Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama & Trump In Kenya ? And " Capitol Hill’s Rabid, Ravaging Republicans" by Ralph Nader


Trump and Obama have been rivals since the time
when they were growing up together in Kenya; Obama explains.

  Obama jokes about Donald Trumps Birther madness

 And Ralph Nader points in an article published today just how extremists House Republican's really are in their defense of private enterprise and the wealthy.They do not see themselves as somehow working for the betterment of America and of all American citizens but rather see themselves as merely employees of Big Business, Big Coal, Big Oil and multinational corporations.

And yet there are those average American citizens who are taken in by the phony patriotism and piety of the Republican party which does not have as part of their agenda helping out average Americans. Otherwise they would not vote the way that they do on a daily basis in Congress. So these bought and paid for House Republicans vote against legislation which might benefit average Americans such as Obama Care or equal pay for women or a minimum wage or environmental and health and safety regulations all in order to appease their wealthy donors and their own twisted ideology which sees the wealthy as the under-dog and the rest of society as mere leeches sucking on the life blood and energy and supposed creativity of the super-rich.   Capitol Hill’s Rabid, Ravaging Republicans by Ralph Nader,October 26, 2012
...The Republicans seem to have it in for women and not just against health insurance covering reproductive health care, Planned Parenthood’s other services, or privacy for the medical records of victims of rape and incest. The Republicans en-mass voted to repeal protections to stop health insurance companies from discriminating on the basis of gender.

... The Republicans either do nothing to help or actually push for rollbacks. No minimum wage to give 30 million Americans the same pay workers got back in 1968, adjusted for inflation.

In a frenzy, House Republicans have voted to repeal the “Affordable Care Act” 33 times... because they want to voucherize Medicare and hand patients over to the avaricious Aetnas and the Pfizers who return the favor with campaign cash. House Republicans rage against any attempts to stop the shipping or outsourcing of American jobs to communist and fascist regimes abroad that know how to keep their workers in powerless penury. Why? Because that is what the non-patriotic U.S. global corporations want them to do. Anything Big Oil wants, it gets– retain big subsidies, tax breaks, weaken pollution restrictions, lease everywhere, and even give relief to oil companies when they damaged the Gulf Coast.

...Vote to weaken the Clean Air Act, drinking water safety standards, cut funding for these cancer preventing, health protecting programs while pushing for more military weapons and bloated Pentagon budgets. The Republicans went so far as to vote for polluters over children, pregnant women and people who live in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. These Republicans voted to block the EPA mercury and air toxics standards that the agency estimated would save 12,000 lives every year and prevent more than one million asthma attacks.

With unseemly fervor, House Republicans want to generally weaken the National Labor Relations Board and labor laws. But when it comes to protecting the lowest tax rates and loopholes for the very wealthy, they are Horatio at the Bridge. When the top two percent engage in financial fraud (credit cards, mortgages and student loans, abuse of seniors) or urge privatizing social security, the Boehners and the Cantors are block-tackling anyone in the House who begs to push law and order for the Rich and Corporate or keep “the security” in social security.

For the poor, let them eat less. Hunger in America is real. But not real enough for the Republicans to stop wanting to cut these food programs. While Republicans campaign against Obama for not doing anything to lower gasoline prices, they are voting against measures to regulate oil and gas speculators who drive up gas prices, a fact recognized by the CEO of Exxon a few years ago in a Senate hearing...

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