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#OWS Update TYT Breitbart Rant Against OWS And War With Iran Propaganda And Sibel Edmonds the Military Industrial complex supports oppressive Regimes...

#OWS Update 1:

Occupy Round House New Mexico

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2012 Occupy new Mexico makes an historical hug on the state capitals Round House in a moment of of solidarity

OWS UPDATE 2 Breitbart's rant against Occupy Wall Street protesters and supporters
Breitbart called Occupy members anti-American filthy animals, freaks,rapists and murderers

Breitbart Vs Cenk On Occupy Wall Street (Review)

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Conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart came on The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur on Current TV to talk about his claims regarding rape at Occupy Wall Street protests. Cenk reviews their discussion the day after, including correcting one misquote.

Former CIA Agent Pushes War With Iran

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Bruce Riedel, former CIA officer wrote a report about an "official british report" which pushed for war with Iran. Cenk Uygur breaks down just how ridiculous this report is and how similar this is to the lead up to the war with Iraq.

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Big Money and Washington trumps human rights abuses in Bahrain and other nations.

Sibel Edmonds on why the Military Industrial complex supports oppressive regimes

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In November of last year, The Washington Times published an opinion piece entitled, "Bahrain, a vital US ally. Backing protesters would betray a friend and harm American security." The article was written by Vice-Admiral Charles Moore, who is now a regional president for Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin has done millions of dollars of business with Bahrain. Bahrain has been criticized for abusing its own citizens and Sibel Edmonds with the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, joins us to discuss why Bahrain is interested in lobbying in America.

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Notions such as democratic reform, civil rights and human rights and freedoms are trumped in Bahrain and elsewhere by the strategic and political expediency of the USA in the Gulf Region.
So as in other cases the US downplays the human rights issue in Bahrain in order not to upset the Bahraini government which the US needs to keep its military and political dominance in the region.

Meanwhile the US also downplays for similar reasons the poor human rights record of Saudi Arabia or other Arab or Islamic governments which are considered allies of the US.
Meanwhile at the same time the US government the White House ,the pentagon and the mainstream Media drum up anti-Iranian propaganda highlighting and dramatizing similar human rights abuses in Iran as those in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other US friendly governments or rulers.

A major part of the Obama administrations need to keep Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as allies is the US intention to neutralize or bomb or invade Iran. This is so even though Iran is not a threat to the US or its allies.
One could posit that maybe this time the US will get rights as opposed how wrong they got it in invading and occupying Iraq. If they can isolate and eventually take control of Iran's oil fields for instance maybe some would opine that the US could resolve at least a part of its own financial crisis.

We need to remember that the US has been threatening war on Iran since President Bush' 2003 Axis of Evil speech . John McCain during his bid for President in 2008 joked about the Bombing of Iran joining the chorus of those such as Hilary Clinton and other Democrats who also wanted to start a war with Iran either to get at its oil or to quiet the fears the Israelis have about a nuclear Iran.
Besides in the American elites way of thinking another war can only be good for the private sector especially that connected to the Intelligence Security Military Industrial Complex.

Will Israel's fear of Iran lead to a war?

Uploaded by RTAmerica on Jan 12, 2012
The tensions between the Iran and the West seem to be getting tighter. On Wednesday Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a key Iranian nuclear scientist, was killed. President Obama recently sent thousands of US troops to Israel. Many believe sanctions without diplomacy will only lead to a war. Although US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, has publicly admitted that Iran us not trying to develop a nuclear weapon, the tough sanctions continue. Gayane Chichakyan reports

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