Thursday, June 19, 2014

'Sovereign Citizen' Wounded in California Campground Shootout with Law E...

Some people caling themselves sovereign citizens believe they are at war with the government and law enforcement and are therefore a lethal threat and should be categorized as Domestic Terrorists.
Another shooting with a crazed psycho-paranoid so called 'Sovereign Citizen' in America. Was he possibly a domestic terrorist . According to conservatives and mainstream media white males cannot be terrorists ??? So the white guy in Moncton Canada who murdered 3 mounties was supposedly protecting himself and other Canadians from the evil police -pure BS. He was a domestic terrorist who hated government and the police and was connected to white supremacist groups.

Sovereign Citizens and Law Enforcement the threat is real see video below as an example of criminal behaviour based upon an extremist ideology which by definition is domestic terrorism.

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