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So the body count for Iraqis is lets see 500, 000 dead during the rather strict & inhumane ten years of sanctions then America invades & another 650,000 Iraqi are killed the majority of the dead are unarmed civilians & then there is another approximately 2,000,000 who are now refugees & yet Bush still claims in the midst of Chaos in Iraq that America is winning the war what chutzpah . Bush claims people do not appreciate what he is doing to save our wonderfully superiour civilization against the Barbarian hordes at our gates but he believes “history” will prove him & his gang of thugs to have been right all along .Of course we are told that we must forget the rationale which Bush & Co. Gave for the invasion: WMDs & the illusive & unfounded belief that Saddam was connected with Al Qeda & 9/11 & that he was about to drop his non-existent Nukes & chemical weapons on American soil. And besides Saddam was a ruthless dictator who imprisoned people without due process tortured prisoners & kept them in jail for as long as he wished & he cracked down on his critics & the Media in Iraq . We can all agree Saddam was ruthless but the Bush regimes leaves out America’s complicity in aiding Saddam when he was America’s greatest friend in the Middle East.

The irony & hypocrisy, in case anyone missed it, is that Saddam was tried & found guilty of Crimes against humanity by a sham court controlled by the Bush administration which also can & does imprison so called “ Enemies of the State “ without due process or other “ quaint “ antiquated & old-fashioned ideas such as “ habeas corpus “ & actually telling detainees what they are being charged with & what evidence their accusers have collected against them besides innuendo & rumour & the desperate inadmissable statements made by those who have been tortured is & the right to an attorney & the right not to be tortured or treated like an animal or subhuman . Ah well we live in dangerous times so now torture & all those methods used formerly by Totalitarian Regimes are quite acceptable. And if anyone speaks out against these things then they too are guilty of giving aid & comfort to the “Terrorists”. So no wonder the mainstream Media is mostly silent since they fear they could be imprisoned or at least their subscriptions or advertising revenues & tv ratings might suffer.

So “ truth “ is merely relative & each Iraqi child killed by the American forces is just one less terrorist to worry about. It reminds us of the good old days when American were slaughtering the South Vietnamese people in order to save them or when Americans thought mass murdering Native Americans almost to the point of extinction which was really just another form of “Ethnic Cleansing” or even Genocide. We are not really supposed to say or even think such things since Americans & Canadians believed that the “Red Skins” as it were /were not of European descent & were not even Christians so they deserved to be wiped out , at least according to most white Europeans .

In the same way White Europeans who landed in North America thought enslaving millions of Black Africans was ok since the Africans in their view were subhuman & didn’t have a proper language or a proper religion & beside the Bible explicitly says that slavery is ok .

When slavery was made illegal then the South set up its laws of segregation which were of course legal though unethical but when did ethics ever bother racists . Then came the creation of that wonderful all-American institution of the KKK as celebrated in G.W. Griffiths “ Birth of a Nation ” which originally was entitled “THE KLANSMEN” who were supposedly the protectors & saviours of The White Christian Race later to be followed in Germany by the SS Stormtroopers of Adolph Hitler. ( and the SHOAH ( holocaust) which was really the culmination of 2,000 years of Rabid Christian Anti-Semitism the Catholic Church & most Europeans did little or nothing to stop it from happening to their eternal shame though most people rather than feel guilt make excuses or as Bush would say play the blame game)

Like Saddam the Bush regime also uses kidnaping & assassinations & death squads but that’s ok since God is in daily contact with King George & America has been- we are told again & again- blessed by God from its creation which is all part of God’s Master Plan to destroy all heretics & non-Christians who refuse to repent & become Born Again in Jesus’ “ Holy Rivers of Blood ” & the blood will flow until the Messiah comes or until there is no one left alive on America’s New Prison Planet (to borrow a phrase) .

And now the Clash of Civilizations may soon take place if it hasn’t already begun because of the actions of the Americans & her allies such as Britain & Canada which are precipitating such a clash. But the Neocons are not distressed since it is possible that chaos in the Middle East is just what they want if not then they have failed terribly & tragically to bring democracy or peace to the Middle East. But who knows what their real goals are one would need to be able to explore the inner workings of Karl Rove the Master Puppeteer behind all of this according to numerous sources or is the Radical Religious Right (who now make up fifty to a hundred million Americans) the real force behind Bush ; if so then according to their ENDTIMES -Rapture-Tribulations cum Armageddon & the return of the Messiah type logic ala “ The Return of the King in Lord of The Rings or The Matrix when NEO saves humankind or whatever comparisons you wish or some other sequel type logic such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning in which the killers believe they are serving some higher purpose -

I do digress according the Born Again Dispensationalists if there is peace in the Middle East then the Anti-Christ has arrived & if America agrees to any such Middles East Peace agreement between Israel & the rest of the Middle East then America has joined up with the Anti-Christ who in part is represented by the United Nations & after that things get complicated .
For instance The Ultra orthodox Jews in Israel need a red Heifer for some sort of sacrifice so they can build th The Third Temple & take control of all of the Biblical Israel & kick out or wipe out a few million Arabs & Palestinians so that the Messiah can come but there you go.

To understand these issues of EndTimes better watch if you can stomach it the three “ LEFT BEHIND ”movies based upon these prophecies. It is like looking into the mind of Mad King George Bush & how he sees himself & the world & history -VERY SCARY !!!

We need to remember though that such improbable nonsense as suggested in these films & the various Left Behind novels do not represent mainstream Christianity throughout its 2,000 year history & such notions are not part of the beliefs & theology & eschatology of the majority of Jews . These believes which are held mainly by American & Canadian Born-Again Evangelical Fundamentalist- Dispensational -Christians only date back to about 1840 & John Darby etc.
There are lots of sites on the internet arguing both sides of the question but I believe there is little in the Bible or Christian theology to support this rather twisted version of the Book of Revelations & if anything may do more harm than good to the Christian Religion .


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"U.S. seeks silence on detainees"
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The Bush administration has told a federal judge that terrorism suspects held in secret CIA prisons should not be allowed to reveal details of the "alternative interrogation methods" that their captors used to get them to talk.

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