Friday, February 24, 2012

#OWS Cenk Uygur "Don't drill for more oil to lower gas prices, drill the oil speculators" & Thom Hartmann US Citizens Being Screwed

The issue of oil and gasoline prices being rigged is a concern for the Occupy Movement since it shows how these Greedy amoral unethical speculators have no regard for the average citizen .
And yet they claim they are patriots when they decidedly are not.

Question is can or will the US government reinstitute common sense regulations of the Oil companies and the speculators. Could Obama insist on a price freeze or even roll back prices since the prices at the pumps is not a result of the natural forces of supply and demand.
Demand has gone down yet the prices are sky-rocketing.
If as Republicans and others claim America is at war since 9/11 then this sort rip-off of consumers is in fact war profiteering and can be therefore ipso facto a matter of treason undermining the nation's economy during war time.

Cenk Uygur of TYT expresses his outrage over the unnecessary rising Oil and gasoline prices.
Once again the Wall Street gang backed the Obama Regime are displaying their Greed and their unpatriotic amoral attitude towards American consumers.
A bill was defeated by the republicans which would have required oil companies to sell oil drilled in the USA to American consumers rather than just sold to the highest bidder .
Speculators and corporations tal about a fair and open market place yet treat the markets and investments as a means for them to gamble turning Wall Street into a Casino for the 1% to play. They over inflate prices betting things will get worse and so artificially raise prices.

Cenk Uygur "Don't drill for more oil to lower gas prices, drill the oil speculators"

Thom Hartmann simplifies how the oil companies and corporations and investors are able to rig the system due in large part to the last twenty years of deregulation.

#OWS Update More Deregulation Oil prices skyrocket...the speculators are back

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