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" Crimes Against Humanity" : USA Stops Aid For Earthquake Victims In Iran & Israel & Fox News Ginning Up For Attack on Iran

Israel War! Month Long War with Iran with Hundreds of Missiles

Published on Aug 16, 2012 by xBehindthetruthx
Israel Official says month long war with Iran with hundreds of missiles, and many casualties.

Israel ready for month-long war after Iran strike: minister

Israeli speculation over Iran strike reaches fever pitch

Fox News still promulgating the demonization of Iran to prepare US citizens for Israeli attack on Iran . The murdering of thousands or tens of thousands if Iranian citizens doesn't even factor into Israel's or Fox News coverage of the coming war with Iran.
As the spokesperson for Israel claims this is an acient conflict going back 2400 years between supposedly "Good" Israel/ Judea and "Bad" or "Evil" Iran /Persia.

So the israelis are once again tapping into mythology and legends of the war between ancient Judea and ancient Persia. So as the Persians tries to wipe out Jewry 2400 years ago they have now bided their time to soon put into place their desire to wipe out Jewry in the Middle East and especially Israel.

Since the distorted view on ancient history for the most part comes from the Old Testament /the Torah this history should not be confused with historically proven accounts of that particular period. But this matters little to the Israelis or Americans who base much of ancient history upon what is written in the Bible.

If the USA and Israel invoke this history then others may utilize other parts of the Biblical story and mythology to raise other issues. For instance the early Israelites after leaving Egypt and finding their way out of the desert were then given orders by God /Jahweh/Jehovah to take the lands from its inhabitants and in doing so they were instructed to show no mercy and to kill every man woman and cild and all of the animals that these people posessed .
So according to the Bible the ancient Israelites were not a peaceful people but rather ruthless warriors stealing land from other peoples to further their own agenda or at the least to be obedient to their God.

So if their God tells them to kill every man woman and child in present day Persia/Iran then the Israelis will believe that by carrying out even a Nuclear attack on Iran would be justified if God tells them too by way of some sort of mystical vision or by a closer reading of parts of the Biblical text and commentaries as found in the Talmud and the Mishna.

It is interesting how the Israeli thinking on these issues often comes down to religious beliefs in the same way more extremist Muslims also do even if it means stretching beyond credulity the interpretation of certain passages in the Bible or Quran respectively to justify whatever actions they are going to take nonetheless.

The reason the USA backs Isreal unconditionaly is more to do with the religious beliefs of a large number of American Evangelical fundamentalists who argue Israel must survive in tact until the Christian Messiah/Jesus returns and then a remnant of Jews will be saved as they convert to Christianity at the last moment while the rest of the Jews will be condemned to an eternity in Hell.

This all becomes a real mess to try to fathom especially after we throw in America's and Israels respective agendas and their views on the geopolitical realities they are faced with in the Middle East.

Meanwhile America's and the West' hatred of Iran and all Iranians is affecting the deliverance of needed humanitarian aid to the victims of an earthquake which hit Iran several days ago.

So much for the notion that President Obama or his Western allies actually care about the average Iranian any more than they cared about the average citizens of other countries they have put on their enemies list such as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria etc.

When the US invaded and occupied Iraq for the last 9 years or so over a million Iraqis have died so the US merely used the citizens of Iraq as pawns in their own Grand Game to conquer Iraq and other nations in the Middle East region.

And what will be the supposedly unintentional consequences of America and Israel's war on Iran a few Americans and Israelis killed and tens of thousands of Iranians obliterated so the US can finally get its revenge on the Iranian people for ousting the American backed Shah of Iran in 1979.

The Americans had cut off all trade with Iran and then armed Saddam and encouraged him to wage war against Iran . This became a bit tricky due to President Reagan secretly supplying arms to Iran as part of the Iran-Contra Scandal which many Americans and Westerners have chosen to forget. When Iran looked as if they might win the US doubled down with Saddam and then encouraged a truce and peace talks.

A skirmish between Iraq and Iran was turned into a bloody disastrous unnecessary war lasting almost ten years.

So given America's history of brutal and deadly sanctions imposed on Iraq after the first Gulf War the Iranians can expect military attacks possible invasion and occupation and the nation turned into chaos all in order protect America's geo-political interests.

The US may just do to Iran what it did last year to Libya and turn a modern nation state into a desert of rubble .
America's aim is not humanitarian or the spread of democracy it is regime change and to destroy the Modern Iranian nation so it poses no threat to America or Israel. Israel and America do not want some sort of peaceful diplomatic solution to the so-called Iranian problem .

America's ongoing Crimes Against Humanity
or Man's Inhumanity to Man

Iran's quake survivors struggle while waiting for aid

Aug 15, 2012 by WorldNewsBulletin
World News Bulletin
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Iran's government is facing criticism over its response to two earthquakes that killed 306 people.

The quakes struck on Saturday afternoon flattening villages near the city of Tabriz and Ahar.

Al Jazeera's Soraya Lennie has travelled to a village near the epicentre of one of the earthquakes and sent us this report.

'Not Humane': US Sanctions Prevent Iran Earthquake Aid" - Common Dreams staff , Aug. 15, 2012

Iranian-Americans and other US citizens who want to aid those suffering in the aftermath of large earthquakes in Iran on Saturday have been stymied by US-supported sanctions against Iran.

“You’re seeing these photos of the victims suffering and your instinct is . . . to help people,” Mahdis Keshavarz, an Iranian-American who owns a media firm in New York, told McClatchy newspapers. “The thing getting in your way is a rule that is not humane.”

Over 300 people—mostly women and children were killed—and thousands injured in the initial earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, but aid efforts have been hampered by internal logistics and Iran's political and financial isolation imposed by Western sanctions designed to pressure the Iranian regime on its nuclear program.

According to McClatchy's report:

Charitable donations to Iran in the form of cash aren’t allowed from the United States unless they’re specifically licensed by the federal government, said John Sullivan, a spokesman for the Treasury Department.

There are a few exceptions: Food and medicine are exempt from the sanctions; Americans are allowed to donate them to ordinary Iranians without needing a license, Sullivan said. Personal remittances sent to family members and friends are allowed, but the money can’t be sent from a U.S. bank to an Iranian bank, he said.

Put into practice, though, sending money to family members poses a challenge, said David Elliott, the assistant policy director at the National Iranian American Council in Washington.

“Technically there are exemptions, but in many cases you’ll find there are no banks that will actually facilitate the transactions,” Elliott said.

Problems interpreting the sanctions persist, said Shiva Balaghi, a visiting professor of Iranian studies at Brown University.

“There’s confusion about what the sanctions mean,” she said. “Unfortunately because of this confusion, most interactions with Iran have become incredibly difficult.”

Keshavarz’s attorneys have advised her to stay away from humanitarian efforts in her home country.

“They said that doing work with Iran at this stage, even on a pro bono basis, opens me up for scrutiny,” she said.

Imagine if the headlines in the media read "American scientists assassinated by Iranian or Russian or Chinese secret service or by British secret service" would America just ignore the facts or would they retaliate. So when Israeli or American agents assassinate Iranian scientists what should be the response of the Iranian government or the Iranian people.

Instead Israeli and American spokespersons make snide remarks or even joke about the deaths of Iranian scientists and the media barely covers the story in a fair and even handed manner.

" Families of Slain Iranian Nuclear Scientists Sue Israel, US, and UK" - Common Dreams staff, Aug. 15, 2012

Several Iranian families have filed a lawsuit against Israel, the US and Britain, accusing them of involvement in the assassination of their relatives, including the killing of five nuclear scientists since 2010.

In the most recent killing last January, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, 32, the deputy head of Iran's uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, was blown up by a magnetic bomb attached to his car door on his way to work. He was 32 and married with a young son.

According to the plaintiffs as well as the Iranian government, the string of killings targeted at Iranian nuclear scientists are directly tied to a covert campaign by Israel and the West to sabotage Iran's nuclear power program. The families are now demanding that Iran's judiciary pursue their complaint through international bodies.

"Through this complaint, we declare to the world that actions of arrogant governments, led by the U.S., Britain and the occupying Zionist regime, in assassinating nuclear scientists and elites is against human principles," according to a statement read out by Mansoureh Karami, wife of slain Tehran University physics professor Masoud Ali Mohammadi.

Iranian officials maintain that the covert campaign against Iran has included the assassinations and abductions of Iranian scientists, the sale of faulty equipment and the planting of a destructive computer worm known as Stuxnet, which briefly brought Iran's uranium enrichment activity to a halt in 2010.

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