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Fifty Shades of Bigotry and Intolerance at Extreme Right-wing Values Voters Summit

Cenk Uygur: anti-Islam movie ‘weirdest movie scam of all time’ by Arturo Garcia at raw Story ,Sept. 14, 2012

Kirk Cameron actor, producer, activist at Values Voters Summit explains that the original form of the US government as envisioned by the Puritans and later the Founding Fathers was based no Roman or Greek notions of governance but rather on that which Moses created based upon God's word as revealed to Moses and as implemented by the Israelites in ancient Judea under King David and Solomon etc.

Kirk Cameron: America Was Modeled On The "Hebrew Republic Under Moses"

Meanwhile at the Values Voter Summit, Michele Bachmann claims Obama helps brainwash FBI toward Islam September 14, 2012
By Anomaly

While speaking at the Values Voter Summit Friday, Michele Bachmann declared that the Obama administration has been enforcing Islamic speech codes in the US. I’m not certain if Bachmann is referring to secret handshakes or something far more advanced like eye blinking in Morris Code.

Watch the paranoia — and I had to watch the video several times. It’s just that crazy. I can’t grasp what the fuck she’s talking about.

One by one, each right wing ideologue has proven that they are in fact the problem. While blaming President Obama for the violence in Libya, how soon they forget the violence that occurred on George W. Bush’s watch. At least Bush was not a xenophobe. Bush — and correct me if I’m wrong — respected all religions.

Right Wing Watch reports, “She accused Obama of appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood and opening our borders to terrorists. Not long after, Paul Ryan also attacked Obama over foreign policy.”

This next article from The connects the dots between Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and their connections to the slimey world of the Fact-challenged over the top hate-filled genocidal rhetoric of the professional Islamophobes which include John Bolton,Pam Geller, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, General Boykin,Michelle Bachmann . The facts as it were show that they do have intimate connections to Nassralla the promoter of the poorly made yet incinderary anti-Islam film "The Innocence of Islam" which looks like a badly done SNL series of unfunny skits poking fun at Islam as the udience patiently waits for them to end ie 5 minutes would have been enough.

As they point out Mitt Romney joined the proponents of the Stealth Jihad conspiracy threorists to denounce the building of the Mosque at Ground Zero and condemning Islam as a violent and dangerous religion thereby placing him in their camp which argues that Islam is not a true religion but an ideology in their view dressed up as a religion by the charlatan and con man the Prophet Muhammad.

Mitt Romney has a lot of Chuzpah being a Mormon appealing to the value of religious tolerance in America so his religion would not be held against him when running for public office at the state or federal level while at the same time he is not in favour of religious tolerance when it comes to Islam and Muslim-Americans so he has promoted hatred of Islam and calls for restricting the rights of Muslim Americans and attacking Muslim nations because as Muslims they are an existential threat to Israel and America.

Note as I have pointed out elsewhere to the American politicians and most Americans these are the only two counntries that is Israel and America which have been blessed by God as they play out their roles in preparation of the Endtimes and /or the Coming of the Messiah and so the rest of the nations in the world are either under the rule of Satan and therefore anti-Christian -so what he and the Religious Right preach is that there is the House of God/Jesus and the House of War that is the rest of the nations who are to be considered enemies of Christ and the one true God/Jehovah/Yahweh.

It is therefore interesting that these Islamophobes get hysterical when they are informed that Islam also divides the world up into two opposing factions as in "the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-harb" which roughly means the House of Islam and the House of War. Within the House of Islam resides the True believers . In the House of War reside the non-believers the infidels and as in Christianity in Islam also there are those who find this division intolerable and will do all they can to remedy the situation either by proseltizing peacefully in the hopes of winning new converts or too offer conversion under the threat of the sword or an M16. Both groups are extremists and misrepresent what their Holy Scriptures and their Prophets taught. In some cases they adopted the new religion but kept much of their original culture and traditions which in some cases were at odds with the religion they adopted and so reinterpreted the basic beliefs of this new religion to suit their culture and traditions and pre-existing prejudices .

Christians do make a claim though which Islam and Muhammad and the Quran never did since the Christians insisted that their Prophet the Nazarene was in fact Jesus the Christ the Son of God or even God that is the Messiah as foretold in the old Testament come to earth. Muhammad only made the claim as many prophets before him had that God had chosen him and spoken to him through an arch angel and had told him To Recite and so over a period of years was given the Holy Book which contained the words of God that is the Holy Quran.

Christians have for over 1400 years for instance have at times erroneously referred to Muslims as " Mohammadens " meaning they prayed to Muhammad which they did not and do not do rather they pray to God whom they call Allah. Muslims trace their roots from the Holy Quran back to the old and New testament and back to Abraham and Moses and so they refer with respect to Christians and Jews as the Peoples of The Book who must be treated with respect and left in peace. What christistians refuse to accept is that those Muslims who believe in spreading Islam by the sword and who believe all Non-Muslims are infidels that must be subdued are according to most Muslims as misinterprting the Quran and the example of the life of the Prophet Muhammad like those Rogue Popes and Bishops and other Christian leaders who for a variety of reasons in the past took it upon themselves to invade the Muslims nations to kill them all or to enslave them to rob and loot and to steal their land and their resources under the ironically named "Banner of Heaven "

But we must remember that the believers and followers of these three monotheistic religions are in the last analysis flawed human beings who are bound to make mistakes or to misinterpret the message of their religion and that there are those cynical opportunists who use the religion of the society they belong to as a veneer for their own ambitions and so find passages in the Holy Books which they use for their own purposes while ignoring or downplaying by reinterpreting any part or passage of their religions scripture which might contradict what they are promoting.

Putting that aside for a moment both the Nazarene and Muhammad did not preach the use of force to convert others but rather reasoning and compassion and understanding and by example though followed finally by a leap of faith to believe that Muhammad and/or the Nazarene at the very least were chosen by God to deliver a message to human kind. So Muslims, Christians and Jews all see themselves as the chosen of God and each pray to the same God that Abraham and Moses and Solomon and King David prayed to.

Mitt Romney's Muslim-Baiting Backers Wayne Barrett The, September 14, 2012

...The fact is that the film emerged from the same Islamophobic circles that celebrate Bolton and Boykin, and are now backing Romney. The 2011 permit to make the movie was granted to Media for Christ, a nonprofit that shares space with The Way TV, and both are headed by an Egyptian Christian named Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih.

Nassralla was a celebrated speaker at the September 11, 2010, and September 11, 2011, rallies in New York to oppose the Park51 Islamic center (the so-called “Ground Zero mosque”) that were organized by renowned anti-Muslim bloggers Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, who even the Anti-Defamation League has accused of “promoting a conspiratorial anti-Muslim agenda under the pretext of fighting radical Islam.”

Nassralla declared that they would build the mosque “on my dead body,” derided the Koran as “not holy” ...

Spencer introduced Nassralla at the rally as a prized thumb in the eye of the media, since Keith Olbermann and others had made much of the fact that Nassralla and an associate had been mistaken as Muslims at the Geller/Spencer group’s June rally and nearly assaulted, escorted out by the NYPD. “I’m a Christian,” a sweating Nassralla was reported to have yelled in his defense, though he was shoved and his camera was knocked out of his hand...

Bolton, who has campaigned repeatedly with Romney, is so close to Geller and Spencer that he wrote the foreword to their 2010 book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, and has done several interviews with Geller, cozily discussing Middle East policy in couch videos.

... Geller, who says she “loves” Paul Ryan, contends that “the campaign is clearly defined” between “Anti-American vs. pro-American.” ...

Between the Geller/Spencer rallies in June and September 2010, Mitt Romney joined their campaign against the Manhattan Islamic center, issuing a statement opposing it in part because of “the potential for extremists to use the mosque for global recruiting and propaganda,” almost precisely what Boykin and Bolton were saying at the time.

...In addition to Media for Christ... Nassralla runs THE WAY TV , which features a weekly show hosted by Steve Klein, who has admitted his involvement with the film in press interviews.

And more Muslim bashing at The Values Voters Summit by Islamophobe Michele Bachmann 's mentor Frank Gaffney president of the oxymoron(ic) " right-wing Center For Security policy think tank " ranted against Islam while suggesting disingenuously that he was only talking about some radical Muslims not all Muslims.

Most Islamophobes have found it convenient to make such statements so they can appear less fanatical than they actually are. Because what gives them away is that usually they follow up with selective passages from the Quran and from the Hadith the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad and further elaborations on Muhammad's life and from Islamic notables down through the centuries to the present all in order to prove and advance their agenda which is to promulgate the notion that Islam unlike Christianity and Judaism and other religions is at its very foundation an intolerant violent and brutal and uncivilized set of beliefs.

This culling for passages in Holy texts to prove a point without regard to context or its relationship to other contradictory passages in the same Holy Scriptures is known as proof texting which some Christians and Jews also resort to especially to defend a belief or practice which one wants to promote which by others of the same faith see as not permitted by the respective Holy Book or by its Prophet or founder or is seen as unimportant or as being out of date or now viewed with repulsion because it may have been a belief which came from an earlier time but was dragged into the respective religion as if it were sacred when in fact it neever was .

Bachmann’s anti-Muslim ‘brain’ draws laughs at Values Voter Summit by Kay Steiger The Raw Story ,Sept. 15, 2012

Gaffney, the man largely credited with inspiring Republican Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s “witch hunt” against Muslims in government, said Islam is “brutally repressive. It’s comprehensive, totalitarian, supremacist doctrine, especially bad for women, for homosexuals, for Jews, other minority, religious faiths, well, pretty much just about for all human beings, actually.” The remark prompted laughter from a packed room.

“Not to say that all Muslims subscribe to this, but everyone of them that does is a problem, make no mistake about it,” Gaffney continued. He said that we know from looking at groups like Hamas that some Muslims are “perfectly capable of being violent,” “but for the moment, here in the United States, they’re involved in what I would call, what we describe in the book, a pre-violence state of jihad.”

Gaffney’s talk also included a projected presentation that outlined Muslims that had reached the high levels of American government that he felt were dangerous, including Huma Abedin, a senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and wife of former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner (D). He noted that Bachmann was “vilified” and “attacked” for questioning Abedin’s alleged affiliations Muslim Brotherhood, particularly that she was deeply tied to Abdullah Omar Naseef, a man he said is a “terrorist financier.”

Gaffney’s allegations, as posed in a letter Bachmann sent earlier this year to inspectors general in State, Homeland Security, Defense and Justice departments calling for an investigation of Abedin, were met with critism even among Republicans. Former Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain condemned Bachmann’s investigation into Abedin’s ties on the Sante floor in July. “These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis and no merit. And they need to stop now,” he said.

Gaffney himself has drawn criticism for an op-ed in which he wrote that President Barack Obama, “there is mounting evidence that the president not only identifies with Muslims, but actually may still be one himself.”

Christian Broadcasting Network’s Erick Stakelbeck, author of The Terrorist Next Door, condemned the Obama administration’s response to events in the Middle East this week during the panel. Earlier this week, four Americans were killed in an attack on a U.S. embassy in Libya, including U.S. ambassador Chris Stephens. Stakelbeck repeated the false claim pushed by the Romney campaign that the administration has “apologized” after the attacks. The Romney response, which was issued before a full timeline of events had been put together, was widely criticized. Chuck Todd called it “irresponsible,” Mark Halperin called it “craven” and a heckler at a Romney accused the campaign of “politicizing” an ambassador’s death
and professional islamophobe ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish chimed in :

“As long as the Arab world and the Muslim world hold on to Sharia, we will never have freedom and democracy. And it is very important that we understand that wherever Islam goes, they will want Sharia, and if we don’t give it to them, they will rise up on the streets of America and the streets of Europe will be like the streets of the Middle East,” she said.

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