Saturday, January 25, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. "The Bell Tolls For" ... Kevin O'Leary and the One Percenters ??? Vietnam V Iraq?

Canadian 1 percenter +Kevin O'Leary believes economic inequality abject poverty is just a great motivator. The poor he thinks are just a bunch of losers and bums. +TYT The Young Turks take him to task.

The Bell Tolls for Kevin O'Leary and the one percenters.

+Martin Luther King - For whom the bell tolls

More words from Martin Luther King JR. as he criticizes the +Vietnam War as immoral and so too the Military Draft of the USA during that period.

Non-cooperation with Evil is a moral necessity.

+MLK Where Do We Go From Here?
"I aint going to study war no more"

There can be no peace without justice and no justice without peace.
America with its mighty military as we know the lost the war in Vietnam and was forced to leave the country.
The war ended and the Draft was ex-punched .
Later America began another immoral and unnecessary war in Iraq.

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