Wednesday, May 23, 2007


For a little laugh & some Canadian Content for my blog to keep the CRTC off my back here is a video clip from the CBC show This Hour Has 22 Minutes in a skit called Support Our Troops & I too Support our Troops of course even when I don't understand their mission , just kidding:

" Symphony of Lies ": another bit about Bush Regime's capacity for lying & getting away with it as Neocons go to great lengths to prove these are not lies - Saddam ordered the Hit on 9/11 & the WMDs are still hidden in Iraq & there are just a few " Dead-enders" who need be sorted out IE. shot or blown up & the World & the Middle East will be better places.

And here's more on James Comey testimony & Ashcroft & Alberto Gonzales & their Night Ride to badger a sick Ashcroft into signing agreements to allow unlawful surveillance & who knows what else since Comey was bit coy about this for National Security reasons...

Anyway I came across this video & I have to share it - this is a Hoot ! It seems President Bush's nickname for Attorney General Gonzales is Fredo as in the Godfather and so we get this video gem:


GONZALES & BUSH BUDDY SYSTEM ON OLBERMANN on the connections among all the people who surround Bush who are the most loyal & are willing to fall upon their own sword as they would for Cesar Or the Tsar or the Emperor ...they feel no responsibility to the people of the nation whom they serve as in do what's best for the people & not what 's best for them & their friends - they are to serve at the people's pleasure & not that of the King :

March 14, 2007,From: deiphilus
Olbermann chats with Bush's Brain co-author James Moore about the friendship between Albeto Gonzales and George Bush:

And here's Bush on the lawful use of torture because somehow all the rules were tossed out the window so torturing & kidnapping people off of the streets of Florence or Berlin or London because those cities are all a part of the Battle-field - Bush does not see the irony of Americans using the same strategies as the terrorist and so becoming the ugly American and so it Vonnegut so often told us...

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