Friday, October 06, 2017

Journalists Beaten, Pepper Sprayed And Arrested During St. Louis Protests


Roland S. Martin
Published on 6 Oct 2017

Journalist covering the protests in St. Louis have been pepper sprayed, beaten and arrested. Those being targeted include musical reporters, documentary makers, live stream journalists who were just doing their jobs have fallen victim of aggression from law enforcement officials. Protests in St. Louis have continued daily since the September 15th acquittal of former police officer Jason Stockley in the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

 and here's a video by BlackLivesMatter showing cops in USA killing more Black citizens and then people wonder why they are protesting and why now NFL players are getting involved. : The establishment can't understand how a black American who gets to play in the NFL and possibly paid millions would dare bite the hand that feeds them -they are supposed to be grateful - no they are using their position of status to bring attention to an issue.

This disturbs the hell out of the some people and they think these Black NFL players are getting a bit uppity and they are supposed to be grateful like the old stereotype of the Uncle Tom or the Black slave who gets to work in the big house on the plantation like those prisoners whom Hillary used for cheap labor when she was the governor's wife in Arkansas.


 and for a reality check here's Lawrence O'Donnel showing his disdain for NYPD brutality of peaceful #Occupy Wall Street Protesters in 2011 and O'Donnel notes that it is only because of the video and the Media use of it and that an investigation will take place but as he notes it will probably be a sham and a coverup by the police department . And this has been happening before #Occupy / #OWS or #BlackLivesmatter movements began and this sort of police cover up is still going on.

What O'Donnel fails to mention is that as we now know the crushing of the Occupy movement was directed not by local police but by the FBI, DHS and the Whitehouse at that time of President Obama. NYPD Police Brutality Lawrence O'Donnell Dipsodan Published on 30 Sep 2011 The "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations this past weekend turned ugly with some NYPD officers over-reacting when at least one officer, Joseph Bologna using pepper spray against peaceful and orderly protesters. O'Donnell used his show to bring this to light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

              and here's a video from the Oakland protest - Can you say POLICE STATE and this was before NeoFascist Trump took over so my take away is that this is where America was heading since the draconian anti-crime bills and other actions by the Clinton Regime followed by the Bush and Obam Regimes just same old tune of Law and Order at any cost.

The Police tactic is to trap large groups of protesters by Kettling and then gassing and shooting protesters with flash bangs, rubber bullets , bean bags pepper spray and tear gas. The police tell protesters to leave the area but the police are blocking all of the exits . In this case people are out with their families children and babies but this means nothing to the police who have been ordered to crush this movement .
Here's a video of people escaping from the kettling being hunted down by armed police: arlo stone Published on 1 Feb 2012 Armed Riot Cops in Oakland Ca. kettle 300 Occupy Oakland protesters before an occupier with a membership card gets 100 people inside the YMCA.

Riot cops swinging batons flood the area and seal off the YMCA. Terrified Occupiers scatter looking for a way out while cops use urban warfare tactics with guns drawn to hunt them down amongst gym members working out. The last 10 who escaped advanced just ahead of the closing OPD. 24 people inside were later charged with trumped up felonies and tortured in the Santa Rita jail for 4 days. Welcome to America!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 and so it goes . GORD.

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