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Fox News Hypocrisy Upset About NRA Compared To NAZIS

Michael Savage , Glenn Beck, Fox News etc. compare Obama to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini,Mao, Pol Pott etc. Meanwhile while these right wing loons hypocritically are now complaining and whining about liberals comparing NRA and pro-gun extremists to NAZIs.
Screen shots taken from Michael Savage videos

Obama as Hitler in oversized coat congratulating NAZI uniformed children

Fox News and other members of the right-wing media and GOP upset that some liberals are comparing the NRA and other pro-gun extremists to Hitler and the NAZIS . They claim this sort of over the top rhetoric should not be part of the national dialogue on gun control issues.

But they forget that from the election primaries of 2008 til the present time 2013 they were quite vocal in their fear mongering rhetoric against Obama claiming Obama was a new Hitler and was going to destroy America and fill the streets with his young Brown Shirted supporters as they herded conservatives into the FEMA concentration camps or re-education camps run by Obama.

If such things were just said by a few conspiracy nuts such as Alex Jones and the David Icke, Paul Rand crazy train on the fringe we could ignore it . But this comparison of Obama to Hitler became a right wing talking point which was instead being pushed by people like Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin,Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage .

Drudge Report on Jan. 9, 2013 compared Obama to Hitler and Stalin over his modest gun control initiatives.

and if you just key in Obama Mao Hitler etc there is a massive number of pics of Obama with or in the roles one of these brutal dictators . And yet the right says they never compared Obama to these dictators.

The funny thing or the irony to many progressives and liberals is that Obama if anything too far to the right though in all fairness in the USA the political right has become the new political center. The left has been for all intents and purposes been marginalized and rendered impotent while even the far right are treated as part of the norm in American political discourse.

But when these bizarre characters on Fox News and in the right-wing media repeat these accusations against Obama it did not in any way help the conservative causes or the Republican Party. It was this sort of rhetoric which turned many undecideds and even some otherwise loyal Republicans to either vote for Obama or just not bother to vote since their party was just mean-spirited and nasty without any substantive policies to put forward.

So we got this parade of crazies in the media comparing Obama to Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pott which made it impossible to discuss issues in a rational manner and to find ways to compromise.

Fox News Can't Decide If It's OK To Call Someone Hitler

23 Jan 2013 Depends which side of the gun debate they are on.

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