Friday, January 02, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter 2015-On Police Murder and Institutional Racism -

Twisted priorities in America . The life of a Dog is of more value than the life of a Black American citizen.

There are distinct differences in the way police apprehend White suspects as opposed to Black suspects. No matter how egregious their crimes most whites are apprehended alive while Blacks are often beaten , wounded or killed outright execution style just as suspects or merely reported as acting "suspicious".

 For a Black person perceived as acting suspicious by a third party reporting to 911 can basically be a death sentence for that Black person .ie TamirRice, JohnCrawford, EricGarner ,MichaelBrown,TrayvonMartin ,AntonioMartin etc.

Photo below typical racist meme as a response to the killing of Michael Brown and other Black males in America by police or self-appointed vigilantes. Disgusting racist response to the legitimate movement #BlackLivesMatter which is a movement to address grievance of police racial profiling, harassment, brutality, killings of Black suspects , wrongful arrests, and Mass Incarceration and a disregard for Black American citizens civil rights and human rights. Meanwhile the Media in general has shown its rather dismissive attitudes and its racist bias against the movement constantly ignoring or blaming the victims of this nation wide system form of brutal racism.

If we are to really take on racism then we must see it for what it is in all its ugliest aspects . Because what people say to each other behind closed doors or in supposedly secretive chat rooms on social media matters and has an effect on people.
Someone posting racist pictures , jokes about killing black people is the reality behind the politically correct mask many assume when in the public eye.
Seeing some people as they really are is disturbing not at all comforting.
That's reality versus wishful thinking of Know Nothing Faux Liberals.

The false Stereotype of the massive hulk like menacing animalistic Black man who has superhuman strength . Which was the defense Officer Darren Wilson used to legitimize and justify his killing of Michael Brown in August of 2014 in Ferguson.

On Police Murder and Institutional Racism - YouTube

Published on Dec 24, 2014 EricDraitser

 Eric Draitser of appears on RT (Dec. 24, 2014) to provide his reaction to yet another police murder in the US. Draitser explains that rather than reacting to individual cases, many Americans are now demonstrating against systemic racism at the institutional level. He notes that policing protocols and policies, especially in major cities with large concentrations of people of color, are fundamentally discriminatory, and that addressing the root of the problem is the only way to move towards a solution.


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