Monday, May 21, 2007


Anyway so here's some music to enlighten & amuse as it were...
Leonard Cohen singing his song Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen singing " Take This Waltz" which is his English version of a piece by the Spanish poet Garcia Lorca called "Little Viennese Waltz "

Here's a couple of funny clips about Creationism & Intelligent Design...

& clip of Robin Ince on the absurdity of " Scientific Creationism " or " Intelligent Design " which he boils down to " Magic Man Done It":

The absurdity is a matter of taking the Christian belief that God created the Universe & trying to dress it up as a scientific theory- at some point the Christian then has to posit the existence of God & God's actions as crucial to explaining the existence of the Universe & the existence of human beings .

In the same sense it is beyond the scope of science to claim with certainty that there is no God (this too is another kind of leap of faith ) for the ultimate first cause is an unknown ..merely to claim that there was a " Big Bang" does not answer the question of first cause since the question still remains why did a " Big Bang " take place or why does anything exist or why do people exist burdened as it were by this nagging consciousness or feelings of shame & guilt .

And the following is a clip of Spencer Tracy speech in " INHERIT THE WIND "

Take care, GORD.

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