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OBAMA'S WAR ON WEED and Other Crimes and Misdemeanour's - Obama Chortles over US Citizens Jailed For Pot

One in six of US citizens in prison for pot related crimes. Why does Obama and his thugish friends in both parties find it funny to lock up millions of citizens over the last thirty years or more just for using or selling pot.

As Penn points out President Obama has done nothing substantive on the issue of Gay marriage or rights of the GLBT community but he has had the decency to say he sees nothing wrong with Gay marriage .

Whereas on the subject of marijuana President Obama has been a real disappointment and more. If anything President Obama while claiming to be one of us or part of the 99% he has in fact doubled-down on the War on Drugs and especially on his own war on Marijuana including Marijuana for medical purposes.

In large part one of the reasons that the USA has the largest prison population among the world's nations is because of this outdated 19th century style war on drugs. Another piece in this puzzle is the notorious 3 strikes rule by which someone can be tossed into jail for ten or twenty years due to simple possession.

Police don't bother to turn up at trials for arrested occupiers-Mainstream Media as usual MIA (Missing in Action)
Media only interested in Occupy Movement when they can point to something negative which might damage the image of the movement.
When it came to The fabricated pro-Wall Street Tea Party Movement the media did all it could to bolster the image of the Tea Party movement.

The Alyona Show

FBI and Obama administration uses entrapment to fabricate a Domestic Terrorists Plot.
Is Obama actively working against the Occupy Movement and other American dissidents.
New Face of Terror: FBI creates bogeyman out of Occupy

There is an effort being made by republicans at the state level to ostensibly stop voter fraud when in fact they are trying to prevent Democrats and minority groups ie Blacks, Hispanics and the poor from voting since many of them would normally vote for the Democratic Party. And of course the American Mainstream Media treats this attack on the civil rights of citizens as a non-story because its not exiting enough or because they happen to be on the side of the Republican Party and the uberconservatives. One can see this as another backdoor revival of the old Jim Crow segregation laws written or unwritten. The GOP and its media will do all they can to prevent too many in their view blacks and Hispanics and other Democrats from voting.
This is not surprising as we saw in 2000 election the Bush campaign and their gang of Brooks Brothers thugs stole the election from the Democrats.
So as we have seen no matter whether you agree with Obama's policies the aim of the Republicans is to attack Obama in any way they can including using dogWhistle racist coded language as in "He is not one of us", "He's not a "real American" or even still claiming Obama was not born in America - the Birther argument - which is really a tin foil hatted Conspiracy theory . The Conspiracy theory is pushed to its limits claiming that this conspiracy can be traced back to Kenya as Obama from birth had been chosen to take over America and push his socialist, fascist, communist, racist, Islamic agenda on America.

And yet when it comes to foreign and domestic issues Obama is even more conservative and aggressive than was George W. Bush. Obama is still filling American jails with people who are disproportionately from visible minorities or who are from the lower classes. Obama is more concerned with appeasing the GOP and the super -wealthy corporations and individuals.
On numerous issues if Obama loses to Mitt Romney there will be no real change at all except on a few social issues such as GLBT rights and women's reproductive rights.
President Obama had an opportunity in 2008 and 2009 to teach Wall Street and the too big too fail crowd a lesson that they cannot expect the US government to pick up the tab when these greedy super-wealthy people create a financial mess for which average citizens are now paying for while the GOP treats Obama as a joke.

Instead Obama gave these Greedy Bastards whatever they wanted and more. So it turns out Obama is a champion of ruthless unfettered Monopolistic Capitalism and to hell with the Citizenry at large.

Obama has also shown that he is part of the in-crowd who attend ant-democratic functions such as the National Prayer Breakfast run by the Religious Fanatic and Fascist David Cole of the Family. This should have been no surprise after he praised the anti-Gay rights Pastor Rick Warren who is much further to the right than folks think. Rick Warren was instrumental along with other Evangelicals ie Lou Engle, Dobson, Pat Robinson, John Hagee and uberconservative Catholics ie the Catholic Defense league and the Mormons in stopping proposition 8 in California allowing for Gay equality including Marriage. But even more damning Pastor Rick Warren who took part in the Obama inauguration was instrumental in the creating of the "Death to Gays Bill" in Uganda which he later disingenuously denied.

For all his talk about fairplay and listening to both sides and not merely adhereing to an ideology in the end he has put all of his weight on the side of Israel and the American friendly brutal autocratic ruler , dictators and Royal Families as in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Burma . So he has taken down Qaddaffi and is poised to take down Assad of Syria

Fireside: FL's War on Voters- The Alyona Show at RT.

Published on 1 Jun 2012 by TheAlyonaShow
We've seen a broad attack on voting rights this year with strict voter ID and registration laws being passed in states all across the country. And while they're sold as ways to counter voter fraud, they actually serve to disenfranchise voters and often, those voters happen to be minorities, elderly, or the poor. We pointed out that Rick Scott's attempt to take non-citizens off of voter rolls. And how ThinkProgress found this week hundreds of cases already in just one county where US citizens had been placed on this list. But now the Justice Department has written a strictly worded letter to the State of Florida, noting that their actions may violate the Voting Rights Act. A federal judge in Florida also blocked parts of the state law on voter registration, arguing that it violates the First Amendment and the National Voter Registration Act.

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