those on top have rights
while you get screwed
to kill all hope inside you
to fill you with fear
but what's a coup d' etat or two among friends
besides it's for your own good -

take care,

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