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Half The Population of Bahrain Took Part in Pro-Reform Protest This Week And Yet Ignored By Western Media Due To Obama's Campaign of Disinformation

Half the population of Bahrain take part in pro-reform protests aginst the on-going crack down on protesters and all who dare criticize the government.
Hundreds of Thousands of the Citizens of Bahrain including both Shia and Sunni Muslims march in pro-reform protest against the Al Khalifa Royal Family and its Saudi Supporters
Western media ignores the size and importance of the protests fearing criticism from the Obama White House for reporting the event as it actually happened Some Western Media erroneously and deliberately claimed the protest was tiny ony a few hundred taking part and the Western Media claimed the protesters were violently attack security forces.

Occupy Bahrain: The largest demonstration in Bahrain. We are the 99%
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Occupy Bahrain: The largest demonstration in Bahrain. We are the 99%

More than 700 thousand citizens demanding to achieve self-determination, freedom and democracy and the rejection of dictatorship.
Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama Regime erroneously claim the protesters are a bunch of Evil Shia Muslims backed by the Iranian Evil Empire- Obama lies and propagandizes just like the former Bush Regime.
Once again proving US is an Imperialistic Empire which has no interests in the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Bahrain or even those protesting inside the USA.
Marchers here stretch back miles /kilometers not mere meters as Western Media reported.

And to prove the movement is non sectarian below is a sign saying just that though Hilary Clinton & Obama claim  otherwise.

How many brave Bahraini citizens must be martyred before America and the West take these pro-reformers seriously.
Another picture tweeted by lawyer @reemashallan shows a slogan against sectarianism “We are Brothers, Shia and Sunni, we won't sell out this country”:


@MohmdAshoor: funeral in Duraz right now for 21 year old #fadhel who was shot directly in the head with a gas canister
Note in Oakland USA the police shot Scott Olsen in the head at an Occupy Protest which was peacful til the police under orders from authorities went on a rampage while the US media and White House ignored the incident. So now we can without hesitation compare the USA to bahrain and Egypt and so forth.

Photos from : Bahrain: Massive Rally Against the Regime By Global Voices Online via• on March 11, 2012

The United States and President Obama have been accused of fueling and arming counter-revolutionary groups in most cases that includes those who are already ruling these countries such as the Saudis and Al Khalifa Family in Bahrain as they have in Egypt to prevent real reform.
In libya the USA and Western Nations backed extremist rebels who are anti-democracy and in favor of a government with laws based upon Islamic Sharia Law. These rebels who had little support in libya were only able to defeat Qaddafi because they were supported by the massive bombings by the USA under the veneer of NATO .

Tens of thousands of civilians were killed not by Qaddafi and his forces but by The USA and Nato and the barbaric rebels who committed a multitude of atrocities against government forces and civilians.
Now Libya is crawling with various hit squads and death squads butchering and torturing civilians in acts of reprisals against those who supported Qaddafi and to crush any possible resistance to the new US/NATO backed regime.
America was not interested in freeing the susposedly oppressed peoples of Libya but rather America wanted to free Libyan oil to fuel the American Empire. Yet even many so called liberals cheered the massive bombing of civilian areas that is villages, towns, cities and suburbs of Libya. But according to Obama and many Americans the deaths of tens of thousands of Libyan or Iraqis, Afghans and so forth is worth it in order to have access to a cheaper supply of oil and gas.

The other reason Obama and the Neo-Liberals and Neocons wanted to neutralize Libya besides the oil is for strategic geopolitical rationale to gains hegemony over the region and to further isolate Iran .

The people of Bahrain who wish for reform and are willing to put their lives on the line by peaceful protests are not supported by the USA or NATO because Bahrain's ruling famil the Al Khalifa's are close allies to the American friendly Saudis. And the USA and NATO and Israel need the Saudis if America is to eventually go to war with Iran or even to tighten the sanctions on Iran as the USA similarily did against Iraq for over a decade causing the deaths of at least 500,000 Iraqi civilians . But unfortunately for Iran no matter what it does or doesn't do won't matter because after 33 years of hate propaganda against Iran eventually the US and Israel must make good on their plans to crush Iran in order to save face.

Once again we see NATO being used as an arm of American Imperialism as it has been used in other conflicts such as Afghanistan in order to make America's involvement look legal and moral.

US provides Tear Gas to Bahrain Regime (and other countries) causing many casualities and several deaths.

USA and its allies Media play down or ignore the protests in favor of reform in Bahrain.

Notoriously brutal LA Police Commisioner who has been called the worst police chief in America deployed to train Bahraini police in using force against peaceful protesters.
But we shouldn't be surprised as Obama has done nothing to stop the police brutality against the #OWS movement if anything his silence has been taken as tacit approval of these brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters.

UPDATE Bahrain Presstv covers the new round of massive protests in Bahrain . But it doesn't matter because President Obama is too cozy with the Saudis and the Bahrinis leaders. Obama is only in favor of democracy when it is in America's interests.

USA President Obama and The Saudi Royal Family Trying to silent all protesters and dissidents in Bahrain

Protests from Los Angels to Bahrain and Morocco

Appromimately 1/2 of the population of Bahrain have taken part in today's   marches .
Bahrainis protest against the occupation by the Whabbi Saudi forces aqnd the oligarthy and military now in control

'Bahrain faces greatest protest in its history'

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In Bahrain, hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators have taken to the streets across the country to demand an end to the rule of Al Khalifa dynasty.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohsen Saleh, professor at Lebanese University, to share his opinion on this issue.

Bahrain Revolution-News Analysis-03-10-2012

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In the Persian Gulf island of Bahrain, throughout this past year, anti-regime protesters have staged massive marches renewing their protest against the ruling al-Khalifa family. But this time it was different and much larger for over half of the population of Bahrain came out condemning the regime and calling for its downfall.

A protest called by Bahrain top cleric on Friday prayer; Sheikh Isa Qassim. In this News Analysis we will discuss how close Bahrainis have come to achieving their goals of revolution and how the US and its allies and Persian Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia are trying to prevent Bahrainis from reaching their goals

and so it goes at the far reaches of the Empire,

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