Friday, June 29, 2012

Supreme Court Upholds Obama's Health Care While GOP Vote To Hold AG Holder In Contempt

Congress votes to hold AG Eric Holder in contempt while the Democrat members walked out in protest.
The Contempt charge is just more GOP bullying style policticing as part of their main agenda to make sure the first Black President of America will get defeated and will only serve one term. Fox News and the rightwing racist conservative pundits including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dobson, Coulter, Bachmann, Michael Savage , Sara Palin , John McCain have taken control of the republican party and want to oust President Obama anyway they can. Their platform of more austerity and tax breaks for the rich and promises to make America into a truly Christian Nation has little attraction beyond their extremist base so all they can do is find ways to discredit the Obama administration.

What may end up being somewhat ironic is that the GOP gambit might work against a president who refused to take action against the previous Bush administration which was guilty of a multitude of crimes and showing a complete disrespect for the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights . While the republicans were in power they lied and bamboozled the US mainstream Media and the American public in taking the USA to war in Iraq and allowing the abuse and torture of Prisoners of War.
Obama could have taken the former administration and those bureaucrats who did what was asked of them thereby themselves contravening American Laws and International Law.

GOP representatives Boehner and Cantor reply to supreme court decision in favor of Obama Care by insisting the Republicans will do what they can repeal Obama Care before or after the election in November.

Pelosi praises the Supreme Court decision on Health Care Bill and says it is an historic day affirming Health Care as a Right For all American Citizens and not just a privilege for the few.

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