Friday, November 09, 2012

GOP War On Women Backfired And Election Impacted By Citizens United and Republican Voter Suppression

President Obama won the election but if the GOP hadn't engaged in dirty tricks and had not been able to outspend the Democrats due to the Citizens United decision It is conceivable that a much larger number of votes would have gone to president Obama and the Democrat candidates. Since Obama won in spite of the dirty tricks of the Republicans at every stage of the elections to game the system in their favor it is treated as just some minor glitch in the system .

In other democracy if this many problems occurred during an election the citizens would insist upon reform or even call the election outcomes not merely unreliable but rather as a scandal in which average citizens were in various ways prevented from voting or having their votes not counted. This is a fundamental undermining of the democratic process . So what would pro-Obama supporters have said if Romney and the Republicans had managed to rob Obama of his victory. They would be mad as hell and would demand either a recount or call the outcome unconstitutional and the results null and void. But many Americans appear to accept the notion promulgated by the political elite that all fair not just in love and war but also during election campaigns and up to including voter registration and the counting of ballots.

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GOP's War on women backfired Lawrence O'Donnell


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The Republican party sees this loss as merely a matter a failure to get their message out or a failure on the part of the electorate (being too stupid or being under some magical spell which was cast by president Obama) to understand the differences in policies between the two parties.
GOP slow to come to grips with lessons of loss Maddow Republican's War on Women Backfired

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The problems with voting in the USA were similar to what one sees in anti-democracy third world nations run by authoritarian regimes or dictators like those propped up the USA. In Canada one can register to vote by simply checking a box on one's Income tax forms which allows Elections Canada to use specifically required information for the purposes of being registered to vote ie name, age, address.

Americans in general enjoy making fun of Canada but our elections have fewer problems than the USA even if conservatives such as Tucker Carlson think Canadians are like "your retarded cousin " at a family gathering . ( So which is the mentally challenged nation in regards to simply voting . See Tucker carlson interview by CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos at YouTube And Ann Coulter/Tucker Carlson talk about Canada at YouTube and Fox News Douchebag Apologizes to Canada at YouTube

So the citizens of America should be "mad as Hell " given the insane partisan obstructionism in regards to elections in the USA which are a complete debacle and should be regarded as a scandal which undermines America's belief in being the model for all democracies .

The attitude in the USA has been that partisan politics play a role in registering voters and with the actual process of voting and is therefore considered fair game. Rachell Maddow may think this is just some sort of glitch in the American election process but it seems to us outsiders to be just another part of politics and that each political party has the freedom to interfer with the election process at any level that they can.

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Maddow naively believes that Repairing the election system is possible because she sees it as a problem with the process and the mechanics and technology of the system rather than a deliberately constructed system which allows either political party to use its power and authority to game the system. This is similar in some ways to pork in which each state attempts to get as much money out of the federal government as it can even if it is not necessary so you get projects like Alaska's "bridge to nowhere in which there is no real incentive for states not to demand its share of pork .

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