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#JusticeForTrayvon UPDATE and Romney, Santorum and Gingrich Still Fighting The Soviet Union/ And Santorum ' N ' Word Gaffe

UPDATE: #JusticeForTrayvon

Trayvon Martin case 911 call: Screams not George Zimmerman's, 2 experts say
MSNBC April 1, 2012

The voice heard crying for help on a 911 call just before Trayvon Martin was shot to death was not that of George Zimmerman, according to two forensic voice identification experts, one of whom told MSNBC on Sunday that he believes the evidence is strong enough to use in court.

"The tests concluded that it's not the voice of Mr. Zimmerman," Tom Owen, of Owen Forensic Services LLC and chair emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence, told MSNBC.
Asked if he thought such tests would be admissible in court, Owen said "yes" and noted he had recently used similar testing in testimony at a Connecticut murder case that involved 911 call.

Harris-Perry gives white people’s guide to talk Trayvon Martin MSNBC via Raw Story,March 31,2012

Romney thinks the Cold war with Russia didn't End

Romney: Alarmed by Obama open mic gaffe

On this issue Mitt Romney is not alone. Gingrich and Santorum and other Republicans and tea party devotees and their enablers at Fox and elsewhere are concerned that Obama is giving in to the Russians and thereby appeasing or capitulating the Evil Empire.
But stupid me I thought the Cold War with The Evil Empire more or less came to end after the Berlin Wall was torn down. But I guess the taking down of the wall and the move towards a more democratic and capitalistic society in Russia is some sort of public relations stunt and a ruse while Russia in fact is still planing world domination ???

We should I guess be thankful for their comments reminding Americans and all Western Nations that it seems we are still at war with the Soviet Union???
Actually this is just more insanity on the part of the loons in the Conservative Movement in America.
What Obama is talking about is re-configuring and integrating the European, Eastern European and Russian defense systems to meet today's political realities that the real enemies of America are nations in the Middle East such as Iran ,Syria and certain African nations and China and North Korea etc.
Obama appears to believe if such alliances can be set up thereby still protecting America and its allies that he can then begin a process not of getting rid of all nuclear weapons but scaling down.
The USA itself has enough war heads to kill off the entire population of the Earth several times over.
Of course the conservatives tend to favor the notion of MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction.
And of course for those on the Religious Right such as Santorum believe that if a Global nuclear war occurred this would be because that was God's plan in the same way the deaths of over a million Iraqis and of some 7,000 US troops is also part of God's plan like Hurricane Katrina or the 9/11 terrorist attack or the deaths of innocent civilians murdered by an armed American Drone in Afghanistan or Iraq,or Pakistan or Yemen or Libya.

Gingrich hammers Obama over Medvedev comments

At Jelly Belly HQ, Santorum slams Obama for ‘whispering off-camera’ to Medvedev By Felicia Sonmez,,March 29,2012

Seeking to inject new life into his struggling presidential bid, Rick Santorum on Thursday took his campaign to Jelly Belly headquarters in California, where he delivered an homage to famed jelly-bean aficionado Ronald Reagan as well as a harsh critique of President Obama, whose foreign policy the former Pennsylvania senator argued has been harmful to the United States.

Obama’s policies are “destructive for our economy, destructive for our reputation around the world and for our national security,” Santorum told supporters at the Fairfield, Calif., headquarters of the jelly-bean manufacturer.

A presidential campaign that has been largely waged on economic grounds shifted to the foreign policy sphere this week after Obama was caught by an open microphone telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Seoul that he needed “space” until after the November election in dealing with the issue of missile defense in Europe.

The contenders for the GOP presidential nod quickly seized upon the episode, arguing that Obama displayed weakness in dealing with Russia and questioning what other matters the president would wield new “flexibility” after the election.

Santorum on Thursday took aim at Obama for “whispering off-camera to the president of Russia” about missile defense, an issue that he said was ironic given Reagan and his legacy with former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

“Ronald Reagan didn’t whisper to Gorbachev, ‘Give me some flexibility,’” Santorum said. “He walked out of Iceland and said, ‘You either do this, or we have no deal.’”

Obama had asked Medvedev to “give me a little space, buddy ... then I’ll throw some other of our allies under the bus, in order to get his dream, his dream,” Santorum said.

“And what is that dream?” the former Pennsylvania senator asked. “His dream, in this case, is a nuclear-free world, and he stands here proclaiming that we need to reduce weapons complements between the United States and Russia.”

Santorum also argued that the situation is worse in Afghanistan, where Obama is “buying time” by subscribing to an arbitrary timeline and therefore giving U.S. enemies the one thing they need to survive: Hope.

“Of all of the failings of this administration, of all of the failings, perhaps the greatest is on national security — and folks, that’s saying something,” Santorum said.

and did Santorum call Obama a N****r or does he just have a speech impediment since just recently Santorum referred to "the Blah people" -

One can only hope that he and the GOP are not that crass or is this a reflection of what the Tea Party gang thinks of Obama.
We know that during the 2008 election campaign that racist slurs about Obama were common along with subtler forms of racism including dogwhistle racist code calling Obama "Not A real American" or "Not one of Us" or having been born in Kenya not the USA or being a radical African-American who hung out with socialists, communists, gangsters, domestic terrorists and the New Black Panthers and of being a secret Muslim on the side of Al Qaeda and of being anti-Christian.
All of this is a load of nonsense. Obama is a Christian American who favors the capitalist system but believes that certain programs such as comprehensive government sponsored health care  program is just another way in which in a civilized decent society the people agree to take care of their fellow citizens. Of course Conservatives believe that America is made up of 300 million individuals each of them at war with the rest as they work and scheme to make themselves rich while the rest do without. Governments are supposed to be a means by which those in power or who are wealthy can not trample on the rights, liberties and well being of their fellow citizens.
When basic healthcare or long term health issues becomes so costly that only the well off can afford them then the so called level playing field becomes just another bit of empty rhetoric to pacify the less well off.

Did Santorum Use the 'N' word to describe Obama

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