Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Here's the damning video of Debbie Wasserman Schultz attending and speaking at Seth Rich vigil in 2016. DWS proclaims what a great person and valued employee and colleague he was.
 Now she claims she didn't know Seth Rich.
So she either lied at the Vigil for Seth Rich or is lying now other way this should at least be a public relations nightmare for DWS and her supporters at the Democratic Party.

By denying knowing Seth Rich DWS has merely added more fodder to the Seth Rich murder case . Why would she bother to publicly make the claim she didn't know Seth Rich.

  Seth Rich Vigil : Debbie Wasserman Schultz


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American Taliban- reposted May 2017

American Taliban- The Religious Right since the 1980s til now has grown in numbers and influence throughout American culture and government including amateur and professional sports, the public schools , the US military and the Pentagon and privatized armies led by Christian Zealots such as Erik Prince of former BlackWaterInc. etc.
The Religious Right that is Evangelical Christian individuals and ministries and right wing think tanks have signaled their wholehearted support of the current president  that is President Donald Trump.

 The wars taking place in the Middle East and elsewhere are supported and fueled by the Religious Right's agendas of spreading Christianity , Capitalism and the American Way while disparaging the religions of non-Christians and in the case Islam demonizing all of Islam and all Muslims as representing and being controlled by Satan .

 It appears most Americans including those in the US government have no problem with this spread of Christian Zealotry since many Americans have been told on a daily basis that their country, their values and their religion are superior to all other nations.
For instance presidents and would be presidential candidates of both parties are expected to promote the idea that America is an exceptional nation or that it is the Indispensable nation which has been chosen by God. So the belief is that what is good for America is good for the world .

So when America and its allies NATO and the EU drop bombs in foreign countries these bombs are dropped in the name of God or Jesus and this is all part of God's plan or a matter of Manifest Destiny .So the enemies or even critics of America or of American foreign policies is a critique in their view of God or of America's historical right to rule over all the nations of the Earth.

 Even Hillary Clinton has argued that only a prayerful person who walks in the ways of God/Jesus is truly qualified to be president of the USA. Hillary is connected BTW to the fanatical Doug Coe and The Family who are Christian Zealots who believe that their ministry is to be aimed at the rich and powerful because they are the elect or chosen of God and whatever they do is therefore part of God's plan. Doug Coe and the Family are mostly known by their sponsorship and organizing of the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.


 Originally Published on 31 May 2015 update May29, 2017. Compilation of Clips by and about Evangelical Christian Right and their desire for complete dominance over the lives of American citizens and the US government and military etc. Created by g. coombes , gordsnotebook.blogspot.ca

 Featuring Francis Schaeffer one of the founders of the modern Religious Right giving a guest lecture at Coral Ridge Prebyterian Ministry. Schaeffer authored a number of books including " A Christian Manifesto" ; "WhateverHappened To The Human Race".

 Lou Engle featured at Jesus Camp . Lou Engle is with The Call , a supporter of The Seven Mountains Prophecy and The Elijah Generation

 Ron Luce at "Battle Cry" which is for evangelizing teenagers using rock music and rock concert type atmosphere to engage young people
Ted Haggard leads a Megachurch of millions and is (former) President of National Association of Evangelicals

 The Late Dr. James Kennedy of "Coral Ridge Ministries" Rep. Todd Akin Republican Missouri Franklin Graham son of Billy Graham -Graham wants to insert christian students (as fifth columnists) in each school to evangelize to non-Christians and non-evangelical Christians.
 Charles Stanley and E Ray Moore who is anti-public schools

 David Barton the official revisionist historian for the Religious and political right who argues that the USA is a Christian Nation which was in his view the original intention of America's Founding Fathers ( which is not historically true but it is what millions of Americans believe anyway)

Christian Embassy The Aroma of Jesus Christ in the Pentagon Jeff Sharlett who has written about and warned about the extremist in the US military and government ie The Family/ Fellowship of Doug Coe and we see the Evangelical outreach at US military bases being proselytized by various groups such the Moody Bible Institute ,
Bill Bright's Crusade For Christ

 The clip ends on the words of Chris Hedges author of American Fascists again warning about the danger of the stealth campaigns by evangelicals to take Dominion over America. see for instance my blog http://gordsnotebook.blogspot.ca for bibliography American Theocracy page

http://gordsnotebook.blogspot.ca/p/th... and for more see page Religious Right http://gordsnotebook.blogspot.ca/p/re...

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