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Anyway dear reader excuse me while I go into a political rant about the present situation in the Middle East & the rest of the world. Sometimes an issue grabs my attention & I need to do some venting & therefore ranting.
I watched a documentary on television called AL JAZEERA ExCLUSIVE which documented how the Bush regime has attempted to block signals from its Telivision feed to the USA & have interrupted AL JAZEERA's Internet Site using computer hacking techniques. In a time of War one can expect such things to a certain extent but in this case it is not just rhetoric but an attempt to interfer on an international scale with the free flow of information & the censoring of all credible& well-informed differing views on the War On Terrorism

On CBC's national news program FIfth Estate it showed how american broadcasters who have allowed voices of dissent that is the views of those against the war have had to take steps to keep media personalities like Phil Donahue & Al Frankin & others off-of the national networks.On a news program I watched the other night on CNN there were five political pundits discussing the situation in Iraq only on member of the group didn't buy into the Bush Doctrine & irritated the hell out of the other members in the group by questioning statements being made which were just their own opinions or views expressed by members of Bush administrationbeing tossed around as if these were incontrovertible established facts
Canada has also been implicated by The Reporters Without Borders organization to also be speaking out against Al Jazeera & also trying to censor its content & to interfer with its Television signal & its ability to access the internet.

At times AlJazeera does show its bias but the media in the USA & Canada & Britain are also influenced by their own bias. Of course to President Bush & his Regime any one who dares question US policy in Iraq or elsewhere by definition are Anti-American & not to be trusted. Bush did say that they , that is other foreign governments are "either For or Against us "(TheAmericans). Therefore there cannot be by definition any Middle Ground & all criticisms of US policies are therefore to be seen as an attack on the USA, its policies, its way of life, & as an attack on Democracy & Christianity & an attack on all of Western Society.

This seems extreme but for statements of senior officials & those who have resigned or have been ousted from the Regime that there has been a Chilling Effect on all those within the the Bush administration to toe the party line no matter how far it might vere from reality.

What upsets Americans is that Al Jazeera has given time & again a human face to the tragedy of the War in Iraq. The war in Iraq like any war is not a bloodless operation & it is not just combatants on either side who are killed but also innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed in their thousands ,the estimates range from 25,000 to 100,000 Iraqi civilians dead . In news conferences Rumsfeld & others speaking for the administration referred to these casualties as "Colateral Damage" & the americans do not seem to be interested in keeping records on how many civilians have been killed.

The Iraqi people in general did not support Sadam Hussein & his policies but that does not mean they welcomed a unilateral decision by the US to invade Iraq .

For instance Weapons of Mass Destruction were not found nor were any ties between Sadam Hussein & Al Qeda & the 9/11 attack been uncovered which according to Bush were the reasons he ordered the invasion of Iraq .
This is all especially disturbing after the revelations in the article this past week in The New Yorker THE COMING WARS by SEYMOUR M. HERSH What the Pentagon can now do in secret (Issue of 2005-01-24 and 31Posted 2005-01-17) from his sources he has discovered evidence that the Bush Regime wants to set up covert operations in Iraq & other countries which would include Death Squads like those that were used in El Salvador & other Central American countries in the 1980s .(Issue of 2005-01-24 and 31Posted 2005-01-17)
( One member of the CIA now admits that Death Squads were set up & financed by the CIA & other agencies in El Salvador & elsewhere as part of a policy by former governments )

The US administration wants to use Death Squads & other terrorist-type activities to kill all trouble -makers & radicals including those who voice their criticism in the Free-Press. So as usual given the conservative American mind-set freedom of speech is not to be extended to those critical of US policies or of the Puppet governments the USA supports.

also see George Parker article in The New Yorker THE POLITICAL WAR (Issue of 2004-09-27Posted 2004-09-20) in which the writer details how reports coming out of Iraq are re-written to suport the positive views of the administration regarding the Iraqi situation.

Anyway I hope to hear from you soon,so bye for now...

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