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CBC's Shameful Attack Piece and hatchet Job On Pakistani Activists Imran Khan While Ignoring The Folly of The Global War On Terror

"...In short, the war was one of the world’s greatest cons. It had nothing to do with Iraq’s WMD or the removal of a dictator; it was part of a greater neoconservative plan to ensure America’s global domination

Up to a million Iraqis lost their lives as a result of the war and subsequent invasion and occupation; according to the respected journal The Lancet, over 600,000 had been killed as of July 2006, not to mention thousands of US and coalition military personnel."

Quote from: State Terrorism George Bush, Tony Blair and the Century’s Greatest Crime What US and Britain did to Iraq is nothing short of state terrorism By Linda S Heard "Information Clearing House" ,Feb. 22, 2013

Media misinformation, disinformation and propaganda undermining the CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as illustrated in CBCs attack piece on Imran Khan.

What matters to the CBC is defending the status quo and not questioning the agenda of the USA or its lackey NATO .

The CBC has gotten worse over the last few years as it appears to be a propaganda outlet for the USA, NATO and the Harper government .
The interviewer gets his facts wrong and tries to bluff or double down on his errors trying to prove Imran Khan supports the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Imran Khan tries to keep cool repeating what he believes would be best for Pakistan and that the Drone attacks which have killed over 3,000 citizens are creating more of a backlash against the USA and NATO and the West.
But the CBC is no longer a network for real journalists but rather for Journalist who never question NATO or America's agenda.

Imran Khan takes down Canada's main stream media station!

Imran Khan while seen as a great figure by millions of the citizens of Pakistan is treated by the Western Media as if he were the eney.
How many times must he condemn the Taliban for it to sink in are the peoples of the West just too thick
How many times must Imran Khan try to defend the sovereingty of Pakistan before the West understands that what he is saying is not anti-American or anti-Western but rather that each nation's sovereignty must be honored.Imran Khan explains again and again that the largesse of the USA is of some 20 billion dollars while in the samer period of time Pakistan has lost some 40,000 lives and Pakistan's economy has lost 70 Billion dollars

I am not a Taliban supporter: Imran Khan
Uploaded on 17 Jan 2012

As Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is scheduled to appear in person in the Supreme Court on Thursday on why corruption cases weren't re-opened against President Asif Ali Zardari, one of Gilani's biggest critics, Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan has hit back at those who call him a Taliban supporter.

Imran Khan shuts up Stephen Sackur of BBC Hardtalk

Published on 16 Apr 2012

Imran Khan a Brave person, No one courage to talk like that.

Pro-Democracy Struggle of People of Bahrain; Something That You Don't Hear on Mass Stream Media

Police Tear Gas Protesters In Cemetery in Bahrain,Febuary 19 2013

The folly of the Iraq war and its disastrous consequences of creating even more hatred of the USA and the West . The war was unnecessary and was the result of the Bush Regime and Tony Blair's government's massive and insidious anti-Iraq propaganda campaign.

State Terrorism George Bush, Tony Blair and the Century’s Greatest Crime What US and Britain did to Iraq is nothing short of state terrorism By Linda S Heard "Information Clearing House" ,Feb. 22, 2013

It’s been almost 10 years since the US and Britain unleashed ‘Shock and Awe’ on the Iraqi capital Baghdad ostensibly to punish a rogue dictator for hoarding weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in non-compliance with binding UN Security Council resolutions. In reality, Saddam Hussain had shut down his nuclear programme and destroyed Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons more than a decade earlier.

UN weapons inspectors were almost certain of this fact and were on the point of giving Iraq a clean bill of health until they were leant-on by Uncle Sam. Indeed, the man who had supervised Iraq’s WMD programme for a decade Saddam’s son-in-law Hussain Kamal confirmed as much to CIA intelligence officers and UN officials following his defection to Jordan in 1995.

What was done to Iraq was nothing short of state terrorism beginning with 10 years of crippling sanctions that brought Iraq to its knees and were believed to have been responsible for the deaths of up to 500,000 children who died from malnutrition, lack of medicine and disease from polluted water supplies.

Rather than heed growing international calls to lift those sanctions, George W. Bush and his neoconservative band chose war which they and their British cohort Prime Minister Tony Blair then sold to gullible Western populations on lies too numerous to list. They were aided by a complicit right-wing media with Rupert Murdoch leading the charge, according to the diaries of Blair’s former spin doctor Alastair Campbell.

Blair was aware that the war would be illegal in the absence of an explicit UN resolution, as his legal advisor attorney general Lord Goldsmith had determined, but he went ahead regardless even as millions of anti-war protestors thronged London’s streets. He didn’t hesitate to sign-off on an intelligence dossier for public consumption falsely claiming that Iraq could deploy WMD against British interests within 45 minutes of receiving the order to do so — and another containing tracts from a student’s thesis published on the internet, typos and all.

Credible insiders who dared to challenge such nonsense such as weapons expert Dr David Kelly, who challenged the 45-minute claim, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who refuted Bush’s allegation that Iraq had sought to purchase uranium from Niger, and British translator Katherine Gunn who disclosed that the US was spying on UN Security Council members, were discredited.

Kelly was found dead in suspicious circumstances; Wilson’s wife Valerie Plame was exposed as a CIA agent by a US government media lackey. Gunn was arrested for breaching the Official Secrets Act and sacked.

One of the most respected figures in America Colin Powell signed the death of his own career when he spouted trumped up allegations against Iraq in the UN, a presentation he was to bitterly regret, calling it a painful blot on his record.

World’s greatest con

In short, the war was one of the world’s greatest cons. It had nothing to do with Iraq’s WMD or the removal of a dictator; it was part of a greater neoconservative plan to ensure America’s global domination as General Wesley Clark confirmed in his book Winning Modern Wars: Iraq, Terrorism and the American Empire.

Brahimi says 100 killed in Damascus 'war crime' attack UNITED NATIONS - Agence France-Presse Hurriey DailyNews,Feb. 22, 2013

International peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said Friday that a devastating bomb blast in the Syrian capital was a "war crime" that had left about 100 people dead.

The toll given by Brahimi was grimly higher than the 61 dead given by Syrian activists after a suicide bomber staged the attack Thursday near the entrance to President Bashar al-Assad's ruling party offices.

Brahimi said he "strongly condemns the savage and horrible explosion in Damascus yesterday, which resulted in the killing of around 100 and the injuring of two hundred fifty civilians.

"Nothing could justify such horrible actions that amount to war crimes under international law," the UN-Arab League envoy added in a statement.

Brahimi called last month for the UN Security Council to set up an independent international investigation for "such crimes" in Syria.

Assad's government and the opposition have blamed the Damascus attack on "terrorists".

Russia notes the obvious that when it comes to Syria the Obama administration has a double standard when it comes to atrocities and human rights violations and other crimes committed by Bashar Assad as opposed to those committed by the extremists factions who are working with the anti-Assad rebel forces.

Russia accuses US of double standards over Syria ,Reuters via Alternet, Fri. 22,2013

* Russia criticises US over response to Syria car bomb

* Russia backs Assad, Washington blames him over conflict (Recasts, adds quotes, analyst comment)

By Alessandra Prentice

MOSCOW, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States on Friday of having double standards on Syria, saying it had blocked a U.N. Security Council statement condemning a car bomb attack in Damascus.

Washington denied it had blocked the statement and said it had only asked for balance. The disagreement was likely to sour the atmosphere before Lavrov meets newly appointed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry next week in Berlin.

Lavrov told a news conference Washington had disappointed Moscow by blocking a statement condemning "terrorist attacks" near the Russian embassy in Damascus that killed more than 50 people and that Washington was threatening international unity in the "war on terror".

"We believe these are double standards," Lavrov said after talks with China's foreign minister.

"And we see in it a very dangerous tendency by our American colleagues to depart from the fundamental principle of unconditional condemnation of any terrorist act, a principle which secures the unity of the international community in the fight against terrorism," he said.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. mission at the United Nations said it had not blocked any statement of condemnation but had sought to balance the text with criticism of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces, which it said Russia had rejected.

"We strongly condemn all indiscriminate terrorist attacks against civilians or against diplomatic facilities," said Erin Pelton, spokeswoman for the U.S. mission.

Ties between Washington and Moscow have worsened since Vladimir Putin returned to Russia's presidency last May.

The passage of U.S. legislation intended to punish Russian officials accused of human rights abuses and a Russian ban on American families adopting Russian children have also contributed to the deterioration in recent weeks.
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