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Sodastream Boycott And Jesus, Freedom & Guns And Obama: Rule Of Law Does Not Apply To His Buddies On Wall Street

Anti-Soda Stream Videos- via Mondoweiss & Youtube

Published on 22 Jan 2013

Soda Stream is a popular little machine. Makes our life bubbly. But it's made in an illegal settlement in the West Bank, and all such companies must be brought to their senses by the diversion of our dollars to their competitors.

Check out this fantastic little tiny homemade SodaStream Spoof Ad by Amal, produced by St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. This teen puts SodaStream's marketing to shame. Mondoweiss

Anti-gun control protesters admit that the reason they believe they should be permitted to own automatic-and semi-automatic rifles is not for hunting or skeet shooting or personal pleasure but to be ready to shoot at police and others representing the government insisting that the gun owners register their weapons or that certain guns are to be made unlawful and seized. They truly believe that Obama is planning to seize all guns to facilitate the creation of a socialist/fascist/collectivist police state.

Jesus, Freedom and Guns By LAWRENCE DOWNES, New York Times, Jan. 31, 2013

Here is a video shot at a gun-rights rally on Jan. 19 at the Arizona state Capitol in Phoenix. It’s a good window into the life of Arizona, a state where the Tea Party, birtherism and anti-immigrant radicalism regularly combine to raise the political temperature from overheated to boiling.

Once again we can conclude that President Obama for all his talk about the Rule of Law that he in fact tends to cherry pick which laws to obey. Obama has gone after whistleblowers with a vengeance and after those who like Aaron Swartz want to keep the internet as free from censorship as possible .

Julian Assange of Wikileaks is seen by the Obama administration as America's no. 1 enemy . Julian Assange's and Wikileaks crime is that they are in favor of freedom of information and against government's unnecessarily classifying as " secret " without justification documents which should be available to the public .

Obama as candidate in 2008 was supposedly in favor of legislation to protect whisleblowers and insist on more transparency and less secrecy by the government. But as president Obama has acted in favor of prosecuting Whistleblowers as if they were spies and enemies of the state. This is understandable since Obama has continued and added to the illegal or unethical or immoral actions and policies of the Bush administration. This would as we have discussed many times explain why Obama did not insist on real substantive investigations into the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Bush Regime since he is now guilty of similar crimes besides the crime of shielding from justice those who committed these crimes previous to his taking office.

Obama has widened the Global War on Terror and has introduced legislation and policies further undermining the freedom of American citizens. Obama has shown in his draconian response to the Occupy Movement that he is on the side of Wall Street's thieves , thugs and banksters, lobbyists and others who committed criminal acts or at least engaged in unethical practices robbing trillions of dollars from the US government and the American people. Obama over and over again has sided with the rich and powerful and has shown himself to be an enemy of average Americans just like his predecessors who favored the rich and powerful.

One has to wonder if Obama has defended these crooks on Wall Street because they happen to be friends of his part of the autocracy or because he doesn't want to do anything that might harm his own personal investment portfolio.

Papantonio: Frontline -- Obama's Pals Go Unpunished

Published on 25 Jan 2013

Mike Papantonio appears on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann to talk about the lack of prosecutions for the crimes perpetrated by Wall Street, and why, ultimately, President Obama bears the blame for that failure.

Lack of Criminal Prosecutions Linked to Obama and Holder's Wall St. Connections

Published on 29 Jan 2013

Dimitri Lascaris: Department of Justice under George Bush secured convictions of major figures from the business community in complex financial frauds and Obama and Holder have not done so following the worst epidemic of financial fraud in the modern era

FRONTLINE | Preview "The Untouchables" | PBS

Published on 20 Jan 2013

Watch the full-length episode at Coming January 22, 2012. FRONTLINE investigates why Wall Street's leaders have escaped prosecution for any fraud related to the sale of bad mortgages.

More than four years since the financial crisis, not one senior Wall Street executive has faced criminal prosecution for fraud. Are Wall Street executives "too big to jail"?

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