Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Be Afraid... The Religious Right in the United States is still on the rise as they implement their long term goals & projects which will not end even when Bush is no longer in power because in their view they have been given a Holy Charge which is part of the Great Commission or Crusade to remake America into a truly Fundamentalist Christian Nation & to spread their brand of Christianity around the Globe. I must reiterate that for the Religious Right they are in this for the long term & it may be that they will not reach all of their goals for another ten years or twenty years but as each one of their goals is reached it will become more & more difficult to undo the harm that these changes may bring about to a supposedly open , diverse, pluralistic & free society.

Bill Moyers on his program May 11 on PBS takes a look at the Evangelical Pat Robertson's Regent University which has a fully accredited law school which turns out law students whose attitudes & ideology are those of the most radical Protestant Evangelical Fundamentalist who view the Bible as the literal & inerrant word of God & that God's law is supreme or superior to secular forms of law & that the laws of America should be in accord with God's Law to the degree to which they can make this happen. One only need read the works of Pat Robertson & watch the 700 CLUB to see how far they wish to go. One should also take a peek at the websites of the Dominionist & Reconstructionist ie. The Chalcedon Foundation ...( NOTE if the quality of the video appears poor you can go to PBS.org Bill Moyers Journal & watch the videos there )

Heres's part 1 of that program in which he begins by exploring the connection between the Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney & Pat Robertson & the Radical Religious Right & Neoconservativism:

And the following is the the second section of Bill Moyers Journal dealing with Regent University & the aim to Christianize America according to their particular brand of Christianity which is anti-Gay, anti-women's rights ,antiabortion ,or stem cell research , anti-evolution etc.& anti-all other religious persuasions which cannot be easily accommodated to their views...

In the third section the program deals with how graduates of Regent University have been placed in positions of power within the Bush Regime from John Ashcroft who was the former Attorney General of the United States & how this has affected policies within the various US Government Departments & what laws they choose not to enforce & those which they choose to enforce & what new laws they will try to institute as they believe they are merely spreading GOD's TRUTH & " GOD's LAW WORD"...

And here as a follow up is a clip from YOUTUBE of Pat Robertson pimping another one of these books which claim to give proof to the " SECULAR HUMANIST CONSPIRACY " in which " thousands of Godless Communist Professors over the past forty years or so have infiltrated the Universities in America to propagandize their Godless Communistic Secular views in order to wipe out in the Religious Right's view all vestiges of Chritianity in America - so praise the lord pass out the torches to burn those secular humanist or liberal books & eventually torch the authors & evil professors themselves - nothing like a good old Auto De Fe ...( the burning of heretics & their works ,books , art works etc. )

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