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Anyway story of the week Ann Coulter & her Homophobia & Bigotry are now in style with the mass of the American People!!!

At CPAC, Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards a "Faggot"
Fri Mar 2,

Nation -- Just returned from CPAC, where I caught Ann Coulter call
Edwards a "faggot" (Crooks and Liars has video). The crowd roared their
approval, of course. Then Coulter endorsed Mitt Romney. Another gem from
Coultergeist: Discussing black Republicans, she declared, "Our blacks are better
than their blacks."
I also met concentration camp enthusiast Michelle Malkin
at her book signing and asked her to autograph this photo. From the looks of
what she wrote on her blog and the hysterical rant she launched into the lens of
our video camera, Malkin was non-plussed about the encounter..."

and from ABC online:

" Coulter's Slur Against Edwards Stirs Outrage
Many Think Pundit May Have
Gone Too Far
Ann Coulter made the comment Friday while speaking to GOP
activists attending the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.
was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate
John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word
'faggot,' so I -- so kind of an impasse, can't really talk about Edwards. So I
think I'll just conclude here and take your questions," Coulter said.
first her audience seemed shocked, but then many started to clap.
were quick to condemn her remark. "

(And she has added :Coulter:
Edwards' Campaign Manager 'Fronting for Arab Terrorists'
By E&P
Published: March 05, 2007 )

If it were not for the fact that this vapid blonde is listened to & taken seriously by the angry bigoted crowd of Neo-Conservitives & the Radical Evangelical Religious Right in the United States & even here in Canada she & her stupid remarks it might be better to just ignore them . But like her fellow-travelers such as Glenn Beck , Michelle Malkin & Rush Limbaugh are taken seriously & whatever they say is taken as the Gospel Truth . It is also a sad state of affairs when she & her ilk are given such a high profile in the Media Establishment & shows that Fascism is alive & well in American discourse.

Ann Coulter appears to believe that it is ok to call someone a " Faggot " Is she attacking Edwards for possibly being Gay ? Or is she appealing to some crude Sterotype of Homosexuals & therefore to somehow impune his character as being weak or overly sensitive? Or is she suggesting that Edwards is indecisive or as perverted & untrustworthy?

Ann Coulter does seem to believe that those who get upset by her calling someone a "Faggot" is just a matter of being overly sensitive & politically correct .

We can only assume that like a lot of Neocons she would have the same attitude to the use of other slurs & insults such as " Nigger" "Kike" "Jap" " Kafir " or "Paki" .
What bothers her & other Neocons is that they might be chastised for using such derogatory terms which deep down they take to be true.

It reminds me of people I have had to work with in various jobs who would use such derogatory terms & tell sexist or racist jokes. The use of such derogatory remarks & jokes is seen by some as a form of bonding with your co-workers. So if you don’t take part in this ritual & laugh at the jokes or derogatory words or epithets you are seen as having no sense of humor. If you were to complain about such jokes then you would no longer be one of the boys & therefore you are seen as an outsider. In some jobs being placed in this situation puts your ability to do your job in jeopardy .

From my own experience it seems that those who use such derogatory terms & like to tell such jokes feel they are the ones being persecuted so that they have to be careful about what they say around some people . What they then do is to find those who think like they do & then pull them aside to tell their tasteless & mean spirited jokes. Someone’s employability may then become dependent upon being one of the guys & not mind such derogatory remarks or jokes .

This I believe to still be true to some extent since I have seen this behavior time & again. For instance I have watched as individuals whom I thought were somewhat liberal & not at all prejudice get a new job somewhere with a private business or even in a government department suddenly begin using such derogatory remarks & jokes without really noticing because they came to see this as acceptable behavior because their boss or someone they respect at their new job uses such terms .I fear that this happens because there are many who only pay lip-service to what they see as merely being politically correct & that their true feelings about other people outside their group i.e. if they are white then they see it as quite acceptable to make negative comments & use offensive language when speaking about non-whites or if they are heterosexual they believe it is ok to make derogatory & offensive remarks about Gays & Lesbians .

What is stranger & is one of my pet peeves are those white women (like Ann Coulter) for instance who have risen in society becoming Lawyers or doctors or bureaucrats or accountants or whatever & who see themselves as different & better than the majority of women & therefore participate in making sexist & derogatory remarks & jokes about women which of course helps them to ingratiate them with the men they work for or who will then see them as part of the group & not as outsiders . She then becomes " one of the Guys" & therefore not to be feared or resented. This is considered by some to be a badge of maturity & part of becoming successful.

It is therefore considered immature for one to object to the use of derogatory remarks & jokes about women or Blacks or Jews or Arabs or Muslims or whomever are considered to be the outsiders of the moment .

But those who accept this view were never really without such prejudices but were merely "playing the game of fitting in" & conforming to the views of those around them so if when they were in university for example if their professors & their fellow students viewed such remarks & jokes as being inappropriate then they refrained from such remarks & jokes in order to fit in but not because they actually believed that such prejudices were wrong.

Anyway if you listen to or read Neoconservatives like Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin or Rush Limbaugh &Glenn Beck they are constantly spewing their hatred of one group or another from African-Americans & other non-whites to Gays & Lesbians or people who are not Christians i.e. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists , Wiccans, or Atheists .But it seems they are now considered to reflect the opinions of not just a small segment of society but in fact represent what anyone in their view with a bit of intelligence & common sense would believe including the Media NEWS/Entertainment establishment & most American Intellectuals . Is this how far down we have gone???

At the heart of Ann Coulter’s remark is a belief that anyone who is not like her & her group have no place in running for political office & if they had their way most professions would revert to the old days when those who were not heterosexual WASPs would not be permitted to enter such professions such as law, medicine, or teaching etc. As these people often claim is that only "TRUE CHRISTIANS" should be allowed to run for public office in the United States . The neocons in Canada who support Steven Harper seemed to have the same views since their ideology is all borrowed or derived from that of American Neo-Conservitivism .

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