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Blast From The Past 5 Years later: " IRAQ BUSH & THE SURREAL WORLD OF POLITICS & WAR"

NOTE POST FIRST PUBLISHED 2005- 5years ago on March 31

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“We don’t do body counts”
General Tommy Franks, US Central Command

“Change the channel”
- Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt's advice to Iraqis who see TV images of innocent civilians killed by coalition troops.

Iraq (War on Terrorism)
links compiled by Tim Rozgonyi of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

I found a great website where some of the outspoken critics of Bush & his followers can be found at which includes numerous well researched , thoughtful & up to date articles on the issues which affect the USA & the rest of the world.

It is comforting to know there are still some people who are willing to speak out & be counted in this dark period of neo-conservatism & religious right fanaticism. If things get worse even these voices of dissent may be silenced. Or they will be lost in the noise being raised & daily growing on the NET of the Neo-Consrvatism groups & individuals filling the internet with their anger ,vehemence, hatred & self-righteousness since they believe they are in the Right because God planned it this way & all those Voices of Dissent are the puppets of the ANTI-CHRIST in their view. For these people everything is unfolding exactly as it should that is according to the BOOK OF REVELATIONS.

Now how in the name of God does one even begin a civilized discussion in such an over-charged environment. On one side we have people who quote the Bible & talk of the coming RAPTURE ARMAGEDDON & THE APOCALYPSE while others like myself & human rights watch groups talk about mundane matters like human rights.

It is especially of crucial value to hear other voices as the mass media out of indifference or fear are unwilling to do factual reporting on the WAR IN IRAQ - yes for those who have forgotten the US is involved in an extremely bloody war in Iraq which has resulted in the deaths of at least 125,000 Iraqis, 80% or more of these deaths have been non-combatants . According to the US military & President Bush they are merely collateral damage, that is expendable human beings. Odd since the same people are so concerned about abortion & shed more tears for a foetus or some pitiful human being reduced to a semi-vegitative state than for the poor & homeless in their own country or the hundreds on death row waiting ; so for so called foreigners they care even less. The Bush administration & the Neo-Conservatives have little regard for the lives of those who haven't been washed in the blood of their saviour Jesus Christ or their other saviour George W. Bush or one of their Saints such as St. Ronald Reagan , St. Richard Nixon, St. Barry Goldwater, St. Joseph Mcarthy, St. Jesse Helms or St. J. Edgar Hoover.

But it is still a matter of debate if all this death & destruction is just for OIL & to increase the profits of companies such as Halliburton or to punish the Islamic & Arab world for 9/11 or the beginning of the fulfilling of Biblical prophecy with Bush leading his army into Armageddon. Bush of course is quite willing to put other Americans in harms way in Iraq & Afganistan & elsewhere but never himself his friends or their children . Wouldn't it be nice for once if such leaders were to take to the battlefield themselves like the Kings in the distant past.

The other disturbing matter is the lack of in-depth on-going reporting in the mass media of the abuses of the US military of POWS . There is also minimum coverage about the numerous allegations against companies like Haliburton who ,for instance, charged millions in US funds to ship 82,000 dollars worth of cooking oil to US forces in Iraq. So why be concerned as long as The Military Industrial Complex is making a profit that's good news for America even at the cost of the lives 1,500 American soldiers so far.

War has always been a profitable enterprise for a few at least. & those few are the one's in our society who according to Neo-Conservatives in the US & Canada & throughout the west are the people who matter the most. (as George Orwell said some people are more equal than others)

As for the Mass Media it is mainly in the hands of big corporations who are far more concerned with keeping on the good side of Bush & his followers than with truth or integrity. Integrity in the US is up for sale & why should this surprise anyone. & yes I do impgn the character of Bush & most of his advisors why should they be above & beyond the law Or normal ethical considerations well of course the NEOCONS tell us they are backed by GOD &the Heavenly Host.

But I guess Americans in general agree with Bush that it is their God-Given Right to dictate how other countries are to behave & who their leaders are to be . For years the US propped up the brutal regime of Saddam Huessin when it suited their needs they didn't give a shit about the Iraqi people then.

We should also remember that they supported the brutal & deadly anti-democratic regime of The Shah Of Iran . It can be argued that if the Americans had supported the moderate voices of dissent within Iran then the Shah could have been ousted & a more open & democratic form of government could have replaced the Regime but as usual the US supported a dictator who destroyed most of the moderats leaving the door open for the extremist under the Ayatolla .

The United States was the major power which supported for several decades The Apartheid Regime in South Africa .& now they support an unpopular regime in Afghanistan & their friends in that country the Drug War Lords in that country since Opium is still the major industry in Afghanistan. Then again the US & the WEST still need their heroine to get by.

Here are some examples of articles to be found at the site THE DISSIDENT VOICE:

The Fundamentalist Christian Mindset
and the Problem it Presents for America
by Lee Salisbury
a former evangelical preacher, writes for and
March 29, 2005

and :
Deconstructing Iraq: Year Three Begins

Also see in regard to AMERICAN foreign policy unilateralism &THE GLOBAL FREE -MARKET ECONOMY
Terrorism and the New National Defense Strategy of the US
by Adam Williams
March 29, 2005

For more info See THE CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE DEFENSE FUND on the issue of attacks by FBI & BUSH ADMINISTRATION on Academia & artists

As for the numerous scandals connected with the BUSH REGIME see for instance the Website THE UPPER LEFT SCANDAL SCOREBOARD at
if half the allegations are true then President Bush should face Impeachment proceedings.

Anyway that's enough of the SURREAL WORLD OF POLITICS & WAR !!!!!
See you next time same war same channel or different war same channel ??? ANYWAY same BAT TIME !!!

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