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USA Guns Massacres War and Genocide: Batman Midnite Movie Massacre Another in Alabama

The suspect's Facebook page showed photos of a balding, shaven-headed man with tattoos on his arms, posing with an assault rifle, standing in front of a Confederate flag and making an obscene gesture, local media said.
The page was taken down shortly after the incident.

above quote from article "Gunman shoots 17 people in Alabama bar" at The Telegraph, July 20, 2012

Although gun proponents are correct when they contend that firearms are not to blame for the behavior of mass killers, guns do make their attacks far bloodier. The availability of high-powered, rapid-fire weapons is surely a large part of the reason why the death tolls in mass murders have been so large in the recent past. Three-quarters of the deadliest mass murders in the United States have occurred since 1980, most of which involved firearms as the exclusive or primary weapon.

Easier path to carnage

It would have been nearly impossible for the Tucson gunman to kill and wound so many with a knife or his own hands. In addition to the greater lethality of the firearm, guns also distance the attacker psychologically from his victims. It is possible that the shooter may not have been emotionally able to kill a young girl had he had any physical contact with her. But with a gun, he could dispassionately shoot down innocent strangers, along with his primary target, as if they were moving objects in a video game.

Notwithstanding the worn-out slogan that "guns don't kill, people do," guns do make it easier for people to commit murder. And semi-automatic guns, like the Tucson assailant's out-of-the-box spanking-new Glock, make it easier to commit mass murder.

from article in response to mass shooting in Tucson in 2011 Mass shootings are a fact of American lifeby James Alan Fox at, January 10, 2011

related article Giffords grieved over shooting deaths by Jaimiee Rose The Arizona Republic ,April 25,2011

And another shooting spree occurred this time in Alabama in which the shooter walked into a bar and used not a handgun or regular rifle but a military style assault rifle to shoot 17 people.The NRA should once again be proud of their Christian work in arming all Americans in a nation where each is against everyone else where no one is supposed to act in an altruistic manner ala Ayn Rand and Rand Paul and Mitt Romney .

and checkout article from 2009 :

America's Mass Murder Addiction Nov 7, 2009
No other prosperous country not torn by civil conflict has anything like our volume of mass killings. Lee Siegel on America’s shameful epidemic.

"Gunman shoots 17 people in Alabama bar" at The Telegraph, July 20, 2012

Police in Alabama have arrested a man suspected of walking into a bar and shooting 17 people before setting fire to his former workplace and a nearby gas well rig.

Nathan Wilkins, 44, has been charged with one count of attempted murder over the shooting spree at the Copper Top bar in Tuscaloosa and investigators said he would be looking at another 16 counts.

"The only thing he said was that he wanted to die and was hoping the Tuscaloosa Police Department had killed him last night," Jasper police captain Larry Cantrell told the Birmingham News.

"He said, 'I wanted the Tuscaloosa police to kill me, but I got scared and left before they got there,'" Cantrell said.

Police believe that Wilkins walked into the Copper Top shortly after midnight and began shooting with a military-type assault weapon, wounding 17 customers, including three seriously and one critically.

...Wilkins is also suspected of an arson attack in the early hours of the morning on the Capstone Oil company premises in nearby Brookwood, where he worked until March. A gas well rig near the offices was also set ablaze.

Police launched a manhunt before receiving a call from an employee at a FedEx store in Jasper, a town 55 miles (88 kilometers) north of Tuscaloosa. The employee said Wilkins was there and had confessed to the shooting.

Wilkins was then arrested "without incident," Tuscaloosa police sergeant Brent Blankley told AFP.

also consider the wanton killings in Iraq and Afghanistan and Yemen and Libya etc. by US and NATO forces from individual cases of murder to drone attacks killing hundreds of civilians who once dead are reclassified by President Obama as "enemy combatants" or "Taliban" or "Al Qaeda" or "Insurgents" etc. this is especially true it appears at least statistically if those murdered are not Americans or European descent or Christians -so dark skinned Muslims and Arabs and Pastuns and others are seen as legitimate targets even when just walking down a street or driving a car on a highway -all are suspects and treated as Anti-American and supposedly by extension anti-Western and out to undermine Western And American Civilization by brute force and open warfare or by a stealth campaign .

For instance American troops have killed or murdered over one million people in Iraq and tens of thousands in Afghanistan and Libya .

Independent observers not beholden to the US or British or NATO rulers put the death toll in Libya at 150,000 the majority blown to pieces by aerial bombardment .

With the new technology the supposedly brave and honorable Western Christian Crusading armies no longer have to be worried about any qualms they may have about killing their fellow human beings. Of course the West now sees most non-Westerners as less than human as they demonize the so-called enemy as not having normal human feelings and emotions .

According to the American and Western Judeo-Christian propaganda every Muslim mother hopes and prays her sons will Martyr themselves by becoming suicide bombers all for the sake of Islam .

Meanwhile more and more Mulims see the West as determined to crush any state with a Muslim majority which dares to defend its autonomy and its sovereignty.

It is not movie violence we need worry about but rather a culture of violence in the USA which is fueled mainly by the right wing and GOP/Republicans and the NRA who see violence a pure form of ridding the world of evil. Though those in the middle of the political spectrum in the USA are not much better as they encourage for instance local police to be militarized and to treat all protest as potential riots and domestic terrorists attacks. So from the corralling and beating up of protesters from New York to Chicago to the docks of Portland to the gassing of students taking part in a peaceful sitin at UC Davis we see violent over-reactions of the police which is then defended by the state governments and by the Obama administration and most of the Mainstream Media who have all been living in fear since 9/11.

When we loook at the recent history of the USA under Bush and Obama the first solution to international problems is threats against the rulers of foreign countries which then leads to open warfare against these governments and then against the citizens of these nations as we have seen in Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iran.

So if the use of the military to resolve political problems why should one expect the average citizen to believe that they can find peaceful solutions to their problems.

We have also seen in the USA government and its military and the Mainstream Media even the acceptance of the use of techniques which heretofore for centuries that is were always considered as torture and therefore were considered to be unjustified and as immoral and as for gathering intelligence or confessions as either ineffective or as producing bogus intel and false confessions. Almost anyone who is tortured if they survive claim they would have said anything just to stop the physical and psychological and emotional pain.

We know torture has continued under the Obama Regime though Obama like his predecessor doesn't call these torture techniques torture and says they are approved by the Military handbook on the treatment of prisoners even though those techniques are considered torture since the Geneva conventions and the rulings at Nuremberg and a number of later international agreements on the treatment of POWS or Combatants whether wearing a uniform or not.

We have also seen with the ongoing Bogus money making War on Terror that even killing innocent civilians and terrorizing the civilian populations in the countries that the USA and NATO and other allies have illegally and immorally atacked .

These corrupt and Greedy Robber Barons and their amoral neo-colonial, Neo-liberal and Neocon supporters disingenuously argue they are in favour of democracy and freedom and human rights and that a government should serve the people as a whole not just the tiny elite who have the most wealth and power.

America and NATO and their allies in the Middle East and elsewhere are mainly concerned with crushing any and all dissent and in the end are no better than the Soviet Union's expansionism tendencies which in the end led to its downfall. Now the New Gulags are run by America and its quisling toadying allies who fear America's wrath that they might be next on America's hit list and that they hope to also at the end of the day will prosper as one nation after another is brought low and made to kowtow to America's every whim.

And another massacre this time in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Bus Suicide Bomber Former Guantanamo Bay Prisoner?

Published on 19 Jul 2012 by TheYoungTurks
"Citing unnamed police sources, Bulgarian news reports said Thursday evening that authorities suspect that the bomber was a Swedish citizen of Algerian and Finnish descent who they said was imprisoned by the U.S. in 2002 in Guantanamo Bay after being associated with Islamic terrorist groups. Bulgarian officials did not confirm the report."

US soldier goes on rampage killing in Afghanistan- the US claims he acted alone but Afghans and other eyewitnesses say it was committed by several groups of soldiers who moved through several villages terrorizing shooting and killing-

So the question is really is the US with the compliance of the White House and its puppet Mainstream Media doing damage control by insisting even against the facts that only one US soldier did these killings. We know from the recent history in Iraq and Afghanistan that the US military and the US government is only apprehensive about troops committing atrocities, rapes and massacres when those troops get caught.

This is also if you like similar to the way the US government and Wall Street and the Elites operate that is anything goes just don't get caught. That has been America's basic Credo for over two centuries as they wiped out Native Americans and anyone else they didn't like.

MSNBC report also suggest that once again that this soldier was not representative of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan . How did they come to this conclusion the US military, the Pentagon and the White House told them so. Will MSNBC follow up on the story and do its own investigation of course not they no more want to sully the reputation of US troops or the US Christian Crusade against Islam.

"Soldier accused in Afghan massacre could get death penalty" at MSNBC March 2012

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And here's a revealing yet typical response by Americans to a British citizen 's concerns over mass shootings in USA. Questions about gun control are legitimate and those in favour of gun control are not NAZI/Commie?Fascist as Americans in general think. And the idea of more guns as a way to resolve the issue is just a lot of BS. If others had been armed in the theatre this would more than likely ended in more deaths not fewer . And what would have occurred if the whole thing was a well staged prank well a few dead people for not practical reason. We have seen in the Trayvon Martin case what happens when vigilante justice is encouraged it merely leads to more tragedies . Americans need to be reminded that the militias and the KKK in the USA saw themselves as fighting for justice and freedom -the freedom to kill anyone they didn't like. Unfortunately millions of Americans have been told by the white supremacists and the ultraconservative historical revisionists that the Klan was not that bad after all. They are erroneously depicted as merely defending themselves from those greedy, lazy, good for nothing blacks who as Mitt Romney says just want more "Free Stuff". Wide spread lawless vigilantism is surely not the answer to all of America's problems but nor is continual perpetual war. ----------------------------------------  Posted at by LT KIJE
Another mass killing in the USA When are you going to introduce some strict legislation? I bet I'll get a lot of posts about the "right to bear arms" and some comments from the NRA. I think the American attitude to firearms is just dumb. Do any of you agree with this Brit?
Answers (6) 
Pyramid Head A mass shooting to justify the stripping of freedoms? Like a Reichstag burning? Source(s): There's a price for freedom. Sad but true. Edited 12 hours ago 
 Sophie© You Brits LOVE this crap. You listen to shootings in the USA with absolute glee because you know your'e going to be able to crazy insulting Americans. The British and their Commonwealth brothers are the most vile people on the planet. 
6 people rated this as good KIZE No I do not agree!!! I am a law abiding citizen who registers her guns and I would bet those guns used were not!! Big difference. As said, If someone would have been packing a gun legally, not so many would have died! 
 TK Gee, and if we make is illegal to steal, then people won't do it. And if we make it illegal to kill, then people won't do it. Right? Isn't that how it goes? So if we make it illegal to have a gun, then people won't have them. Right? Well, most people did not have a gun in that theater. Imagine what might have happened if it was legal to carry a gun in public in Colorado? How many people might have been saved by law-abiding gun owners? 3 people rated this as good 
Welcome to America, now go home Hopefully never. We don't want to be like you folks.3 people rated this as good 
james B as i said in another answer 1 legally armed citizen in that theater and the outcome would of been much different and the shooter would be dead not in custody waiting to waste taxpayers money on a trial. 5 hours ago

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