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#OWS Update: UC-Davis Pepper Spray Attack on Occupy Protesters-Democracy Now! & NATO Kills 100,000 Libyans ???

A song for #OWS / Occupy Movement about the 99% Versus 1%
We Surround Them

Phil Ochs - The Ringing of Revolution

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Democracy Now! Amy Goodmann

UC-Davis Student Describes Pepper Spray Attack on Occupy Campus Protesters

Uploaded by democracynow on Nov 21, 2011 - A video that spread rapidly online shows University of California, Davis campus police officers pepper-spraying student protesters at close range on Friday at point blank range as they sat together to protest the dismantling of the "Occupy UC-Davis" encampment. The two officers involved in the incident were placed on administrative leave, and the incident has sparked calls for the resignation of UC-Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, who initially defended the actions of the campus police. Katehi has since said she wants an outside, independent panel to review what happened.

Democracy Now! speaks with Elli Pearson, one of the students pepper sprayed on Friday. "All I could see was people telling me to cover my head, protect myself, and put my head down. And the next thing I know, I was pepper sprayed," says Pearson, who notes she was protesting in solidarity with students at UC-Berkeley who were beaten by police, and against tuition hikes at universities across the country. Also interviewed is Nathan Brown, assistant professor of English at UC-Davis, who wrote an open letter calling for the resignation of Chancellor Katehi following the pepper-spraying incident Friday. "In my opinion, the best way to go about these things as a junior faculty member is to speak up openly," says Brown, who is not tenured. "In that way, you draw a lot of support, and I think that will be very helpful in protecting me and other people who speak out, if there is any effort of retribution by the administration."

Libya just another country to be plundered by the 1%
Destroying much of Libya in order to save it??? or is this just part of the Western Nations plans to further the plundering of African Nations and the Middle East .
NATO now in the business of taking out any regime which is not friendly enough with the Western Nations and Western Multinational Corporations.
Over 100,000 Libyans May Have been killed by NATO dropping 40,000 bombs on Libya

Pepe Escobar: NATO is the global Robocop

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According to some reports NATO dropped approximately 40 thousand bombs in the pasted seven months. This played a big part in capture and death of Gaddafi. Many believe showing the lifeless body of Gaddafi was tasteless and the media has ignored the real issues. Who's to gain from the fall of Gaddafi? Pepe Escobar, correspondent for the Asia Times, gives us his take on the media coverage and much more.

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