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#OWS Occupy Courts & Prime Minister Harper Agrees With President Obama War With Iran Inevitable

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 More incendiary madness, lies and propaganda car of the Obama Regime.
 War after all is a good distraction and can be good for business just ask Halliburton.
 If the USA doesn't attack Iran soon Israel will. Maybe even drop an Israeli Nuke on Tehran.
Yes Israel has some 150 Nuclear Weapons and no one's allowed to mention the fact around members of the Obama Regime or on the Mainstream media in the USA.

President Obama proving his machismo killing tens of thousands in Iraq and Libya and now going after Iran.

* #OWS to occupy the courts across the USA protesting SCOTUS Citizens United
* Obama Regime insisting on going to war with Iran.
* Could this lead to WWW III
* Propaganda blitz against Iran having an impact
* Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper believing US propaganda will support war against Iran

Move To Amend organization joined by Occupy movement to protests against US Supreme Court decision Citizens United which gave corporations equal rights with US citizens.
In New York the court concluded that no protest could be held at the court house due to special security concerns. This ruling could allow states and cities across America to make similar arguments about court houses as well as other public buildings.They could then extend such a ban on protests in the vicinity of court houses to include other public buildings such as City Hall, state legislator, police stations, fire departments, hospitals, schools, libraries, university and college campuses and so on etc.

Occupy Wall Street: Protesters To Demonstrate Outside Courthouses Huffington Post, january 20, 2012

NEW YORK — Protesters plan to "occupy" courthouses in more than 100 cities across the U.S. on Friday to protest a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that removed most limits on corporate and labor spending in federal elections.

The grassroots coalition, called Move to Amend, said the protest will kick off petition drives to gain support for a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United v. FEC, a 2010 court ruling that allowed private groups to spend huge amounts on political campaigns with few restrictions. Occupy Wall Street activists are joining the protest.

"The courts created the idea that the corporation is a person with constitutional rights," said David Cobb, an Occupy the Courts organizer. "It's the justification for the whole corporate takeover of our government."

Activists in New York scrambled to move their protest after a judge ruled Thursday that demonstrators do not have a First Amendment right to protest in front of a federal courthouse.

Protesters had filed a lawsuit asking the judge to overturn the government's rejection of their permit application. The permit was denied on grounds that the courthouse poses unique security concerns.

In a statement late Thursday, Move to Amend said the rally would be moved to Foley Square, near the courthouse, and that activists would focus on organizing the protests rather than appealing the ruling.

Meanwhile the Obama Regime is determined to go to war with Iran no matter what concessions Iran may propose. The Obama Regime and its allies claim that Iran will soon be able to build Nuclear Weapons and therefore must be stopped from doing so. The only way to do that according to the Obama Regime and its Media Propagandists is to go to war with Iran.No matter that the reality is that Iran is nowhere near the ability to make Nuclear Weapons or that Iran as a sovereign nation has a right to develop its nuclear energy capacity .
And of course the US and its allies claim Iran is a nuclear threat to Israel while they ignore that Israel has a stock-pile of some 150 Nuclear Weapons which means Israel is not as defenseless as it claims to be.

You would think after the lies and propaganda about the necessity in 2003 to invade Iraq as touted by the Bush Regime that the Mainstream Media and the public at large would be more skeptical about any news coming out of the White House .
But no the Media and a large portion of the public in fact can't wait to get into another shooting war to allegedly make the world safe for democracy and freedom. This is once again just all smoke and mirrors . Iran is not a threat to its neighbors or Israel or the USA or Canada (see story below on PM Stephen Harper) or the UK or Europe and yet it appears to be a " fait accompli " that another war will soon begin.
Nothing like a war to give people a sense of purpose and to distract the people from the financial crisis the US and the West are facing.

Once war begins it will be much easier for those in authority to discredit and crush the Occupy Movement and anti-war protesters.

And once again those who are against a war with Iran will be vilified, demonized, and accused of being anti-American or anti-Western and whatever else they can think of to persuade the public and media that the War with Iran is a necessity and part of the supposedly glorious noble cause to maintain America's security and to further spread democracy and freedom around the globe. As Condoleeza Rice put it these wars are just the birth pangs of democracy being brought to the Middle East. The deaths of a few hundred thousand Iranians is the price that the US is willing to pay as it did in Iraq or even Vietnam.

Ex-CIA Officer: Worst-case Iran scenario is WW3! RT via Information Clearing House January 20, 2012

Video Report By RT

Washington is fully prepared for an armed conflict with Iran -- says the US defence department. The Pentagon chief Leon Panetta says there's still room for dialogue but sufficient military forces are in the Persian Gulf in case Tehran decides to block a vital oil route there. This comes after Iran said it would close the Strait of Hormuz only if the country's security -- and the security of its nuclear facilities -- is threatened. Tehran is backed by Russia which says military action would bring disastrous results. Iran agreed to resume six-party talks over its atomic program. But there are fears the country is already under attack, after the latest murder of one of its nuclear scientists, which Tehran blames on Israel. Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi says a military confrontation in the Gulf could lead to a new world war.

Posted January 19, 2012

Talks With Iran a 'Foolish Waste of Time': US Lawmaker By AFP January 19, 2012 "The Daily Star" via Information Clearing House ICH--

WASHINGTON, Jan 18, 2012 (AFP) - The hawkish chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs committee warned the Obama administration on Wednesday against embarking on talks with Iran about its nuclear program -- an endeavor she said would be a "foolish waste of time."

Fresh from a congressional trip to the Middle East, US lawmaker Ileana Ros-Lehtinen expressed concern that Middle Eastern officials whom she and other members of her congressional delegation met with seemed to think that talks between Washington and Tehran were likely.

"The folks we met with seem to think that the United States is on the verge of once again conversing with Iran," the Florida congresswoman said.

"I certainly hope we're not going to do that foolish venture again."

Prime Minister Harper a neocon influenced conservative preparing Canadians for a war against Iran shows how gullible he is to American propaganda about iran.

This is not surprising since during the invasion of Iraq he believed everywod that was spewed admidst chuckles by Bush and Cheney in the WMDs and that Saddam was the new Hitler who had to be taken out .
When America invaded Iraq Stephen harper wasn't Prime Minister and so Canada did not join in the Iraqi invasion .And for those who don't know Canada also took no part in Vietnam War . Though Ann Coulter has probably convinced her followers erroneously that Canada joined America in the War and Occupation of Vietnam. In both cases history shows these were unnecessary wars both of which America lost.

Israel's Useful Idiot
Iran 'Frightens Me,' Harper Says By CBC News via Information Clearing House ,January 19, 2012

January 18, 2012 - It's beyond dispute Iran is developing nuclear weapons and lying about it, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge on Monday

In an exclusive interview, Harper says the evidence, some from the International Atomic Energy Agency, is overwhelming that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

“I think there is absolutely no doubt they are lying. Absolutely no doubt,” Harper said of Iran's claims its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

An IAEA report last fall said some of Iran's clandestine activities could be for no other reason than a nuclear weapons program.

"And that, I think, is just beyond dispute at this point," Harper said. "I think the only dispute is how far advanced it is."

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