Monday, July 24, 2017

Here’s Why Millennials Distrust Hillary Clinton - The Ring Of Fire Farron Cousins

In my last post I critiqued Farron Cousins proclaiming that people shouldn't be talking about Hillary Clinton any more.

 So here he is criticizing Hillary last year at which point he and I would have been in agreement. But during that time more details about Hillary's questionable activities have been revealed. Yes he is correct we are all sick of hearing about Hillary because in large part nothing has happened . But the law suit against the DNC is still on going and the political system is still corrupt in general. The DNC establishment are still in denial a year later about why they lost the election. They still want to blame the Russians, Trump, Bernie Bros, Bernie, Jill Stein, sexism etc. They refuse to accept that it was in fact not necessarily Hillary's turn.

And Hillary and the DNC need to be made to face some form of justice for rigging the primary and for trashing Bernie Sanders . At the least they owe Bernie Sanders and his some 15 million supporters a real apology. So is that asking too much.Instead they still act as if they were justified in all they did which is why many people are still obsessed with Hillary and the DNC..

 "Published on 20 Sep 2016 The latest polls show Hillary Clinton’s support among Millennials falling even further, and her outreach to the 18 – 34 age group has been pathetic, to say the least. The problem is that she absolutely doesn’t understand how badly the policies of the last 16 years have hurt this age group." Link -                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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