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Roger Holland "Our Savages" Versus "Their Savages" US Disdain For Life Of Enemy Combatants Pissing on The Dead and Sadistically Killing Animals Just For Fun & Soldiers As Judge,Jury and Executioners

Our savages versus their savages ???

Baghdad Massacre of Journalists and civilians- Apache Gun Ship Helicopter crew erroneously state to appease HQ that these civilians in Iraq are armed with  a number of weapons-AK 47s and RPGs when even if telling the truth only two possible weapons are visible and yet they kill everyone without asking first for a ground patrol to check the scene out .  It is in the middle of the day and there is no shooting taking place . But the US troops permitted to kill on sight with impunity. Even at that time Iraqis were permitted to carry one rifle each .If they are insurgents why are they meeting in a group like this out in the open. Obama is till hoping the International community will forget how brutal and barbaric America in its paranoia and psychosis has become. The rogue states are not Libya, or Syria, or Afghanistan, or Iran but rather the USA and its allies -unfortunately my own country Canada has now trashed its reputation to join America in this ongoing slaughter.

Below still images from video

Is this civilized behavior ? Do Americans in general or its media or even President Obama have no interest in stopping such wanton brutality -

Baghdad massacre short clip - First they kill the journalists and group of civilians and then murder several wounded victims followed by murdering "good Samaritans" -Its not as if there are no ground patrols nearby to contact. As one general put it Iraq had become a "Free-Fire Zone " as it still is in Afghanistan and Pakistan , Syria , Libya, Somalia, Yemen etc.

Below image of "The best of the best US Marines" pissing on dead " enemy combatants"
Is this representative of what America and the West stand for ???

Meaqnwhile President Obama using NATO cover killed tens of thousands in Libya without any hesitation and is doing the same in Syria using surrogates but now Obama wants to murder more civilians in Syria . Obama administration has invented the danger of WMDs chemical weapons being used by  Bashir Alssad.
Just like they said Saddam had WMDs and once again the American people , the Media and the West will Kow Tow to Washington allowing for another unnecessary war in order to maintain and expand US dominance in the region.

Above Image from article at The Revealer
Our Savages by Roger Holland at the, Nov 26, 2012

Our slurs range from the racist — Gooks, Rag Heads, Orientals — to the socially-acceptable-but-coded – Welfare Mothers, Elites, Wingnuts, Queens, Fags, Hippies. Sometimes they lose favor and a few decades later are reclaimed by those they identify — Queers, Niggers, Punks — out of defiance, through justice, through social awareness. But what continues is our endless need to name those we wish to keep on the outside, those we want something from. It’s a short hand, more often than not used by those with power to name their target, imbued with a two-way violence. Minorities become perpetrators, the most inhumane actions of a few are used to represent the entire group. If we create enough fear, if we show the damage that they can do to our children, our culture, our aspirations, our possessions, our way of life, we can claim that we are vulnerable and therefor justified in using violence against them. But this is an old story, a semantic trick, obvious as the genocides and systemic inequalities in our human history, and powerful as any nation state with ambition.

Last Wednesday both the New York Daily News and the New York Post had horrifying cover images that showed us “the other”: young men with guns on motor bikes dragging a half-naked, dead body through the dirty streets of Gaza. In one-inch letters the headlines told us what we were seeing: SAVAGES. We were told that this is what justice, Hamas-style, looks like. We were asked to wonder what they would do to us if this is what they do to their own. Those Palestinians. Those Arabs. Those Muslims. Those Terrorists.

America’s first Savages were Native Americans. They were less than human, we told ourselves, killers who lived and died to destroy pioneers, priests and gold-seekers. They were unclean, uncivilized and backwards, still feral. Our only obstacle to “the territory ahead,” to our budding nation’s future and prosperity. Native Americans became part of our narrative, our motivation. We needed them to prove our resilience, our tenacity. Overcoming them was our nation’s first coming-of-age success story. Our Savages made this nation strong and great. Our most recent Savages, as Pamela Geller reminded us with subway posters in September, are those who oppose the Israeli government.

Meanwhile the US and Western media focus on brutal acts committed by the so called terrorists or insurgents in Iraq , Afghanistan and elsewhere as if there was no evidence of Western or American troops committing brutal acts. So whenever such incidents do become public the American and Western media treat these incidents as being out of the ordinary rather than at times being much more widespread than the media or government claims. When the US or its NATO puppets bomb civilians this is defended in various ways by the media and the military and government.

anyway here are a few examples of US troops ' savage uncivilized barbaric behavior that we are told is acceptable because God and history are on their side and not on the side of any nation or person designated an enemy of America. Once a nation or people or individuals are designated "Enemies of America" all bets are off and the rule of law , the Geneva Conventions and International laws have no hold over America or its military.

So US troops with impunity piss on corpses of dead insurgents and shoot and kill alleged enemy personnel from Gun Ship helicopters a mile away or beat to death a sheep with a baseball bat just for fun or throw a puppy off of a cliff or just for no reason kill other animals. And these sadistic misfits and psychopaths are supposed to be representative of what we refer to as "civilized behavior " and adherence to the rule of law.

American troops also have disdain for killed Enemy Combatants

Abu Ghraib 2.0: U.S. soldiers pissing on dead Afghans Anthony L. Hall at Ipinions, Jan. 12, 2012

A video of U.S. marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan went viral yesterday. But instead of hiding their faces in shame, this is an occasion for U.S. government officials to hold their heads high.

also see : Marines Urinating On Taliban: All 4 Marines Identified by Robert burns Huffington Post Jan 13, 2012

Panetta cited in Washington Post article calls desecration "apparent" what is in doubt is it the photo and video or is Panetta and US military doubting that peeing on corpses is an act of desecration like hanging men on the bars of their cells with women's panties over their head or piling naked Iraqi POWs and then taking photos of the abused prisoners.

America claims it is on the side of so called civilization and civilized behavior and the rule of law but again and again incidents come to light showing this is not the case.

Far too many Americans see such acts as harmless. The acts themselves are reprehensible but what is at issue is the attitude of the soldiers and their commanders who refuse to take action over such incidents unless the incidents go public and get uploaded to Youtube. These incidents are just the ones that we hear about and such incidents are more the norm than the exception. Some soldiers who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan have testified that such disregard and disdain for Iraqis and Afghans is prevalent through out the US military from the top down.

Panetta: Apparent Marine desecration of Taliban corpses is ‘utterly deplorable’ By Craig Whitlock at Washington Times Post, January 1, 2012

US troops sadistically kill a sheep and think its entertaining. This appears to be the typical mindset encourage by American Military leaders. So we ask who are the Savages.

US Soldiers Killing Sheep With A Baseball Bat WARNING GRAPHIC

And so America here are your heroic marines murdering a puppy just for fun to share the video with their supposedly delighted families back home. Are these the actions of civilized people?

[REAL VID] U.S. Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff ~ David Motari

An Iraqi civilians dog which was not a danger to US soldiers is wantonly shot and killed by soldiers ;no apology no compensation for owner if he had complained loudly he too might have been shot or detained in some American Hell Hole of a prison.
This is just what life is reduced to when the Americans invade and conquer a nation. They show no respect for the nation or its people or the peoples possessions from dogs to farm animals to homes .

US Soldier shoots Iraqi farmer's dog

And another disturbing aspect of America's high tech warfare is that a hellicopter gun ship can fire on alleged insurgents from a mile or so away without giving warning shots or giving the alleged insurgents an opportunity to surrender and be taken prisoner. It seems after Abu Ghraib that US soldiers were given the green Light to kill rather than capture. In this clip we don't hear the helicopter crew call for ground troops to stop these guys or attempt to land the helicopter near by.
It seems Americans are taught that only weak soldiers would try to get the enemy to surrender rather than just kill them outright. In the clip we are not sure what these men are up to and the shooting and blowing up of the vehicles and killing the alleged insurgents prevents US personnel of retrieving much in the way of intel or evidence of the guilt or innocence of these men. Instead Gun ship crews become the final arbiters of justice acting as jury, judge and executioners.

The other high tech murdering is done by Drones which carry out extrajudicial assassinations which result in large number of civilians killed.

Obama lies about his barbaric brutal dirty Drone War

~US assassination drone strikes kill 64 in Yemen in 3 days~

Published on 7 Apr 2012

U.S. denies report alleging drone strikes kill 160 kids in Pakistan

Legal framework required to stop CIA drone carnage

Uploaded on 8 Feb 2012

СIA drones are attacking funeral processions and civilian and Taliban rescue teams in Pakistan. A staggering report exposing the practice has outraged NGOs and legal experts, who are demanding international laws to govern drone warfare.
The investigation is a follow-up to last summer's report issued by the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, says Chris Woods, the author of the report.
"We've uncovered evidence that the CIA has repeatedly been targeting civilian and Taliban rescuers at the site of previous drone strikes [in Pakistan]," Woods told RT. "We identify by name 48 civilians killed in such attacks. We also identify two funerals deliberately attacked by the CIA...The Bureau also names five civilian mourners killed in a separate strike."

It is naive to believe the US government or its Media or most Americans are concerned over the deaths of civilians in countries such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan whom all Americans believe to be the enemy . President Obama has no more interest in pursuing peace and stability than did former administration.
Remember the only reason most troops were pulled out of iraq was because the gov't of Iraq insited American forces leave though many American"liberals" erroneously gave credit to Obama for that move. Now the leader of Afghanistan and Pakistan want the Americans out of their countries. Obama may oblige as he widenas the war from Libya, Yement to Syria and the end-game to be played out against Iran and its innocent civilian population once they have been weakened enough by the harsh inhumane blockade the US is enforcing on Iran.

80% of drone strike victims innocent civilians
Published on 18 Oct 2012

The majority of people killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan are not militants, according to the country's Interior Minister. Rehman Malik said 80 per cent of more than two thousand people who have died as a result of strikes were civilians. RT talks to Ahmed Quraishi from PakNationalists Forum, Pakistan's first political lobbying group.

and so it goes,

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