Thursday, May 10, 2007

Akira Kurosawa - Ran [Great Directors]

Here is an example of mankind's "bestial acts" ala Kurt Weill . Battle scene from Kurosawa's " RAN " one of the greatest films ever. The horror of the scene is heightened by the silence. The film runs the gamut of Man's depravity: jealousy, greed, avarice, stupidity, ignorance, pride, arrogance, revenge , power , cruelty etc. All those sins of the past which now are counted in our society as virtues : to succeed at any cost at an individual level & at a National level to crush anyone or any nation which stands in the way of a nation's or a corporation's pursuit of power & wealth.

There are more clips from " RAN" & from other Kurosawa films at YOUTUBE.

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