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Doesn't everybody know that the Bush & those around him have lied again & again and so here's Leonard Cohen performing " Everybody Knows" :

Iraq vs Vietnam video dealing with draft-dodgers & deserters during Vietnam which is a reasonable course of action if one believes the war is just plain wrong & when orders are given which are unlawful ,unethical or immoral which break American Laws & the rules of war as laid out in the Geneva Conventions & other International agreements that one is obliged to refuse to act on those orders but such notions are not acceptable to the Bush Regime & the Neocons.

The people in the Bush Regime lie & continue to lie & yet get away with it as the Media such as Fox News & The Washington Post continue to pimp for the Bush Regime. This issue is worthy of revisiting again & again so that those who seem so blinded by their ideology or belief & faith in George Bush as someone who can do no wrong & that those around him are above the law or scrutiny - that maybe they might see though these propagandists .

For instance Richard Perle denies telling George Tenet that Iraq was connected with the 9/11 attack- which Tenet claims he did.

CNN produces tape of Perle saying just that five days after 9/11 meanwhile the Washington Post goes on Pimping for Perle & the Neocons & the Bush regime claiming Perle is to be trusted & George Tenet is according to Perle & The Washington Post lying to protect the CIA for supplying faulty intel to the Bush Regime which is the opposite of what everyone knows now to be the truth . Once again The Washington Post has dumped all such historical facts into Orwell's " MEMORY HOLE"

In George Tenet's new book, he writes that Richard Perle told him on 9/12, "Iraq has to pay a price for what happened yesterday. They bear responsibility." Leaping to his fellow neoconservative's defense, Bill Kristol wrote in The Weekly Standard that that couldn't have happened because Perle was out of the country during 9/11 and the days after. Fair enough. But Tenet's point was that Perle (and his neocon ilk) were baselssly tying Saddam to 9/11. On "The Situation Room" today, Wolfie dug up a Perle interview from September 16, 2001, where he explictly links Saddam Hussein to bin Laden, and by extension, the 9/11 attacks.

and here's Cheney & Bush on ties to Al Qaeda Iraq & 9/11

And here's Colin Powell & Condi Rice telling the world before 9/11 that Saddam is not much of a threat to anyone:

And as for President George Bush & his plans to attack Iraq long before 9/11-

" Proof Bush Planned Iraq WMD Invasion Years Before Elected President. After Bush virtually denies the fact Wolf Blitzer shows him an interview clip from January 16, 2000
. "

And more from Keith Olbermann on Bush lying And trying to get his story straight :

Provided by YOUTUBE contributor "ct91rs" who then quotes Orwell's " 1984 "

"And presently some master brain in the Inner Party would select this version or that, would re-edit it and set in motion the complex process of cross-referencing that would be required, and then the chosen lie would pass into the permanent records and become truth." George Orwell - '1984'

And here from a CBC Television documentary is Bush caught in another lie or is he just confused either way How did He Become President ? but then again the Bush people seem to have selective memories or are suffering from some form of Amnesia or they tell so many different versions of " their stories " that they get confused.

For more on lying, confabulation or just carelessness with the truth check out the Gonzales scandal or Department of Veterans Affairs in regard to the poor state of medical care for Iraqi War veterans :

For instance the series of reports at the McClatchy Newspapers-

Washington Bureau

VA medical system isn't as big a success as officials have asserted
The Department of Veterans Affairs has habitually exaggerated the record of its medical system, inflating its achievements in ways that make it appear more successful than it is, a McClatchy Newspapers study shows.

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