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Israeli Soldiers Attack Muslims After Jewish Extremist & Israeli Soldiers Take Over Al-Aqsa Mosque Chris Mathews : Obama MIA at Presidential Debate & US Refuses Iran Compromise &Robert Gates War With Iran Would Be A Catastrophe

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad giving a speech to the United Nations during which he tried to explain that Iran was not suicidal which is what it would be for Iran to build an atomic weapons and then use it against Israel.

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* Chris Mathews meltdown after Obama's poor performance at first debate

* Al Aqsa mosque invaded by Israeli Extremist settlers and IDF

* Robert Gates: War with Iran would be a disaster

* Study released outlines the numerous deaths which would be caused by bombing Iran nuclear facilities

* Afghanistan the "Good War" a fiasco

After Obama's poor performance at first presidential debate Chris Mathews looses it but much of what Mathews says is right-Obama should have brought up Romney's 47% remark and mentioned that the economic crisis in the USA he inherited fro the Bush regime and that Obama bailed out the banks and financial institutions just as the GOP would approve

Chris Matthews Unloads On Obama: "Where Was Obama Tonight...What Was He Doing" - YouTube:

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Orthodox Israeli Jews and members of the extremist Settlers Movement defiantly and to incite and provoke Palestinians and Muslims entered and took over Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The IDF and police drove out Muslim worshipers and the Palestinians were offended but rather than the IDF and police ushering the Jewish Israelis off of the property they decided that the Muslim worshipers had no right to be in the the area around the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This report below makes it sound like that the Muslim worshipers out of the blue began attacking the IDF.

Published on Oct 5, 2012 by RussiaToday


Israeli police stormed a holy site in Jerusalem's Old City on Friday, dispersing dozens of Palestinians who police say lobbed rocks at officers. The clash occurred at a compound containing the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam's holiest sites. Jews call the compound the Temple Mount because of the biblical Jewish temples that once stood there. An Israeli police spokesman said Palestinian protestors threw rocks at police stationed at the compound entrance. The police stormed inside and used stun grenades to disperse the rioters

Background to this recent dispute over Al-Aqsa Mosque. According to the West the bad guys are as usual the Palestinians when in fact it is Israeli extremist backed by Netanyahu's right-wing government which is deliberately instigating confrontations with Muslims at the revered   Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem .

Settlers, rabbis break into Al-Aqsa Mosque at International Islamic News Agency ,October 2, 2012

Confrontations erupted today between Palestinian worshipers and Israeli police after around 50 Jewish settlers and several rabbis broke into Al-Aqsa mosque yards, conducting Talmudic rituals on the occasion of the Jewish Sukkot holiday, Wafa news agency reported quoting witnesses.

One of the workers at the mosque said Extremist Moshe Feiglin, one of the Likud party’s leaders along with several rabbis and around 50 settlers broke into Al-Aqsa mosque yard and conducted Jewish rituals, under Israeli police protection, provoking worshipers and leading to confrontations. Israeli police used electric sticks against worshipers, who are all over 45 year old. Since early morning, police forced Palestinians under 45 years of age to leave the mosque. Meanwhile, Israeli police early Monday morning arrested four journalists, a television cameraman, and a woman from inside the mosque.

Last Tuesday also, Jewish settlers broke into Al-Aqsa mosque, through Bab El-Magharbeh bridge, trying to perform Talmudic rituals and prayers. The raid came after tens of thousands of settlers desecrated, the previous day evening, the Buraq Wall area west of the holy mosque, where they performed biblical and Talmudic rituals, accompanied by loud songs lasting to the middle of the night. The Aqsa and Holy Places Maintenance Foundation stated that thousands of occupation soldiers surrounded Buraq area and the Old City of Jerusalem, and closed a number of main and secondary streets to facilitate the arrival of the Israeli settlers to Buraq area. The Foundation pointed out to the presence of dozens of worshipers and students in Al-Aqsa mosque where the atmosphere was highly charged.

BREAKING - Israeli extremists storm into the holy al-Aqsa Mosque and perform Talmudic rituals by,
October 4th , 2012

-- (BNA) A gang of Jewish extremists, estimated at 50 settlers, performed this morning Talmudic rituals in the courtyard of al-Rahma Dome at the holy al-Aqsa Mosque, which is considered a typical development, according to watchmen of the holy mosque.

The Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported that high tensions prevailed at the al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards and facilities as Jewish extremists who were escorted by top security performed Talmudic performed religious rituals.

Throughout the early morning hours, gangs of Israeli extremists continue to storm into the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque through the (Magharba) gateway escorted by special security guard.

Jewish calls for storming al-Aqsa Mosque October via ( AhlulBayt News Agency 2, 2012

Al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and heritage warned of the consequences of calls by a Jewish organization, belonging to the ruling Likud party and led by Moshe Feiglin, for storming al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday, on occasion of Hebrew "Sukkot" holiday.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and heritage warned of the consequences of calls by a Jewish organization, belonging to the ruling Likud party and led by Moshe Feiglin, for storming al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday, on occasion of Hebrew "Sukkot" holiday.

The Jewish organization announced that the storming will start at half past seven on Tuesday morning and will include explanations that will be provided by Moshe Feiglin.
The Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and heritage stressed that al-Aqsa Mosque belongs to Muslims alone and noted that although the Israeli police have earlier prevented Feiglin from entering al-Aqsa Mosque to celebrate his success in Likud elections for fear of opposition reactions, he will likely be allowed to enter it this time.

Al-Aqsa Foundation said in a press statement on Sunday that al-Aqsa Mosque has been witnessing during these days lots of dangers, as the escalation of raids, desecrations and attempts to perform Talmudic rituals in its yards by settlers, Jewish groups, soldiers and foreign tourists.

It also noted that the number of those who have stormed al-Aqsa Mosque since the beginning of the year reached 4700 settlers, nearly 3250 soldiers and around 220 thousand foreign tourists who have entered al-Aqsa, under the occupation forces' heavy guard.
The occupation puts tight restrictions on the entry of worshipers to the Mosque and prevents some Jerusalemites and citizens from 1948-occupied Palestine from entering al-Aqsa for different periods of time, that may reach years in some cases, added the foundation.

Egypt: AL, OIC Urged to End Israeli Violations in Al-Quds Egypt State Information Service at, October 5, 2012

Egypt's Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa has called on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to hold an urgent meeting to put an end to Israeli violations to Al-Aqsa mosque and to provide protection to the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem) to prevent the Israeli attacks.
In a statement issued on Thursday 04/10/2012, Gomaa strongly denounced storming Al-Aqsa mosque by extremist Jews who performed Talmudic rituals in it its courtyards.
Gomaa described these acts as odious and criminal, slamming the international community's silence toward the Israeli aggression that provokes Muslims' feelings all over the world.

Playing With Fire: Jewish Settlers, Rabbis Break into Al-Aqsa Mosque
by KHALID AMAYREH at Sabbah Report on 10/04/2012

With the so-called "peace process" going nowhere, mainly due to Israeli refusal to give up territories it illegally occupies, and also to US unwillingness and/or inability to pressure Israel do so, the Israeli government continues to make provocations and "create facts" aimed at destroying all remaining chances for peace.

This week, Israeli authorities allowed a large number of fanatical Jewish settlers to enter and tour Al-Aqsa Mosque's esplanade. The settlers, dressed in religious attire and wearing kippa head-caps, were protected by a heavy police presence.

Israeli sources said the aim of the provocative intrusion into one of Islam's holiest sites was to "assert Jewish rights in the Temple Mount", using the Jewish name for the Haram Al-Sharif -- or Noble Sanctuary -- of Jerusalem.

The settlers were accompanied by "guides" who explained that the historical mosques in the area were erected on top of an ancient Jewish temple, a claim 45 years of intensive excavations beneath and around Al-Aqsa Mosque have failed to prove.

Messianic Jews, including the group known as Gush Emunim, or the Faithful Bloc, with which most settlers are affiliated, advocate the demolition of Islamic and Christian holy places in Jerusalem in preparation for the "purification" of Israel, a process that would culminate with the appearance of the Redeemer -- the Jewish Messiah. That Messiah, according to some Jewish theologists, would build a worldwide Jewish empire that would be ruled from Jerusalem.

Muslim religious leaders are frustrated by the absence or lack of an adequate response by the Muslim world to what they view as an "an earth-shattering feat" being contemplated and planned for by messianic Jewish circles, in collusion and coordination with the Israel government.

... The latest Israeli provocation in Jerusalem, which coincided with major Jewish holidays, came days after the Israeli government decided to transform a large number of erstwhile army camps in the West Bank into settlements.

Israel had confiscated private Palestinian land upon which the camps were built on the grounds of military necessity.

A few weeks ago, a commission appointed by the Israeli government, the Levy Committee, recommended that all settlements and settlement outposts in the West Bank be declared illegal.

The government, which is coming under immense pressure from settler groups and pro-settler parties in the Knesset to implement the committee's report, said it would wait for the right timing to act on it.

Many observers and experts already believe the proliferation of Jewish colonies in the West Bank, coupled with the intensive Judaising of East Jerusalem, has already rendered the goal of establishing a viable Palestinian state, let alone one with East Jerusalem as its capital, unrealistic if not impossible.

also see from an earlier confrontation in the past year which indicates that this has become an on-going attempt by Israeli settler extremist and the IDF and Netanyahu to incite Palestinians and all Muslims. Once the victims in this case the Palestinians and Muslims react vocally or violently the Israeli and US government forgets who started the fight and of course blames the Palestinians proving the Palestinians and Muslims are by nature extremists and barbaric and prone to violence more than the Jewish and secular Israelis.

The Obama administration and its Western allies downplay or just ignore Israeli IDF or extremist settlers attack on Palestinians in the occupied territories. The West or at least its media is only concerned when Jewish Israelis are killed by Palestinians but when Jewish extremists murder Palestinians or throw rocks at Palestinian kids on their way to school or when the IDF illegally and immorally destroy the homes and entire villages of Palestinians these injustices are ignored .

The Americans in general including the US government and the Pentagon and the corrupted Mainstream Media having demonized all Palestinians and all Arabs and all Muslims and even Persian Muslims in Iran believe whatever story or propaganda the Israeli government force-feeds them no matter how unjust Israeli actions are .

Soldiers, Settlers, Break Into The Al-Aqsa Mosque from The Council For The National Interest, March 28, 2012

The al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage issued a press release on Wednesday morning stating that dozens of Israeli soldiers and fundamentalist settlers broke into the al-Aqsa Mosque through the al-Magharba Gate and provoked the local Muslim worshipers.

The Foundation said that the attack led to tension in the mosque area especially as the soldiers were heavily deployed with their guns around the mosque while the armed settlers provoked several residents before performing prayers in and around the mosque.

It added that three groups of extremist settlers, and dozens of fully uniformed and armed Israeli soldiers, started the invasion at 7:30a.m., and that the total number of soldiers and settlers who conducted the attack was more than a hundred.

The Foundation called on the Arab and Islamic nations, and the International Community, to intervene and stop the illegal violations carried out by the soldiers and extremist settler groups against the Palestinians and their holy sites.

Several Palestinians were recently injured, some seriously, during numerous assaults carried out by armed fundamentalist settlers against the Palestinians, their homes and lands, in the occupied Palestinian territories.

On Tuesday, a Palestinian youth was shot in his leg by a fundamentalist Israeli settler in the Old City of Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank. His condition was described as moderate due to significant blood loss.

USA & Western Nations still threatening to go to war with Iran no matter what the consequences and will use whatever excuse they find or manufacture.

 Not surprisingly the USA and Israel reject any plan that Iran comes up with to scale back their uranium enrichment program so that the US and its allies will cease sanctions against Iran because the USA and Israel are determined to do to Iran with sanctions as they did to Iraq to reduce the Iranian sovereign nation to a mere shell or shadow of its former self. Once Iran is weak enough then the bombing would start.

 If the citizenry of Iran are now suffering due to these sanctions even if they begin dying off as the citizens of Iraq did during the illegal and immoral sanctions against Iraq the USA and Israel are unconcerned since their policy is to in one way or another undermine not just the Iranian government but also civil society in Iran. To achieve this the US has increased its propaganda war and its use of black ops causing as much mayhem as they can in Iran to destabilize the country in the hopes of creating a militant uprising .

We saw the same sort of unwillingness on the part of the USA and its war mongering allies to even consider any compromise by Libya's Muhmar Qaddafi as the West backed the most extremist anti-Qaddafi contingent of former Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists who then pushed all moderates and those merely interested in modest reforms to the side-lines and even underground for not being militant enough or being supporters of a new Islamic extremist theocratic regime based upon a form of medieval Sharia. The US intent was to destroy Libya as a possible stumbling block to utterly isolate Iran .

Now the USA and its Western Islamophobic/Imperialists  allies are using the same tactics to weaken and undermine Syria and refusing any compromise that Assad or his government might come up with as being unacceptable no matter what the terms might be.  Instead the US and Western Powers along with Israel and certain Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia are out to turn Syria into a failed state so they can they believe bully Syria though outcome may end up just another disaster for the Middle East and more blowback for the Western Imperialist powers.

  Report: U.S. rejected Iranian plan to end standoff over nuclear program Tehran proposed an immediate end to Western economic sanctions against it in exchange for gradual winding down of 20-percent uranium enrichment, according to a New York Times report. By Haaretz and The Associated Press, Oct.05, 2012
Iran recently proposed a nine-step plan to end the confrontation with the West over its nuclear program, but American officials have rejected the plan as a non-starter, the New York Times reported on Thursday. According to the report, Iranian officials attempted to garner support for the plan last month at the UN General Assembly in New York.
The Iranian plan, which is based on a previous plan submitted to European officials in July, calls for gradually removing economic sanctions imposed on the country by the West in exchange for ending work at one of two sites where Iran is enriching uranium. However, under the plan, Iran would only suspend work at the second facility, the underground uranium enrichment facility at Fordow, after all sanctions have been lifted and the country is able to sell its oil freely again. The sanctions have taken an increasingly harsh toll on Iran's economy, including the collapse of the Iranian currency, the rial.
This week, the worsening economic situation in the country led to public protests in Tehran, which were put down by riot police. U.S. officials told the Times the plan was insufficient, as it would allow Iran to "restart the program in a nanosecond" after the lifting of sanctions. The U.S. has previously proposed that Iran begin by halting production of 20 percent enriched uranium, which could be used to build nuclear weapons, as a first step, while shipping existing stockpiles out of the country and closing the Fordow facility. Under the American plan, the sanctions would only be lifted once the sides agree on a final deal.
Former defense secretary Robert Gates dares to publicly decry the USA and or Israel's intentions to bomb Iran. Gates rightly observes that the reality of a bombing campaign or all out war with Iran would merely lead to further destabilizing the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands or even millions dead Muslims which appears to be USA,Israel and Western Powers intent since as we have seen the USA sees itself at war with Islam itself and therefore all Muslims while they try to dress it up as being necessary for America's and  Israel's security.

  Robert Gates: War on Iran Would Be ‘Catastrophic,’ Make Tehran Nukes ‘Inevitable’Former defense secretary Robert Gates said a US strike on Iran would 'haunt us for generations' by John Glaser, October 04, 2012
A US or Israeli attack on Iran would “prove catastrophic” and “make a nuclear-armed Iran inevitable,” former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said in a speech Wednesday night. Neither the United States nor Israel is capable of wiping out Iran’s nuclear capability, Gates said, and “such an attack would make a nuclear-armed Iran inevitable. They would just bury the program deeper and make it more covert.”
Not only would Iran be likely to reconstitute its defunct nuclear weapons program, but Tehran might also respond by disrupting world oil traffic in the Persian Gulf and launching a wave of terrorism across the region, Gates claimed. “The results of an American or Israeli military strike on Iran could, in my view, prove catastrophic, haunting us for generations in that part of the world.” Gates was reiterating what has become an emergent consensus within the military and intelligence community in the United States, that a war on Iran – which Israel and many hawks in Congress have been pushing for – would not only be entirely discretionary, but would have disastrous consequences for Iran, the region, and the United States.
A report released last month by former government officials, national security experts and retired military officers concluded also that an attack would motivate Iran to restart its weapons development, and that the ensuing war would end up being “more taxing than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.” On the war strategists’ own terms, a war on Iran would backfire. But the human cost of such a war would also be immense. Even if a US or Israeli strike only targeted Iran’s nuclear sites and it didn’t result in larger land war, the toxic plumes released as a result of the strikes could kill or injure up to 70,000 civilians in nearby cities and towns.
 Study: Thousands Would Die in an Attack on Iran's Nuclear Sites by  Golnaz Esfandiari at The Atlantic, Oct. 2,2012

 Experts believe the Isfahan uranium-conversion facility -- which contains an estimated 371 metric tons of uranium hexafluoride -- is one of the four Iranian sites likely to be targeted if Israel or the United States were to decide to take military action in an effort to delay or cripple Iran's nuclear program. The University of Utah's Hinckley Institute of Politics and the NGO Omid for Iran teamed up to produce a study that concludes that a military strike on the facility could have tragic consequences for Maryam and thousands of other residents of her centrally located city, which has a population of 2 million...

..."People's  skin could be burnt [when coming in contact with the plumes], they could become blind, their lung could be destroyed, their kidneys could be damaged, and in the future they could face other health problems such as skin cancer and [other forms] of cancer," Semnani says. The report analyzed the impact of preemptive conventional strikes on four key nuclear sites: Isfahan's uranium conversion facility; Natanz's fuel-enrichment plant; Arak's heavy-water plant; and Bushehr's nuclear power plant. Workers at those sites -- who include scientists, workers, support staff, and soldiers -- would be among the first victims of a bombing campaign. The report estimates that the casualty rate at the sites would be close to 100 percent.

"According to our estimates, the number of casualties of the bombing of the four sites would be about 5,000 people," Semnani says. "If the bombing would include more than those four sites, then the immediate casualty would be up to 10,000 people." The report warns that the grim scenario could be magnified by the lack of readiness on the part of Iranian authorities, who have a poor record of disaster management and who lack the capacity to handle deadly radioactive fallout in the aftermath of a strike on its nuclear sites.

Afshin Molavi, an Iran expert and a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, says the study fills a gaping vacuum in Western discussions about military strikes on Iran, which often ignore the human cost of such actions. "People talk very callously about the prospect of military strikes, and they frame it in the geopolitical fallout, the geo-economic fallout, what will happen to the oil price and all of these issues. But nobody has ever talked about the humanitarian consequences of a military strike on Iran," Molavi says. "Those humanitarian consequences are grave, so I think this report fills a very important vacuum. It needs to be read by policy makers at the highest levels in Western governments; it needs to be read in Israel; it needs to be read all over the world."

Greg Thielman, a former senior U.S. intelligence official and an expert with the Arms Control Association, says the study is a worthwhile exploration that gives color to "a very dry and bloodless discussion of what attacking Iran would be." He does say, however, that he doesn't think the United States or Israel would attack Bushehr, because it's not of critical concern to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) -- the UN nuclear watchdog that has access to the site. "I would note also that it is against the Geneva Convention to attack civilian nuclear power plants," Thielman says, "and that's another reason why I think the U.S. and Israel would think twice about it, because it is clearly contrary to international law to do that."
Afghanistan war  fiasco continues :

As for Obama's  so-called "good War' in Afghanistan it has been a total failure and the American drone attacks in the tribal area straddling the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan has only radicalized the people in the region :

  "Karzai: US War in Afghanistan ‘Will Not Succeed’ The Taliban and other militants have not been diminished after a decade of war, Karzai warned by John Glaserat, October 04, 2012
America’s war in Afghanistan “will not be successful,” Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Thursday before accusing Western media of waging “psychological warfare” on his country. Karzai said US efforts to defeat the Taliban and militancy in Afghanistan would fail “from Afghanistan’s view” because it was being fought in Afghan villages, while ignoring the safe havens insurgents enjoy in Pakistan.
Indeed, virtually the entire US political establishment recognizes that the war in Afghanistan is a complete and total failure. Both the Obama administration and the Romney campaign agree that US troops should be withdrawn in 2014. A military report of the mission in Afghanistan released last month documented the continued resilience of the insurgency in number of attacks on US and NATO troops.
The Taliban are as strong as ever, the regime in Kabul is weak and cannot provide security, and overall violence has not subsided. And Karzai’s complaint about Pakistan is also relevant, as tortured relations with Pakistan and the radicalization of the northwest frontier province are widely seen as one of Washington’s greatest failures in Afghanistan. The US war pushed militants into Pakistan’s FATA regions and the drone war there has only radicalized the population.

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