Monday, August 17, 2015

Gord's Café: Updated

Gord's Café

 Gord's Café contains my original poetry and photos
and samples of poetry, art, music and films
I am inspired by .

"Poetry and art should be as detailed
and moving as
a laundry list - no less
and no more and yet make one laugh "
---Ancient Sage.

 --Intro to Café Apollinaire-- (My Epic surrealist original poem)

a poem is an exploding grenade

held in the palm of your hand

a poem is a Molotov- cocktail

tossed into your living room

upsetting your evening routine -

Amazed - INTRO
by Gordon Coombes

Amazed by monks meditating
in Nepal in the Himalayas
beneath the shadow of mount Fuji
in the shadow of Cape Smokey
in the mountains of Cape Breton
hanging out over the Atlantic Ocean
as the fog rolls in
as the chilling winds of winter
blow steadily for weeks on end
& the snow drifts curve like a wave about to crash
pushing up against the walls of the Monastery - 

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