Friday, May 11, 2007


So here is a song by Scott Cook about the Iraq War with video. NOTE: some may find the images too disturbing so be warned or play it & decide for yourself. But I believe that those who support this war should be able to view such images so they can then decide to keep supporting the war or decide not to continue supporting the war.

It is odd that all those young healthy Neocons who support the War don't just enlist & go to where the action is??? Instead they go to demonstrations & go to conventions & write their Blogs & oped pieces from the safety of their homes . They talk big about patriotism , honor & bravery & the Noble Cause but are afraid to put their own bodies on the line to defend America & Western Civilization. Especially since the US military is having trouble recruiting & so they keep rotating the same troops back into the War.

And so the invasion & occupation of Iraq continues . And why are American troops in Iraq ?
They claimed that Saddam Hussein was a threat to America but he had no WMDS & was not connected to Al Qaeda or to the 9/11 attack . No the Neocons say they went to bring freedom , democracy & peace to the Iraqi people but there is less security now in Iraq than when Saddam was in power . And if they are really there to support the Iraqi people then why are American troops & their outsourced militias & security firms not held responsible when they commit atrocities against innocent Iraqi civilians or are all Iraqis now the " Enemy" from babies to the elderly .

And with all the billions of dollars being poured into Iraq why are the majority of Iraqis going without the necessities such as electricity , water, food, medical care etc. while the Fat Cats of America hide out in the Posh GREEN ZONE with their Plasma TVS , swimming pools & the best of everything living in the lap of luxury like the conquerors of other past Empires. The Neocons justify it all by claiming to be the Superior Race like the Nobility of Europe who lost their God Given Status by interfering liberals & communists & others who refused to bow to their betters. And while the billions of dollars pour into Iraq why are the American troops doing without the equipment they need . And when these heroic soldiers return home if they are in need of medical help they find the wheels of the outsourced Bureaucracy grind rather slowly .

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