Sunday, May 20, 2007


A tribute to the extraordinary film " PAN'S LABYRINTH " from YOUTUBE member iv3rdawG

Pan's Labyrinth is absolutely wondrous & disturbing & very sad. It is a masterpiece of film making. The film combines elements of surreal fantasy with the brutality of war -we see the ruthlessness & soulless actions of Franco's Fascists who favor the rich & the church over the needs of the people- the Fascists torture & kill with no feeling or with great pleasure - comparable to the American & British occupation of Iraq & reminds one of the stories of abuse in Guantanamo & Abu Ghraib & the secret prisons run by the USA around the world.Those who do not accept these harsh realities are characterized as Naive & at worst dangerous ...

and heres another video of " PAN's LABYRINTH " this is very different from the first one as it uses the heavier sound of NIGHTWISH's song NEMO- I happen to like both versions - but you decide...

" Pan'S Labyrinth " film clips to the song NEMO by Night wish- Nice video for a great film

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