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Maddow : GOP Purging The Crazies & Israel Once Again Targeting Journalists In Gaza Megachurch Pastor: Obama Re-Election "Reign of the Antichrist"

Megachurch Pastor: Obama Re-Election "Reign of the Antichrist"

Rachel Maddow Suggests the republican Party is now purging some of the Conspiracy Theory crazies from the party.

Published on Nov 14, 2012 by MidweekPolitics
--Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress indicated that President Obama's reelection would lead to the "reign of the antichrist," and we wonder whether this is a political-enough statement to meet the threshold for having his church's tax exemption removed.

Once again Israel deliberately targets journalist this time in Gaza and comes up with another unbelievable excuse .

Israel as usual when bombing Gaza claims it takes precautions not to target civilians and argues Hamas using civilians as human shields. So the IDF claim that they can blow up buildings and kill civilians because it is aiming at Hamas members. During the 2008-2009 Cast Lead operation against Hamas the Israelis even deliberately and apologetically attacked schools, hospitals, and the UN compound and made various excuses for doing so. But rather than Israel being cautioned or charged for war crimes America under Obama defended Israel as he later did in the Free Gaza Flotilla fiasco . So like other leaders in the USA Obama may chastise publicly Israel but in fact reassures Israel that the United States still supports Israel unconditionally.

The United States government and military forces have also been accused of deliberately targeting journalists in Iraq and Afghanistan .

The USA under Bush and Obama ignores international law and traditions that the military is to do all that it can do to avoid killing journalists instead from the beginning of the Iraq war up to the present the US has informed journalist that the US military has no legal or moral obligation to takes measures to protect the safety of journalist in a combat zone.
But what can we expect president Obama like President Bush and other American presidents has no real respect for iInternational Law claiming such laws cannot be applied to a sovereign nation such as the USA or that is these laws apply to all other nations but not the USA and Israel and other American allies such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and so forth.

The problem is that Obama has a delemma because the US military under his command does basically as it pleases as it did under the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Regime. Now for instance the torture techniques which are permitted under Obama's Regime don't include waterboarding but it seems do include most of those torture techniques which were used under Bush . These techniques are supposedly according to Obama do not constitute torture such as sleep deprivation ;prolonged isolation ie solitary confinement ; invasive and intrusive unnecessary searches of a detainee's cell and of their person; denying detainees their basic rights as guaranteed under international law etc.

So the Obama thing to do as it were is merely relabel or rebrand these techniques which do constitute torture as "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" which are permitted by the US military Operating manual. Obama says that he personally has the authority to deny the basic rights and freedom from torture or inhumane conditions under which someone is held . Obama says this applies not just to foreign combatants but any American citizen as he sees fit. So Obama continues to imprison Bradley Manning for doing his civic duty by reporting about the crimes committed by American soldiers and other government personnel.

So to cover its war crimes and crimes against humanity the Israelis argue they have told civilians in Gaza to keep their distance from Hama members . This is sheer nonsense given the over crowded conditions in Gaza which is in actual fact merely an open prison or Ghetto created by israel and the USA. So for instance an Hamas leader is driving through Gaza city all the citizens on that street must be aware that the vehichle contains an Hamas official and so run away but even if they knew where do they run to the sea but the Gazans are fired upon if they dare to take a boat out to seas.

Israeli Missile Strike Hits Gaza Media Center, Wounds Journalists Reuters via Huffington Post 11/18/2012

* Two city-centre media buildings hit in air strikes

* Eight wounded; Israel says Hamas using human shields

By Maayan Lubell and Nidal al-Mughrabi

GAZA/JERUSALEM, Nov 18 (Reuters) - Israeli aircraft hit two Gaza media buildings on Sunday, wounding eight journalists and drawing concern from press covering the fighting between Palestinian militants and the Jewish state.

The Israeli military said the attacks were pinpoint strikes on Hamas communication devices located on the buildings' roofs, and accused the Islamist group of using reporters as human shields to try and protect their operations.

Britain's Sky News, German ARD, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya, Beirut-based al Quds television and other broadcasters operate from the two buildings, which are a block apart. One employee from al Quds TV lost his leg in the early morning strike.

The attack came on the fifth day of heavy air strikes on the coastal enclave which Israel says are needed to halt repeated militant rocket launches into its territory.

The Foreign Press Association covering Israel and the Palestinian Territories issued a statement in which it expressed concern over the bombings and quoted a U.N. Security Council resolution that condemned attacks against journalists.

Israeli military spokeswoman Avital Leibovich denied that journalists were the target of the strike.

"Hamas took a civilian building and used it for its own needs. So the journalists ... were serving as human shields for Hamas," she said.

The military added that in order to avoid worse casualties, it had refrained from firing at an Hamas operations room which it said was located inside one of the buildings.

Abdel-Ghani Jaber, director of a private Palestinian media production company, said two of his employees were wounded when the blast shattered the windows of his office.

"I was asleep when it happened ... I jumped from the mattress because it sounded so near," Jaber said, "I wanted to look out the window when someone told me the building was being bombed and I started to run. As I ran a second missile hit just above our floor and damaged a room in my office."

In the West Bank city of Ramallah, journalists held a protest against Sunday's strikes. Palestinian government spokeswoman Nour Odeh said the attacks were "a clear message against the freedom of journalism and opinions".

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights condemned the raid and said that: "Israeli forces jammed the broadcasts of a number of local radio stations."

An Israeli military spokesman said the army had cut into a Hamas radio frequency on Sunday and used it to broadcast warnings to residents to get away from Hamas properties and avoid becoming casualties.

In a 2008-2009 war against Hamas, Israel attacked one of the same buildings that was blasted on Sunday, again accusing Islamist militant of operating out of the tower block. (Writing by Maayan Lubell; editing by Crispian Balmer)

It is odd that when a journalist is tragically killed by terrorists the Europeans and Americans go ballistic but when Israel or the USA murders a journalist they just make excuses and so get away with their deliberate attacks on jounalists as the US did in conquering Baghdad in 2003 .

Journalist often targeted by US Forces and The US government and military and even the US Mainstream Media defend such actions. Once again we see the USA like Israel has no respect for the rule of law and are in fact lethally antagonistic towards journalist who do not follow the party line which the rest of the media has agreed to.

For example is the Baghdad massacre in which journalist were ruthlessly murdered along with a dozen innocent civilians but even Obama and company see such acts as unimportant since none of those murdered were American citizens .

Journalists targeted by US forces
Uploaded by RTAmerica on May 4, 2011
Cases continue to mount of journalists willed while covering war, not because they are caught in the crossfire, but because they are targeted by US forces.

Israeli forces target Palestinian journalists in Gaza
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Gaza journalists under israeli fire while covering an incursion in beit lahia town

Israeli soldiers attack a TV correspondent

Israeli soldiers fire on Al Jazeera correspondent - 04 Sep 09

Reuters journalist killed in Gaza
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Footage of Fadel Shana, 23, being killed by a tank shell in the Gaza Strip has been released by the news agency, which said that the cameraman was hit despite clear markings that showed him to be a journalist.Footage released by Reuters shows Mr Shana filming a tank positioned a few hundred yards away in the distance, over the Israeli border.

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