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America "A Beacon Of Freedom or Oppression And Legalizing Assassinations And Obama & Media Ignore Reform Protests in Bahrain & Kuwait

Iconic image of Israeli attitude towards all Palestinians as mere targets

America Beacon of Freedom or Oppression?

President Obama in his State of the Union Address pronounced that America must be a "Beacon of Freedom" . But this is not as straight forward as it at first appears. US leaders and the US government don't always support pro-reform pro-democracy movements but seem to cherry-pick which to support and which not to support. The US supports those protesting for reform and /or regime change in Iran but not hose protesting in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia or Bahrain.

The US only gave support to the Egyptian Arab Spring pro-reform movement grudgingly after Mubarak had no choice but to step down.

In Syria the US did not give much support to the peaceful uprising against Bashar Assad but instead promoted a number of well armed violent Jihadists Extremists and now Syria is in the midst of a brutal and deadly civil war in which over 60,000 Syrians have been killed.

Meanwhile in Libya the US instead of allowing a peaceful reform movement to continue instead used NATO forces to crush the Qaddafi Regime .In Bahrain the US has criticized the Regime for its crack down on peaceful protesters which include the majority of Bahraini citizens but has continued to supply the al-Khalifa Monarchy with arms including tear gas and mace to use against protesters. Over 120 people have been killed by Bahraini and Saudi Arabian security forces and thousands arrested and tortured. And the US has still not put real pressure on the regime and takes their word that they are reforming when in fact they are not.

President Obama for all his blathering on about America being a beacon of freedom more often America is on the side of the oppressors .

The USA for instance in 1973 had President Allende of Chile assassinated to be replaced by the Fascist dictator Generalissimo Augustus Pinochet So America has a history of over throwing regimes it does not like. In 2009 President Obama helped engineer the over throw of the democratically elected president Zelaya of Honduras to be replaced by a military Junta . Obama has also overthrown with the help of NATO Qaddaffi of Libya

And Obama and previous administrations have been involved in a propaganda war and possibly the infiltration of Venezuela to oust the popular leftist regime of Hugo Chavez .

So America believes it has a right to ignore the sovereignty of other nations and to interfere in the democratic process especially whenever someone comes into power in that nation who tries to do what's best for their country and not necessarily best for the US government or American corporations with interest in said country.

The American belief to put a possible positive spin on it is that the peoples of other nations sometimes vote for the wrong type of government because they don't know what's best for them. This is typical American attitude of arrogantly believing they know better based upon the erroneous national myth that America has always been a true democratic state which has always respected the rights of all of its citizens and that its destiny or role is to bring its superior political, economic and social values to the rest of the world.

This patronizing arrogant attitude is the typical attitude and often fatal character flaw of imperialist regimes since the times of the ancient Persian and Roman empires to the various western empires of Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, German , Belgium and Dutch empires.

Kuwait : Despotic vs Democratic: 'Gulf states suppress rallies with US blessing'

Published on 5 Nov 2012

Local activists in Kuwait say security forces have detained dozens of pro-democracy campaigners in the latest clampdown on a rally in the Gulf nation. Riot police used stun grenades and smoke bombs against thousands of demonstrators who defied a ban on public gatherings, protesting against new voting rules.

Sunday's rally became the third major protest in the past few days. Geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser says Gulf monarchies confidently take undemocratic measures, comfortable in the knowledge they have the support of the US

Kuwait demonstration today on gulf
Oct. 21, 2012.

Police fire teargas and rubber bullets at opposition protesters in Kuwait AlJazeera

Published on 21 Oct 2012

Police in Kuwait have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at a huge crowd of protesters, calling for political reform in the Kingdom. Tens of thousands rallied in Kuwait City, angry about recent changes to electoral laws, which they call a constitutional coup. Al Jazeera's Caroline Malone reports.

KUWAIT UPRISING; Violence Amid Protests In Gulf's Oldest Monarchy

Published on 8 Dec 2012

While countries like Egypt may now be turning another page in its Arab Spring revolution, one of the oldest Gulf Monarchies is still on page one. Largely unnoticed in the West, Kuwait's rulers are cracking down on protesters and blocking the opposition's political moves. But all of this is energizing the resistance even more - as RT's Lucy Kafanov reports.

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