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GOP & Religious Right Now Interchangeable View President Obama as Anti-Christian & Having A Radical Agenda

* the evil of the Public School System
* favoring home schooling to protect Christian children from the anti-Christian Secular Humanists
* Reconstructionist Gary North
* Right Wing and GOP : Obama is not an American citizen and is a secret Muslim,a stealth Jihadist, a NAZI , a Socialist , a propagandists for the "Gay agenda " and Obama is anti-christian and a hater of all traditional American values .
* Rightwing author, film maker and pundit D'Souza: Obama Has A "Pathological Hatred For Traditional Christianity"


Above Image from website home for the rightwing anti-public school documentary IndoctriNation.

This clip is a trailer for the anti-public school documentary IndoctriNation.

Indoctrination .com website

And another trailer from rightwing D'Souza's anti-Obama documentary Obama's America 2016 which is just a hit piece to prove that the extreme Rightwing and the GOP are supposedly right to fear four more years of Obama- Glenn Beck and others on the right have been going after Obama in similar ways tossing facts around placing them into their automatic spontaneous Conspiracy theory Mixer since the beginning of the 2008 presidential campaign .

And here's a more recent attack by the Religious Right and the rank and file of the Republican party attacking public schools as an abomination which America's early settlers and its revolutionary Founding Fathers would not have countenance.

Homeschooling Advocate Warns Public Schools are Similar to Hitler Youth by Ariella Rightwing Watch 10/12/2012

Homeschooling advocate Colin Gunn is unrelenting in his attacks on the public school system in his documentary, “IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America,” which seeks to end the teaching of evolution and eradicate the “sinful” and secular public school system that he says subjects children to the philosophies of gays, progressives, and abortion rights activists.

In an interview with Voice of Christian Youth America’s Vic Eliason on Crosstalk, Gunn asserts that even the school bus is emblematic of the United States’ “totalitarian education system.”

Gunn alleges that public schools are persecuting Christians and compares public school education in the US to Nazi indoctrination through the Hitler Youth. Eliason echoes Gunn’s abhorrence of the public school system. According to Eliason, the teachers in the public school system who do not uphold and instill Christian ideology are performing “mental molestation,” which deserves to be recognized and punished alongside physical molestation.

Gunn: Draw a parallel between Nazi Germany where you have an authoritarian government that took over the whole nation, partially through the youth movement by co-opting all of the youth movement into the Hitler Youth, and therefore indoctrinating them into the class of this unbelief and this idolatry of the state. And so sadly that’s what we’re seeing very much today and we wonder why, why can’t people understand the abortion issue or these other issues that are political—well it’s because they’ve been indoctrinated. And we really can’t fix any political issue until we fix the public school system, controlling the future of America by controlling the hearts and minds of all the children that are sent there.

Gunn: The nature of the public schools is it allows your child to be subject to those philosophies, whether it is gay rights or the progressives or evolution, if you send your child there be aware that he’s open to all of those views which he wouldn’t be if you kept him home or you put him in a private school.

And here's Reconstructionist Gary North in another clip from the documentary "IndoctriNation" explaining that the Bible is the authority on all aspects of life which the "secular Humanists " deny . The secular humanist in the view of the Religious Right deny that the Bible could be the literal inerrant authoritative word of God and according to Reconstructionism what they refer to as "God Law'. The secular humanists are they believe not content with merely ignoring the Bible and Christianity but are in fact using various institutions and realms of influence and power to undermine the beliefs of Christians and remold them into the new members of a Godless Humanists regime .

Right Wing and GOP : Obama is not an American citizen and is a secret Muslim,a stealth Jihadist, a NAZI , a Socialist , and anti-christian and hater of all traditional American values and so is a promoter of the radical feminists and Gay Agenda .

Note these attacks on Obama have been ongoing since long before he became president but they have re-emerged with Obama's bid for re-election which now is only a couple of weeks away. They are not happening in a vacuum but are occurring in the context of the take over of the Republican party by the extreme rightwing, the religious right, the social conservatives and the economic and anti-government conservatives and the super wealthy. It should be noted that the rightwing began their push within the party to have a voice and greater influence but one RonaldReagan came to power they bit by bit began setting out at least part of the GOPs party platform . This pandering to the right came even more into focus with George W. Bush .

So the Religious Right and other extreme groups within the Republican party have turned up the heat and are going for the jugular as they spread lies, misinformation basing absurd conclusions about Obama and liberals and progressives based upon rumors and innuendo .

These lies and misinformation should be challenged but the rightwing media talk radio and Fox News will make sure that anyone questioning these lies and misinformation are quickly rebuffed as being part of the Obama deception and conspiracy to bring about further radical changes in America.

If enough of this sort of trash talk gets out to their base and to those undecided it might tip the voting just enough for Mitt Romney to edge his way in as President Bush did in 2000 with the recount scandal and the Brooks Brothers mob scene. The courts having no real guts or just simply partisan allowed Bush to become president and not al Gore.

D'Souza: Obama Has A "Pathological Hatred For Traditional Christianity"

Published on Oct 18, 2012 by RWWBlog
Dinesh D'Souza says President Obama supports gay marriage and abortion rights becuase he hates Christianity because he associates it with colonialism.

CNN Ends Interview with Bryan Fischer

Published on Oct 16, 2012 by RWWBlog

Carol Costello ends her interview with Bryan Fischer after he makes wild claims about gay involvement in the Nazi movement and the health of homosexuals

And here's the rather short interview of Bryan Fischer at CNN when he starts talking about the Gestapo as being made up primarily of Gays because Gays were more brutal, vicious and sadistic and therefore in Hitler's terms they would get the job done. There is no historical truth to this bit of imaginative what if? revisionist history

Fischer: CNN is 'What the Gay Gestapo Looks Like in Action' by Kyle Mantyla at rightwing ,10/19/2012

To say that Bryan Fischer is furious about his failed appearance on CNN earlier this week where anchor Carol Costello threw him off the program would be a bit of an understatement, as yesterday he went off on an epic rant against the "gay gestapo," saying that Costello's refusal to allow him to spew his bigotry unchallenged on national television is exactly what "the gay gestapo looks like in action."

Fischer made multiple references to the "gay gestapo," proclaiming that "the stormtroopers of the homosexual movement" and "the Nazis in the gay gestapo" will punish anyone who says that "homosexuality is immoral, it is unnatural, and it is unhealthy - that is a simple, straightforward statement of fact" because "it is a crime of blasphemy against the god of gayness":

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