Sunday, July 22, 2007


Anyway , here's a blast from the past which is still relevant " American Jesus " by Bad Religion

& a poem I'm working on :

Tomorrow belongs to America ...A work in progress

In the name of Jesus

from greedy Columbus
seeking fame & fortune
to treacherous Puritan fanatics & pirates
pouring out of
the Mayflower thumping their Bibles
giving thanks to Jesus
to a thousand massacres
of those who happened to be there
too bad for them
we take what we want
they take what they want
its a dog eat dog world
hunting down heretics & witches
in the name of Jesus
killing for Jesus
beating & breeding slaves for Jesus
burning native villages for Jesus
exploiting in the name of Jesus
lynching in the name of Jesus -

slaughtering Mexicans & Filipinos
in the name of Jesus
starving the whole world
till they all kneel to Jesus-

from a mere rabble of upstarts
going beyond their station
desiring fairness & justice
becoming insurgents
gun totting revolutionaries
fighting their English Masters
taking on the British Empire
in the name of Tom Paine & Jefferson -

enslaving a few million
just to make a buck
in the name of Jesus
twisting scripture to fit their needs
to suit their desires & fantasies
of conquest -

Take Care,

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