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EPA Resignation Obama Caves In Once Again and Romney Does Too Meanwhile Evangelical Christian Crusaders Controlling US Military

This week ultraconservatives rack up 2 more wins
Obama Admin Caves In Once Again firing EPA employee for defending the EPA's mandate.
Meanwhile Mitt Romney also caves in to pressure from the Social Conservatives and the Religious Right to fire his campaign manager who is openly Gay.
Meanwhile the Christian Evangelical Dominionists are continuing taking control of the US Military and other realms of influence in America.

President Obama fires an EPA employee for having the audacity to suggest that those who pollute and damage the environment and or the health of American citizens should face stiff criminal charges and hefty meaningful fines.
OMG this employee was actually defending the EPAs function and goals.
What in the world is wrong with President Obama.
Sometimes I think Obama still doesn't realize that he won the 2008 election and is now the president and doesn't have to knuckle under every time someone on the right criticizes him or people in his administration and the various government departments.

Cenk Uygur The Young Turks -EPA Resignation as Obama Caves In to FOX News and the GOP

So it is not just Obama that has to knuckle under to the Uberconservatives and the Religious Right.
The sad part of this is that there are Gays who belong to the Republican Party and yet the Republicans and the Social Conservatives preach hate against Gays and fear monger about the so called Gay Agenda Stealth Conspiracy.
As Cenk wonders are these Gays just a bit out of touch with what the Republican Party now stands for. Their anti-Gay rhetoric is not merely rhetoric but informs some of their policies.

"Romney's Gay Spokesperson Resigns" Cenk Uygur at The Young Turks

The US military at all levels has given into the demands of its Evangelical Christian Dominionists and their allies.
They believe that in order for the US to win the Global War on Terror the US military and government must invoke the name of Jesus to render this war as a Holy War and a Crusade to destroy those peoples and religions which are seen as Anti-Christian and anti-Jesus and therefore on the side of the Evil Principalities that are being manipulated by Satan Himself.

Whatever name they go by the US forces still act as if they were on a crusade to destroy Islam. Afterall they act like the Medieval Crusaders who saw all non-Christians as pawns of the devil. Then as now the Western troops led by the USA show little regard for innocent civilians whom they see as part of the enemy camp. We see this in the US and NATO's military in their use of Drones , Napalm White phosphorus , Cluster Bombs, land mines and designating areas as free fire zones.

The United States Military ... a Crusader Force? By Michael L Weinstein, Truthout, May 2, 2012

We know that the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and other mujahideen feel that they are involved in a holy war. Do US military personnel also see themselves in this role?

Countless armed forces members have reached out to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) over the last nearly seven years to express their dire concern regarding the proliferation of literature, imagery, insignia, and much more which indicates that, indeed, some do see themselves as the Christian extremist counterparts of their Islamic fundamentalist, Salafi-Jihadist foes. This extremely dangerous Islamophobia, inextricably intertwined into the very fabric of the US armed forces, has reached such a dire level of toxicity that it caused America's highest-ranking soldier to actually DO something about it just last week on April 24, 2012. Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, issued an unprecedented directive tasking the entire US military at all levels, top to bottom, to immediately review all of its official training and educational programs and to eliminate any anti-Muslim and/or anti-Islam bias that is currently present therein. Talking the talk is one thing that the Pentagon does well. It's cheap, fast and easy to seemingly balm the wounds of unconstitutional civil rights abuses by such idle and too-often disingenuous chatter. Walking the talk is quite another matter and one in which the Department of Defense has an absolutely abysmal and shameful record.

Case in point: the recent decision to rename Beaufort, South Carolina-based Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 (VMFA-122) the "Crusaders" and adopt the red cross of the crusading medieval Knights Templar.

This alarming decision to rechristen the jet fighter squadron as "Crusaders" threatens to reignite the explosive tension and anti-American rage that exists across the Muslim world. "Crusader" is an epithet that is routinely used to describe US military personnel throughout the Arab and Islamic world. A phrase which literally means "taking up the cross," Crusader recalls a history of colonization and campaigns of conquest and plunder spearheaded by European Christian military orders. Spanning three centuries and starting in the year 1096, the crusades viciously claimed the lives of millions of inhabitants of the Middle East. While motivated by the secular incentives of lucre and mammon, the Crusades serve as a hideous testament to the noxious danger embodied by the foreboding alloy of weaponized theology.

In March 2012, al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri referred to International Security Assistance Force troops stationed in Afghanistan as "Crusader Swine." During last year's NATO intervention in Libya, then-leader Muammar Qaddafi referred to Western forces as a "crusader alliance." Likewise, insurgent forces in Iraq and Afghanistan-Pakistan have regularly called US personnel "crusaders."

...Christian fundamentalist extremists eagerly anticipate a new, nuclear-armed crusade, believing that it fulfills blood-drenched, biblical end-time prophecies and eschatology. In August 2001, Protestant prophecy magazine The Philadelphia Trumpet published an article opening with the lines, "Most people think the crusades for Jerusalem are a thing of the past - over forever. They are wrong. Preparations are being made for a final crusade and it will be the bloodiest of all!" Immediately following the attacks on September 11, 2001, George W. Bush raised the hackles of European allies after referring to, "This crusade, this war on terrorism."

Some clearly nontrivial number of those with "shock and awe" power within the halls of the Pentagon seem to be addicted to a noxiously theocratic world view and modus operandi that is marinated in the superstitious, fever dreams of fundamentalist Christian Dominionism. Indeed, their itchy trigger fingers seem all too eager to fire the opening shots of a religiously inspired bloodbath of, literally, biblical proportions. Bewitched by this fatal theocratic nationalism, exceptionalism and supremacy, these modern-day Department of Defense Crusaders will stop at nothing - including trampling upon the US Constitution - for the sake of advancing toward this singular goal of Armageddon. As American citizens who have immeasurably benefited from the precious privileges and values bestowed upon us by our United States Constitution, it is our solemn duty, our most manifest calling to fight assiduously against those who are the sectarian, "homeland" variant of the very same Islamic religious extremists whom we fight abroad.

Islamophobes preach about how all Muslims are the enemy because according to them all Muslims have a duty to fight not merely a spiritual Jihad but also a physical war or Jihad against all non-believers that is the Infidels. According to these Islamophobes if need be the Muslims where ever they happen to be will use what ever tactics they believe are necessary whether it is bombs or a Stealth Jihad in non-Muslim countries. These anti-Muslim believe that the West that is Europe and the USA have been targeted by Stealth Islamic Jihadists to force their beliefs and legal system known as Sharia upon all Americans and all the nations of the world . So these Stealth Jihadists use various non-violent tactics to slowly take over the Non-Islamic world. So they will use Western legal system and notions such as Religious Tolerance, pluralism, multiculturalism, free speech, freedom of religion to promulgate their religion , values and laws. Bit by bit supposedly the Muslims in America purposely infiltrate one institution after another from pre-schools to public schools to Universities to controlling the Media , health professions, the US military, the pentagon, the financial system .

The irony here or even hypocrisy on the part of Evangelical Christians is that they also have a plan for taking control of America and making it in to a full fledged theocracy or even Theocracy lite. This theology known as Dominionism or the Seven Mountains Prophecy also targets the different realms of society from Churches to schools to banks to the Media, the government and military.

Though there is ample evidence showing that Evangelical Dominionists Christians are in fact infiltrating various institutions and realms of power especially in the USA there is little or no evidence of a wide spread Islamic Stealth Jihad in America working to take over the United States or Europe.

The Christian and Jewish anti-Muslims characterize Islam as a violent intolerant religion compared to Christianity and Judaism. But this is not quite the case as the Christian Evangelicals see themselves as Warriors for Jesus who are in a final all encompassing war against the enemies of Jesus. So these Christian defenders of the Faith will also use various means to attract more converts including subterfuge and bullying or whatever will work to gain converts.
At the same time these Christian Evangelicals also like Islamic Extremists believe they have a duty to conquer , convert or kill all those who refuse to convert to Christianity.

"ALTERNET – How the Fundamentalist Mind Compels Conservative Christians to Force Their Beliefs on You " at Military Religious, MARCH 19, 2012

Good people are willing to subvert the U.S. Constitution and even violate human decency in their quest for converts.

Many evangelicals wear their religion on T-shirts and around their necks and on car bumpers and eye-blacks. They hand out tracts on college campuses and stage revival meetings on military bases. They use weddings and funerals to preach come-to-Jesus sermons. In their resolve to spread the good news that Jesus saves, some also do things that are more morally dubious.

In Tucson, nice young couples cultivate relationships with lonely college students without disclosing that they are paid to engage in “friendship missions.” In Seattle, volunteers woo first- and second-graders to afterschool Good News Clubs that the children are incapable of distinguishing from school-sponsored activities. In Muslim countries, Christian missionaries skirt laws that ban proselytizing by pretending to be mere aid workers, putting genuinely secular aid workers at risk. In the U.S. military, soldiers bully other soldiers into prayer meetings or the Passion of the Christ and then send bizarrely profane emails to people who try to stop them.

Perhaps the most devastating consequence of evangelical zeal in recent decades has been millions of unnecessary deaths in Africa. Many evangelicals saw the HIV epidemic as an opportunity.

“AIDS has created an evangelism opportunity for the body of Christ unlike any in history,” said Ken Isaacs of Samaritan’s Purse. Another group that pursued HIV dollars has its mission built right into its name: Community Health Evangelism. Christian ideology ultimately redirected billions of U. S. aid dollars away from science-based results-oriented interventions such as contraceptive access and safe-sex education and into programs that espoused traditional Christian values: monogamy, evangelism, and compassionate after-the-fact care for the sick.

Report on College Protest Crackdown Urges Changes for Police By Doug Oakley, McClatchy Newspapers | Report May 6,2012

University of California administrators should take more responsibility for controlling their police and police should be better trained to keep campus protests peaceful, says a report the university system released Friday.
The report was prepared in the aftermath of protests in November at UC-Berkeley and UC-Davis. Both protests drew criticism of police actions: jabbing protesters with batons at Berkeley and using pepper spray on passive protesters at Davis.
UC President Mark Yudof in November said he was "appalled" at those actions and vowed to protect the rights of student and staff.

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