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#OWS Iraq Vet Scott Olsen Injured By Police Increases Movements Momentum

OWS update from Ed Schultz & michael Eric Dyson

OWS Movement Grows with Recovery of Marine Veteran Scott Olsen - November 2, 2011

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As Iraq War Veteran Scott Olsen recovers from a critical head injury received from a tear gas canister while voicing his right to Free Speech against the greed of gop-enabled corporations and banks, the Occupy Wall Street Movement gains more momentum, and shows no signs of going away soon, a good thing for 98% of Americans who pay more in taxes on a percentage basis than any of the top 2% who profit off them as labor, and as consumers

Politics of Fear versus Politics of Trust
Keith Olbermann with Former Governor Eliot Spitzer both show their support for #OWS and their agenda to take on the 1% who now rule America  who have bought and paid for most politicians in America along with the police forces and the Mainstream Media.
Eliot Spitzer makes a couple of good suggestions for showing how large the support is for the occupy movement across the US and especially by university students.
 Spitzer suggest  that #ows  should Announce rallies to take place during the Thanksgiving weekend
add some big name music acts ie Bruce Sprinsteen, Flobots, Arcade Fire , Neil Young & the protests could be massive.

FOX Poll: How Concerned Are You OWS Protests Will Turn Into Street Riots?

And another good sign for the Occupy Oakland Movement and its call for a general stike .

Source: Port of Oakland Running at Half Capacity After Wildcat Strike in Solidarity With Occupy Oakland
Wednesday 02 November 2011
by: Matt Renner, Truthout | Report November 2, 2011

Update 1:42 PM Pacific - Despite push-back from union leaders and the management at the Port of Oakland, rank and file longshoremen are adamant that many longshoremen decided not to work today and disrupted work at the Port of Oakland today, in solidarity with the general strike called by the Occupy Oakland protesters.

Richard Washington, a longshoreman who refused work today, told Truthout about his intentions. "This wasn't ordered or suggested by the union leaders, the rank and file workers decided to not work today in support of Occupy Oakland. I am one of the longshoremen who did not take a job. The majority of the longshoremen at the hiring hall this morning decided not to take jobs. For the most part it was longshoremen walking off in solidarity with the general strike," adding "tonight, there will be a picket line and I don't think any longshoremen will cross the picket line."

Update 12:09 PM Pacific - After a very slow start because of an apparent wildcat strike by rank-and-file workers, the Port of Oakland is apparently back up and running, though much slower than normal.

Anthony Leviege, a dockworker at the port says that the port is currently running "between 40 and 50 percent," after a slow start this morning. Leviege said he took to the microphone at the dispatch hall this morning to encourage fellow port workers to take the day off. "I said 'The world is watching Oakland and it's our obligation to be responsible for the people and the city of Oakland,' then I asked them to 'do the right thing,'" implying that workers should take the day off in support of Occupy Oakland's call for a general strike.

Leviege told Truthout that the port is now operational, but running at 40-50 percent capacity because of a continued labor shortage. He said that the dispatchers probably called in other port workers because when he left the dispatch hall, there were still about 50 jobs unfilled, significantly disrupting normal operations at the port.

"This is a success for the rank and file, given how short the time frame was. This partial shutdown was a result of just word of mouth and a leaflet," Leviege added.

Meanwhile another good sign some senators are trying to reverse the Supreme Court decision on "Citizens United" which designated equal rights and citizenship to Corporations.

Senators Introduce Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United by: Zaid Jilani, ThinkProgress via Truthout Nov. 2, 2011

One of the overarching themes of the 99 Percent Movement is that our democracy is too corrupted by corporate special interests. This corruption was worsened last year by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which allowed for huge new unregulated flows of corporate political spending.

Yesterday, six Democratic senators — Tom Udall (NM), Michael Bennett (CO), Tom Harkin (IA), Dick Durbin (IL), Chuck Schumer (NY), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), and Jeff Merkeley (OR) — introduced a constitutional amendment that would effectively overturn the Citizens United case and restore the ability of Congress to properly regulate the campaign finance system.

The amendment as filed resolves that both Congress and individual states shall have the power to regulate both the amount of contributions made directly to candidates for elected office and “the amount of expenditures that may be made by, in support of, or in opposition to such candidates.”

“By limiting the influence of big money in politics, elections can be more about the voters and their voices, not big money donors and their deep pockets,” said Harkin of the amendment. “We need to have a campaign finance structure that limits the influence of the special interests and restores confidence in our democracy. This amendment goes to the heart of that effort.”

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