Monday, November 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton and the Dakota Access Pipeline : Pay To Play Scheme

How to explain Hillary Clinton and president Obama's pivot away from pro-environment to pro-tar Sands pro-Keystone Pipeline . Bill Clinton receives over 2 million for speeches at Toronto Dominion Bank -TD Bank which is a major investor in Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline. Mainstream Media too close to Hillary and big donors to carry the story or criticize Hillary in any way. MSM favors electing Hillary Clinton over defending the environment or criticizing For Profit Prisons or Charter Schools or the further militarization of police in the USA and the increasing killings of Black citizens by police or the various on going cuts to welfare and food stamps or even more war mongering. In other words for many pseudo liberals getting a female president blinded them on a whole other bunch of social justice issues even though their candidate more often sounded like a Republican in her policies than a Democrat.

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