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Obama Re-elected Fox News Make Up Excuses For Their Loss & Why They Were So Wrong

Kudos to Cenk Uygur's Sept. 27 ,2012 prediction that Obama would win the election
Prediction: Obama Will Defeat Romney
Published on Sep 27, 2012 by TheYoungTurks
Will President Obama win or lose against Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 election? Numerous polls (and other evidence) are broken down by The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur who makes his official prediction.

Rachel Maddow slams the Kardinal Rove for not accepting reality

Published on Nov 7, 2012 by TheZoomanager
For some on the right, reality has no point. Dick Morris and Karl Rove will have 4 more years explaining to do.

Bill O'Reilly raises the alarm that America's demographics have changed and that the white establishment is now the minority in America because the country has been over run it seems by Latinos, Blacks and other non-whites.

Fox News initial reaction to Obama being re-elected showed their partisan views that is pro-Republican , Pro-Romney pro-Roger Ailes and their disdain for President Obama and all of those who voted for him . Fox news has been promulgating one lie after another about Obama since before the 2008 election and they find it difficult to understand how their daily assaults on President Obama and on the Democrats or anyone who supports Obama did not end with Obama losing in 2008 and once again in 2012.

So their insane conspiracy theories and lies about Obama such as accusing him of not being born in America or as not being a "real American" or of being a secret stealth Muslim Jihadist or Marxist, Fascist, socialist, or of being an angry Black man looking for revenge were all seen through for the blatant lies and fabrications that they actually are by enough American voters to put Obama back into the White House .

Fox News and the GOP believe that many American voters are too naive or stupid and believe Obama's lies and do not see what a real threat he is to America or at least to the male white elite . They seem unable to comprehend that a large portion of Americans in a rational manner voted for Obama or at least against Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan and Republican Party which has been taken over by extremist ideologues of the secular and Religious Right varieties.

Fox News has been relentless in its propaganda war against President Obama and the Democrats and once the final tally was in they were shocked and then went back to attacking Obama and his supporters whom O'Reilly and others characterize as moochers, as takers and not makers or eaters as opposed to producers .

Fox News and the GOP have revved up their propaganda machinery to explain away Obama's win as a fluke or he won because he is black and so too many in their view black and Latinos voted for Obama .

According to Fox News and its gang of angry right wingers Obama's win wasn't a "real win" or "legitimate win "its like comparing "legitimate rape" versus that other kind of up that is made up allegations of rape.

So they weigh in claiming Obama doesn't have a real mandate or he ran a superficial Faux campaign in which all he did was attack the super-wealthy while Romney ran a campaign based on real ideas and policies.

It will be interesting to see if any of the Fox News gang and GOP pundits will criticize the Republican party for going too far to the right on issues such as abortion, rape, women's reproductive rights, women's role in society which they see as being staying at home and producing as many kids as possible just like the good old days when a woman had a number of babies and she couldn't produce anymore her husband could have her replaced by a younger model.(as Newt Gingrich has done )

Anyway the Romney campaigns strategies of trying to rig the election and appealing to their white racist , sexist , homophobic anti-Muslim base all backfired. The more the Romney campaign was deconstructed or unveiled the more they looked like the party of the rich and not the party of the poor, the unemployed, minorities or women or average Americans struggling to get by as those with good jobs have seen their real income either frozen in place or having gone down over the last 12 years or so.

When you combine these economic concerns with the GOP embracing the radical right that is the secular and Christian Right and their policies on various social issues and their policies to press on with even more wars the GOP gutted any gains they could have had due to Obama's soft support. Instead all of their campaign strategies and gaffes almost guranteed the re-election of Obama.

Fox News Election Coverage: Questions Turn From President Obama's Victory To 2nd Term Mandate (VIDEO)" by Michael Calderone Huffington Post Nov. 7, 2012 article continues after video.

... When Rove finally accepted defeat, he echoed Baier's fact about Obama's win. "This is the first president ever reelected to a second term who has gotten a smaller percentage of the vote and a smaller vote in the electoral college the second time around," Rove said.

The post-victory emphasis on division and supposed lack of mandate wasn't out of step with some other prominent forces in the conservative media. The Drudge Report, which continued showing Romney's popular vote lead long after Obama was declared winner in the electoral college, splashed a cracked Liberty Bell image across the site along with the ominous headline: "The Divided States of America." Of course, Rove and others were less likely to question the mandate of George W. Bush after he beat Al Gore in the electoral college while losing the popular vote.

It's not surprising that Fox News hosts and commentators would question Obama's mandate given how the network -- run by former Republican operative Roger Ailes -- has covered the Democratic candidate down the stretch.

In September, Fox News hyped a 14-year-old, out-of-context clip in which Obama talked of "redistribution," just as Romney's comments dismissing 47 percent of Americans were getting significant coverage. A couple weeks later, Fox News -- along with The Drudge Report -- played up another old Obama video from a 2007 speech that was covered extensively at the time, including on Fox. And last week, Fox's primetime hosts virtually ignored Hurricane Sandy to continue hammering the Obama administration over the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, complete with suggestions of a White House cover-up.

Throughout Tuesday, Fox News ran video several times of a member of the New Black Panther Party outside a polling site in Philadelphia on Tuesday, echoing the network's seeming obsession with the fringe group a couple years back.

Election results aside, Fox News' Tuesday night broadcast at times resembled a typical night in primetime, with the network's obsessions -- such as Benghazi and "liberal media bias" -- receiving attention between calling states for one candidate or the other.

When Kelly noted that exit polls showing that Americans gave Obama "kudos" for his handling of international affairs, she followed up with a question to Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson about whether such numbers relate "to the media coverage, or lack thereof, on that issue," presumably Libya.

"Yes, I do," Carlson responded, adding that 2012 "press coverage has added points to the president's scoreboard."

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly appeared during the 8 p.m. hour, his normal time slot, and also mentioned Benghazi, while also talking about how the "the white establishment is now the minority" in the United States -- at topic that wouldn't be out of place on his show. O'Reilly already seemed to view the election going Obama's way when talking about how "people feel that they are entitled to things" and suggested the presidency would go to "the candidate, between the two, [who] is going to give them things."

And conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, who has filled in at times for O'Reilly on his top-rated show, criticized the Romney campaign's strategy before the candidate officially lost, specifically mentioning his decision to "play is safe" by, in her view, not appearing enough on Fox News.

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