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Anyway here is my rant for the day as I try to summarize the events of the last couple of weeks & the last six years of the Bush Administration & the Insane world we live in and some strange digressions & twists & turns into the Rabbit Hole or through the Looking Glass as Prime Minister Harper begins to act Like George Bush’s twin brother or doppelganger ???

As Gwynne Dyer says about the Bush Administration in a recent article about US plans to attack Iran:
Logic out the window at the White House
By Gwynne Dyer

03/09/06 "Cyprus Mail" -- --
" The biggest pitfall in predicting the behavior of radical groups like the inner circle of the Bush administration is that you keep telling yourself that they would never actually do whatever it is they’re talking about. Surely they must realize that acting like that would cause a disaster. Then they go right ahead and do it."

And as for President Bush renewing THE PATRIOT ACT
Bush Signs New Version of Patriot Act
By Bill Brubaker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 9, 2006; 5:21 PM

Critics, such as Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio), say the legislation violates Americans' civil liberties.

"It has become crystal clear that this administration is currently and will continue to abuse, attack and outright deny the civil liberties of the people of this country in defiance of our constitution," Kucinich said Tuesday during debate on the House floor. "The administration is illegally wiretapping American citizens, illegally collecting information on peace groups and illegally signing statements to ignore the torture ban recently enacted by this Congress. . . .

"The administration has violated the laws Congress has passed and is trampling on [the] constitution of the United States."

Ex-Justice Lawyer Rips Case for Spying
White House's Legal Justifications Called Weak
By Dan Eggen and Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, March 9, 2006; Page A03

A former senior national security lawyer at the Justice Department is highly critical of some of the Bush administration's key legal justifications for warrantless spying, saying that many of the government's arguments are weak and unlikely to be endorsed by the courts, according to documents released yesterday.

David S. Kris, a former associate deputy attorney general who now works at Time Warner Inc., concludes that a National Security Agency domestic spying program is clearly covered by a 1978 law governing clandestine surveillance, according to a legal analysis and e-mails sent to current Justice officials.

It appears that Islamaphobia is on the rise according to recent public opinion polls.
see for instance:
Negative Perception Of Islam Increasing
Poll Numbers in U.S. Higher Than in 2001
By Claudia Deane and Darryl Fears
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, March 9, 2006; Page A01

"As the war in Iraq grinds into its fourth year, a growing proportion of Americans are expressing unfavorable views of Islam, and a majority now say that Muslims are disproportionately prone to violence, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The poll found that nearly half of Americans -- 46 percent -- have a negative view of Islam, seven percentage points higher than in the tense months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, when Muslims were often targeted for violence."

and further:
ISLAMAPHOBIA masquerading as free speech
Soumaya Ghannoushi
aljazeera march 4, 2006

We are told we live in an open society which promotes tolerance for people of differing faiths & cultures. In a pluralistic & multicultural society we should respect those who are different from ourselves. It would be nice if this were always true.
I have tried to put forth an argument promoting not just tolerance of other faiths but also understanding & compassion for the Other. This means that it is our responsibility to educate ourselves about the various religions & cultures of other members of our society. It would be great in my view if our Public School system did a better job of teaching about the various world religions , their beliefs & their history. To teach the History of the world or even of Western Civilization one must also teach about the religions which were & are part of that history IE. Christianity, Islam & Judaism etc.
This is especially important at the moment as the US & its allies prepare to attack Iran. So why Iran ? well it is a Muslim country & Islam we are told is the enemy of the West. The day after 9/11 George W. Bush declared war on all of Islam when he called it a CRUSADE. He also made the unfortunate remark that nations are either on the side of the US or are the enemies of the US. But the world of politics does not work in such black & white terms.
Since then he has at times tempered his remarks making a distinction between Islamic terrorist & the majority of Muslims who do not support the terrorist.

Anyway the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq has not gone as smoothly as Bush & his advisors publicly promised it would. The so called insurgency has gotten worse rather than better. Soldiers & innocent civilians are dying every day. The US Forces & their Iraqi underlings are still arresting individuals denying them their rights under the Geneva convention & other international agreements . They believe they have the right to illegally detain individuals & to torture them if they wish to. At the same time there are Death Squads operating within Iraq which have murdered at least 5,000 civilians including scientist & academics , members of the media & anyone who opposes or criticizes the US Occupation of Iraq. The war in Iraq is reminiscent of Vietnam War & the brutal war the US fought in El Salvador & other Latin American nations.
Though Donald Rumsfeld says the main problem in Iraq is the negative news stories being turned-out by the nasty liberal anti-Bush media. I think that in fact the media coverage of the Iraqi War has been far too pro-American & shies away again & again from the more brutal side of the war committed by the US & its Iraqi stooges.

see on the Vietnam parallels :
Good Mourning, Vietnam
Submitted by editor4 on March 10, 2006 - 5:28pm.
By Greg Mitchell
Source: Editor & Publisher

see article from GLOBAL RESEARCH . ca
Nuclear War against Iran
by Michel Chossudovsky
January 3, 2006

and on the destruction of the city of FALLUJAH & the massacres committed by US Forces see:

The Invasion of Falluja: A Study in the Subversion of Truth december/January 2004-2005
Mary Trotochaud and Rick McDowell are the American Friends Service Committee's representatives in Iraq. Their home is in Baghdad, but they are temporarily living in Amman, Jordan.

and: MASSACRES of Peaceful Protestors similar to that of Bloody Sunday in Ireland
News & Analysis
Turning Point Fallujah: How US Atrocities Sparked The Iraqi Resistance
Milan Rai, Electronic Iraq, 4 May 2005

I am not surprised that the Bush administration is about to do it again playing the American people & the Europeans & the UN as he & his administration did before invading Iraq & they are at it again as they are about to attack Iran using so called "surgical strikes " using conventional weapons or Mini-Nukes it seems Bush will just toss a coin to decide.
But what is a little more surprising is that Hilary Clinton & the Democrats are also urging a military strike on Iran . Well he fooled them over Iraq now he is going to fool them over Iran.
Why attack Iran? Well they are developing their Nuclear Energy Program & the US fears supposedly that Iran will start producing Nuclear Weapons, oh my.
But Pakistan & India have nuclear weapons so do the French & the British & the Americans & the Russians & Israel- why didn't they stop Pakistan or Israel two very unstable states & both are quite reckless. Pakistan also has hidden thousands of terrorist . Iran knows it would be decimated by the Israelis if Iran even got close to building a Nuclear Bomb .

But lets throw this into the mix the Dubai deal or failed deal. For once Hilary Clinton & the Democrats stood up to President Bush but was it the right issue to fight him on . There's the rub. Good grief am I siding with Bush. Sort of.
There has been a rise in mistrust & fear & hatred of all things Arab or Muslim. This is understandable after some five years of a steady diet of Maledicta towards Islam. So we have parochialism & at worst racism which plays a big part behind all the fuss over the Dubai contract. They didn't want a company from an Arab state to run some port facilities in the US which might they claim jeopardize US port security. Now so what message does this send to the Arab & Muslim world another insult which says that no Arab owned companies can be trusted to operate inside the US & will Britain follow suit or Canada or the European countries.
The irony is that Bush is the one who has created this hostile climate towards Arabs & Muslims so why would he do it because to him maybe it was just business as usual I don't know if it is as cynical as his grand dad did still doing business with German firms while the US & Nazi Germany were at war. But I don't buy the Big Conspiracy theory that Poppa Bush supported Hitler's policies he was just a cynical businessman doing business .
Like Randolph Hearst he was just doing business both probably great Heroes to the followers of Ayn Rand. It would appear many of the Neo-cons including some members of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Cabinet are followers of the novelist & philosopher Ayn Rand so they believe comes before everything profit wealth & happiness are their only goals.
Ayn Rand believed America to be the Greatest country in the world & that its duty was to promote democracy & capitalism & to take control of the rest of the world (which is filled with savages ) to promote its own interest .
But she also was an atheist who preached that religion was anti-rational & is a vestige of mankind's savage past. It is man's reason she argues which places him above all other creatures. One could call her & her followers as the Atheists on the RIGHT as opposed to those Atheist on the Left who refer to themselves as rationalist & Humanists. She also developed a hierarchy of those who are the true forces behind the success of America which is the elite of businessmen , technocrats architects & artists who provide their services to society in exchange for material wealth or profit if you will.
She attacks the working class for expecting higher wages & benefits. Since they are not the real producers of wealth & should learn to know their place or station in society. ( Their place to her is that of those sad robotic workers envisioned in Fritz Lang’s great silent film METROPOLIS.
It is odd how such Neo-cons who are followers of Ayn Rand could have joined forces with the Religious Right.
They want religion to be allowed to play a bigger part in American society.
though they both dislike the poor & the weak & the mentally or physically disabled & both believe in unfettered capitalism.
Ayn rand says the wealthy have earned their wealth through their superiour mental abilities whereas the religious right claim the rich are rich because they are being rewarded by God & the poor are unworthy of God ignoring Jesus" teaching on the matter since they follow the teachings of the old testament & the book of revelations more than the books of the apostles.
Now this brings us to the most extreme form of Protestant fundamentalism known as Reconstructionism & Dominionism but they a small minority within Protestant Fundamentalism but the concern is that some of their ideas & parts of their ideology is being bought into by others within the religious right & even some of the Neo-cons .

RECOSTRUCTIONISTS argue that the Bible is inerrant that it is the literal word of God & therefore it must be used as the source for the structure of society socially, politically legally & its economics & foreign affairs - since the US is the chosen nation of God it must spread its form of Christianity through out the world & convert the world to Christianity .

One wonders what society or the world will be like once the Neo-Conservatives & the Religious Right finally accomplish all their goals. The Mess in Iraq & the pitiful state of those whose lives were uprooted on the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina are the very real signs of their goals coming into fruition
But on a happier note the super-rich & powerful will be doing even better in the future.
anyway that 's enough for now.


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