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Using Bogus Intel & Compliant Media Obama Takes on Iran As Bush Did Iraq Meanwhile Obama Target Wikileaks & Julian Assange Like Obama Did Osama Bin Laden

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Obama wants war with Iran no matter what the facts on the ground are
He feels he needs to prove to the electorate that he is a "real American" willing to take part in an unnecessary war to prove that America is no. 1.
Obama worked diligently to cover up criminal activities and war crimes of the Bush Regime
Obama once in power went the same route as Bush telling the world that no nation no international organization has any right to criticize the Holy and pure United States of America which operates according to providence and God.
President Obama still pissed at Wikileaks and Julian Assange according to recently released documents by Wikileaks Obama and Stratfor were and are still working to destroy Julian Assange by any and all means necessary. So we can assume that the sexual assault charges against Assange were cooked up by Stratfor on behalf of President Obama using similar tactics once used by former Soviet Union's KGB .

As for the freedom of speech ,the freedom of the press and the freedom of assoiciation and the freedom of dissent, Obama has trampled all of these rights and freedoms by going after Wikileaks, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange and other Wistleblowers in the USA.

So Obama is upset because the leaked documents over the last cuple of years shows how badly the War on Terror was conducted under the Bush Regime and how it is being poorly directed under the Obama Brand.

The number of Iraqis and Afghans incarcerated, tortured, murdered, abused and so forth is in the thousand and not just a couple of hundred. Abu Ghraib made the news because some of the people involved taped these horrendous abuses of POWS and the films ended up in the hands of journalists on the internet.
Obama is not bothered by the on-going HQ /Pentagon/White House programs of kidnapping, abuse, torture,and murder of these POWS it is rather that he is pissed because these criminal actions have been leaked to journalists and to the public.
So while still working diligently to cover up the criminal activities and the war crimes committed by the Bush Regime and by his own Regime Obama is set to at a moments notice to start this whole tragedy of the last decade in Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan to now extend America's Terrorist Military Machine into Iran.
Wasn't enough blood shed already to avenge the blood of those murdered in the 9/11 attack.
Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were made to pay with their lives for something they and their government had no hand in.

But Obama and millions of Americans are out to destabalize and destroy as many countries as they can in the Middle East.

So once again the public is being sold the supposed necessity of a war against a country which is not a threat to the USA or anybody else. So they cook the books claiming Iran is out to obliterate Israel and the USA and Britain and so on. Yet the Iranians do not have WMDs or nuclear weapons but Obama argues as Bush did that someday Iran might have such weapons as might a hundred other nations. So should each country be bombed back into the stone age just to make American's feel more secure or just so Obama can prove that he is a True American who believes that the USA must be no. 1 and by doing so becomes the world's no. 1 BULLY.

Julian Assange: Stratfor is a private intelligence Enron The Guardian ,Feb. 27,2012

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says the US private intelligence firm Stratfor engages in 'seedy business' as his whistleblower website releases 200 leaked emails from the company. The online activist collective Anonymous passed 5m emails to WikiLeaks after a hacking attack against Stratfor in December 2011

WikiLeaks suspect Manning treated badly 2012-03-05 19:11

Geneva - US authorities' treatment of WikiLeaks suspect Private Bradley Manning was "cruel and degrading," the UN special rapporteur on torture Juan Ernesto Mendez said on Monday.

"I believe Bradley Manning was subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in the excessive and prolonged isolation he was put in during the eight months he was in Quantico," he told AFP, referring to the US military prison near Washington.

Mendez said that "fortunately" the alleged mistreatment ended when Manning was transferred from Quantico to another prison in Kansas.

"But the explanation I was given for those eight months was not convincing for me," he said, speaking on the sidelines of a UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva.

Jailed for more than a year and a half before his arraignment last month, Manning, 24, has complained of being placed in solitary confinement, of bullying by guards, and of being subjected to an ultra restrictive regime in Quantico.

He has been charged with 22 counts in connection with turning over a massive cache of classified US documents to the secret-spilling website WikiLeaks in one of the biggest intelligence breaches in US history, including "aiding the enemy".

At his arraignment hearing at the Fort Meade army base on February 24, when he declined to enter a plea, Manning's civilian lawyer, David Coombs, said his client had been in confinement for 635 days.

Manning faces court martial later this year, accused of passing hundreds of thousands of military field reports from Iraq and Afghanistan and US diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks between November 2009 and May 2010, when he served as an intelligence analyst in Iraq.

Female alter ego

The military documents shed light on civilian deaths, while the diplomatic cables sparked a firestorm by disclosing the private remarks of heads of state and candid observations by senior US officials.

The US government slammed the disclosure of the documents by WikiLeaks, saying it threatened national security and the lives of foreigners working with the military and US embassies.

WikiLeaks supporters view the site as a whistleblower that exposed US wrongdoing and see Manning as a political prisoner.

Army investigators told a hearing in December that contact information for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, military reports, cables and other classified material had been found on computers and storage devices used by Manning.

Manning's lawyers have portrayed him as suffering from "gender identity disorder," saying he had created an online female alter ego called "Breanna Manning".

The Bradley Manning Support Network said last month that Manning had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by members of the Icelandic parliament.

Assange has meanwhile been in Britain fighting extradition to Sweden, where he faces sexual assault accusations.

He has denied the allegations, saying they are politically motivated.

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