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Soundtrack For A Revolution , Civil Rights Movement & #OWS #occupywallstreet Movement's Struggle For "Real Change" :Economic , Political & Social Justice

UPDATE: 5:31 PM, October 7, 2011.

"A Time comes when silence is betrayal ...That time has come for us..."

" ...A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."

 Lines from Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's anti-war speech "Silence is betrayal"

- The Revolution Begins

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- The Revolution Begins: music by the Flobots.

In the USA will the protest end like this???
Note: the signal keeps failing - is it a technical problem ? or interference by those in authority ???
Live Streaming &Global Revolution

also see The Guardian UK for live coverage

Soundtrack For A Revolution - African American Civil Rights Movement

"Can't Turn Me 'Round" (Civil Rights Song) performed by The Roots

NYPD Cops Beat

protests are spreading throughout the USA
telesurenglish in Spanish w Eng. Subs.

Protest Media Coverage Hypocrisy - Tina Dupuy Crooks and Liars

 For myself and others it should be a no- brainer to link the massive costs of the Unnecessary Global War on Terror to what the government's priorities should be.
The War On Terror has made Americans and the world less safe.
The War On Terror has created  many more enemies than it has defeated.
President Obama's continuation of the Bush/Cheney programs of assassinations, renditions, torture and ignoring the atrocities committed by US troops, mercenaries, the CIA and other US controlled or contracted out personnel has lead to more anti-Americanism and mistrust of America and points to America's hypocrisy of claiming to be in favor of human rights and justice and democracy when every day America's actions are evidence that the opposite is true.
As noted above Martin Luther King connected the dots between lavish spending  for the military and cuts to necessary programs for all Americans.

Anti-war protest occupies Washington DC

Live streaming on the net has managed to get the message out and give people a better sense of what is happening as opposed to how  the Mainstream Media is characterizing the protesters.
The protest can be seen as copying the uprisings of the ordinary  people during the Arab Spring.
The mainstream Media after all has a vested interests in Wall Street and the Banks and investment firms etc.
as the saying goes you shouldn't  s*** where you eat.
Occupy Wall Street hits the world stage

"Silence is betrayal" (MLK anti-war speech)

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Yet another montage of Dr. King's landmark anti-war speech

Many people forget that Dr. martin Luther King was not just out to end "Jim Crow" and racial segregation.
He spoke out about social, political and economic injustice and its effects on all Americans not just African Americans.
Dr. martin Luther King spoke out against poverty and in favor of giving a hand up to all of those in need.
Dr. Martin Luther King was and would not now be in favor of the current American establishments and Media's worship of the "False Idols " of money, power and greed and that each person is at war with everyone else.
Dr. Martin Luther King believed in equality and the brotherhood of men and not the cold hearted fierce struggle and competition between all men in which the "Winners take all " and to hell with the rest.
If one pays attention to the US media especially as represented by Fox News Channel it becomes clear that despite all their talk about the evils & immorality and Godlessness of Liberalism and secularism their underlying beliefs and assumptions are in fact not just in direct contradiction of Dr. Martin Luther King's message but also in direct contradiction of the teachings of Jesus.

The Jesus they have created is a far cry from that of Jesus who believed in the brotherhood of all men and who believed in justice for all and who was dismissive of the braggings of those who had obtained wealth . Jesus did not judge people by the size of their houses or mansions or palaces or the size of their investment portfolio or by the profits they made off of the backs of the labors of the poor and the beaten down.

So Dr. Martin Luther King in his call for political, economic and social justice realized that these things would remain out of reach when the government was spending more money on a pointless war in Vietnam than on social programs to help all Americans .

Today in America little has in reality really changed there is still racism and economic, political and social injustice in America.

And the American government and its elites are still addicted if you will to toxicating effects of waging war even unnecessary wars as in Iraq to prove America's superiority and that in the end money, power and brute military force are all that really matters.

So we should keep this in mind in watching and giving at least moral support to those who are willing to put their bodies on the line in New York or any other city in America to cry out for the end of the Tyranny of the super wealthy and their lackeys, quislings and hangers on who at hear believe only in money, material things and power.

These days even the Christian Churches are being transformed from preaching the message of Jesus of love, tolerance, sympathy, empathy and treating others as you would have treat you .

These days the Churches preach in favor of obtaining personal material wealth even at the expense of others. Those who would be willing to give a large portion of their wealth away to help out their fellow citizens are dismissed out of hand as being foolish , naive and even UnAmerican.

What this boils down to these days is that many of the self-identified Christians erroneously insist though that the current form of rapacious "winner Take All Capitalism" is they claim the "Real Message" of Jesus of Nazareth .

And yes there are lessons to be learned from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. activism and that of the Civil Rights Movement which was dedicated to the principles of non-violence and civil disobedience.
So first those people who were protesting in Tahrir Square in Egypt or the Pearl Square (Roundabout) in Bahrain   they first vowed not to take part in violent actions and to resolve to remain where they were til the governments made real changes or until the governments used brute force to extract them from their base that is the piece of land they decided was in fact theirs.

 The question for American society and for other nation's as well do the streets , sidewalks, roads, parks belong to the people or merely to some faceless amorphous elite of the rich and powerful.
 As the protesters in New York and around the globe shout in unison daily "Who's Streets? and then answer defiantly  "Our streets".

Take Risks and put it all on the line.
Lessons to be learned from the Civil Right's Movements use of Civil disobedience and non-violence.
Non-violence & Civil Disobedience are powerful tactics which leave those in authority in a tight spot.

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Grab your children and teach them the real history of MLK and not the watered down politically correct stuff they learn in school these days.
We remind people how effective mass civil disobedience is and examine Martin Luther King's Strategy. We remember the violence and courage of the 1960's and focus on the Children's march at Birmingham.

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