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Rich Americans Misinterpreting Bruce Springsteen & The Hysteria By Conservatives Over SCOTUS Pro-Obamcare Ruling

US Supreme Court reaffirms the constitutionality and legality of The Obama administration's healthcare Refom Bill .

Obama in his speech reminds Americans that this is not just a victory for him or his administration but is even more importanly a victory for average Americans.
As the richest country in the world it was disgraceful that average Americans did not have affordable health care.

This as others have said is the sort of speech Obama should have been making all along in reference to Healthcare. Obama should have driven home the notion that affordable Health Care shouldn't be a privilege but rather a right .

President Obama Speaks on Health Reform

Published on 28 Jun 2012 by whitehouse
The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act ensures hard-working, middle class families will get the security they deserve and protects every American from the worst insurance company abuses. June 28, 2012.

First a note to American conservatives Bruce Springsteen is not an uberconservative and is even critical of the American government when he thinks its necessary that is under the Reagan Regime and the George W. Bush Regime.

For some reason the conservatives and their ilk misinterpret Springsteen's somewhat cynical song Born in the USA as if it were some sort of pro-American rock anthem which it is not. The poblem is that many people hear the refrain/chorus and don't pay attention to the rest of the lyrics which points out America's flaws .

The song highlights the injustices visited upon working class and ordinary Americans by an out of touch elite whether they call themselves conservative or liberal. They are all part of the problem. So Springsteen writes about the effects of out-sourcing American jobs of the problems of poverty and low wages and homelessness and how people lose their homes due to economic injustice and the ignorance and lack of compassion of the ruling class.

Springsteen is also notably cynical in his anti-police violence and racism in his song 41 shots or American skin pointing out that some police officers or even the entire police force in some areas in the USA feel they have the right to pump as many as 41 bullets into a supposedly suspicious Black Man. To many police officers even today in America treat all Black people as suspects especially when outside an all Black designated area ie the Ghettoes . So as in the case of Trayvon Williams a few months back was treated as a suspicious person by a self-appointed vigilante who was then defended by the police and large numbers of white Americans. Trayvon's crime was being black and wearing a hoodie in an upscale gated community .

Memo to Rich Conservatives -- Bruce Springsteen Doesn't Love You Back In contrast to an overpaid, clueless pundit or a blustering New Jersey governor, Bruce is the ultimate populist artist. by Sarah Jaffe at Alternet, June 27,2012

What is it about Bruce Springsteen that causes conservatives to so spectacularly miss the point? Politicians like Chris Christie and pundits like the Heritage Foundation's Mike Brownfield persist in trying to claim Springsteen for themselves, to read some hidden support for their own politics in his lyrics.

Witness the recent case of David Brooks, in a recent New York Times column. Brooks' first sentence couldn't be more out of touch, more anti-Springsteen if it tried: “They say you’ve never really seen a Bruce Springsteen concert until you’ve seen one in Europe, so some friends and I threw financial sanity to the winds and went to follow him around Spain and France.“

Not only does he take the quintessential American artist and place him in Europe, but he's throwing “financial sanity to the winds” at a time when the Boss (no pauper himself, to be sure) is singing about the unemployed, the desperate, and most importantly, those who take care of their neighbors. You know, at home.

He snarkily contrasts the Iberian peninsula with “some other exotic locale on the Jersey Shore” and then devolves (if that was even possible) into some bizarre analysis of how people singing along with Bruce to “Born in the USA” while in Europe is evidence of their deep need for “a passionate and highly localized moral landscape,” whatever that means. And the lesson is that young people still like Springsteen even if a few paragraphs up Brooks was arguing that mostly Springsteen fans are in their “AARP years” (and that crowds in Europe are loud?) and maybe it's because he stayed true to his roots. And didn't embrace pluralism and sample different styles – or something -- or ever take on different characters or sing about places that weren't New Jersey. Oh, wait.

And now more on the response to the pro-Obama Care ruling by the GOP and conservatives in the USA.

As Joshua Holland in this recent article points out the over-the-top reaction to Obamacare being reaffirmed by the Supreme Court of Untied Satates. This win for Obama is seen as a great battle lost by the conservative movement which includes the GOP, The Tea Party gang, the religious right . This victory of the Obama administration is seen as the final straw by those on the right. This leads to incomprehension and hysteria by the Conservatives comparing the court ruling as worse than 9/11 attacks; the end of America as a democracy; to the shredding of the US Constitution to surmising that the more conservative member of the court was coerced in some way by threats against his family: to suggesting leaving the USA for a less leftist nation to calling for armed insurrection , revolution to ousting the "evil Progressives" who have had an undue influence over the Supreme Court.

And the American peoples self-proclaimed champion and voice of "real Americans" and the "Folk" as Glenn beck says "progressivism is a disease and it is in both parties." and describes Progressives as fascists.
Note Beck sees the ruling by the Supreme Court as part of the ongoing hundred year long Conspiracy to utterly change America into a "socialist or Fascist state by "Progressives" liberals, secular humanists or what have you.

Beck's appeal to this conspiracy theory leads him to use eliminatist style language as he refers to progressivism as a disease. If it is a disease then it must be cured by removing all progressives from the government or other American institutions by force if necessary

The 10 Most Hilariously Unhinged Right-Wing Reactions to the Obamacare Ruling Over-the-top? You betcha! by Joshua Holland at Alternet,June 28, 2012

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker beat back a recall effort, we learned that conservatives aren't exactly gracious in victory. On Thursday, when Chief Justice John Roberts joined the Supreme Court's moderate bloc to uphold ObamaCare, we discovered that the Right is nothing less than unhinged in defeat.

The remarkable thing about the heated debates about the law over the last three years is just how modest these reforms really are, especially when one considers how screwed up our healthcare system was to begin with.

The reality is that there is no "government takeover" underway. Some lower-middle-class families are going to get some subsidies to buy insurance, maybe ten million or so more poor people will be eligible for Medicaid. Insurers will get some new regulations that are popular even among Republicans.

And with Thursday's ruling, the government can no longer mandate that you carry insurance, it can only levy a small tax on those who don't. The real-world impact of that? Only an estimated 1 percent of the population will face the tax – a tax that maxes out at 1 percent -- and it may not even be enforceable!

But for the Right, a moderate expansion of health coverage and some new insurance regulations are, simply put, the worst things that ever happened. How bad is it? Well imagine that in the midst of the Holocaust, a meteor crashed to earth, destroying the entire planet. And as planet Earth exploded, it opened up a tear in the space-time continuum that swallowed up the entire galaxy. Thursday's ruling was, apparently, almost that bad.

For your reading pleasure, we've collected some of the most hilariously over-the-top freakouts we've seen.

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